A few years ago, when I was looking to buy a heavy bag for my apartment, I started punching it like a child plays with new toys. I am playing here and there, trying to throw a combo and hit him for a few seconds and then stop.

In fact, it is far from real training, I am just playing. I think I made all the mistakes a newbie might make.

If you are a newbie, as if you have read the previous article, please come back here to watch the video, I want to share it with you below. This video is a perfect example of how you should use heavy sandbags for training.

It was created by JT Van V, who owns my favourite YouTube boxing channel, where he shares a lot of useful tutorials for beginners.

So this is a video, carefully observe and pay attention to his suggestions.

Now Let’s Go Over The 10 rounds

  • The single and double punches are mainly launched on the head and body. Especially suitable for beginners.
  • Practice the left hand jab. Not just those who have a left-handed posture. It is always good to hit the opposite position. Develop your body movements and abilities. It is also fun to challenge yourself.
  • The short combination of simple combinations is ideal for preheating and preparing the most complex combinations. Throw combinations, such as 1-2, 1-1-2, 1-2-3, etc. Do it fast, have fun, and enjoy your workout.
  • A short suit like a left-hander. If hitting a bag is no stranger to you, this boxing technique is ideal for practicing the opposite pose. I like it, it adds a useful change to my daily work.
  • Focus on the movement of the head. Bag training is not just about packing, but about practicing defense techniques. This trip is a perfect example of how to practice head movement in different ways.
  • Physical Attack: This is a round of practice body shooting. Beginners like to focus on hitting the head, but hitting the body is so important in boxing.
  • Concentrate on balancing. This is a powerful technique to develop your balance and learn to hit your opponent continuously from a closed position.
  • Work inside. It is a one-on-one practice battle for a close combat.
  • The last round was a short punch. Hit the bag and try to survive in the final round.

The intensity of heavy bag workouts is easily one of the most underrated and least used aspects. If used properly, heavy bags are a very effective training device that can improve your aerobics, strength, speed, technique, attention and movement. Frequent use of a punching bag is something that most wrestlers and beginners don’t do enough of. For those who use heavy bags, they usually do not know how to properly use it and eventually fail to make best use of the bag.

These are the 5 most common beginner heavy bag workout mistakes most beginners make when hitting a heavy bag. Fortunately, there are ways to solve and avoid these bad habits, so you can improve all aspects of fighting games!


Although this is not a team sport, you can’t expect to be well trained unless someone throws a fist and someone corrects his technique. These baggage drives are not designed to replace the needs of gym/taekwondo or Muay Thai coaches, but to help you find a way to train without having to always be trusted by others.


As you can see, this 10-round bag sport is very versatile and includes many boxing techniques to develop your typing and defense skills. It is especially beneficial to see the work of the feet, because the recruits like to stay in the same place and hit the bag in the same position. If you try, please let us know how it works for you.

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