Athlean X Review – Is Jeff’s Workout Program Worth Your Money?

First off… You are doing the right thing… trying to find out if the Athlean X program is worth your money and if its a good choice for you?

That’s smart.. because a a lot of people nowadays do not do their research and end up buying things that ultimately end up wasting their money because of outrageous and false claims.

But not you. You are here reading this athlean x review and are going to find out if it this program is really worth your money or if there is a better option out there.

Short answer:

Is the program worth your investment?  Yes it is. 

But let’s explain why.

Be sure to read or scroll to the end as there may just be a better program for you that will significantly change not only your physical looks but will drastically improve your mental attitude and outlook on life as it did for me.

For those that do not want to read till the end: Yes, the Athlean X program is worth your money. It is not just another generic course. It is custom tailored and worth every penny. But now that I have been through the program even the monster x program, I would much rather spend my money on the Anabolic Running Program. Reason being, it has significantly helped me not only look better, and become more attractive, but it has also helped my mental state of mind. My motivation, my will power, and my attitude towards life. May sound silly to you now, but it’s the truth. You do not realize just how important your mental attitude and motivational strength are on your life, until they are improved. I only recommend the Anabolic Running Program to my Clients now. Now to mention it’s a fraction of the cost. You can check it out for cheap by clicking here

The Creator Of Athlean X: Jeff, Let’s Talk About Him & Who He Is

athlean x review

Jeff graduated from the University of Wisconsin with his masters in physical therapy. He received his certification in physical therapy, as well as his bachelors in Physioneurobiology.

Jeff is now an athletic trainer for elite sports athletes and social media icon. He trained the the New York Mets baseball team and then went on to become an entrepreneur.

He decided that the day job work lifestyle was not for him and decided to put his knowledge to good use. He did this by creating the Athlean X Program.

He soon after started his youtube channel that allowed him to get his message out and let people know about the Athlean X Program.

What is the Athlean X Program

athlean x review

The Athlean X Program is an elite level workout program that tis designed with the athlete in mind. Does this mean it is only for athletes? Most definitely not.

This course is designed for people are after that lean body look of an elite level athlete.

This Cours is designed around a 90 day program that claims to build lean muscle mass and burn fat all at the same time.

Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard it before, but I’ll be the first to tell you, this program is different.

But How is The Athlean X Program different you might ask?

reviewing of athlean x program

This program comes with elite athlete training routines that are only available to those who are actually playing professional sports.

This program was designed with the background of Jeff’s history in mind. Meaning Jeff brought over all of his knowledge that he learned in the past from training elite baseball teams and elite level sports players and designed the course with these routines.

Another significant difference that this course offers is the idea of MCR. This stands for Muscle Confusing Routine. And I can tell you this is huge.

If you are like me then you have probably plateaued before. The reason for plateauing is that you are not confusing the muscles. You are constantly doing the same thing over and over and your body gets used to it causing you to not grow anymore no matter how hard you train. This is why it is so important to constantly be confusing the body so that you can continue to grow past your limit.

Jeff knows the importance of having to constantly confuse the muscles in order for them to grow.

And he made sure that the exercises in his 90day program were all different so that he could keep your body constantly guessing.

And again, the fitness industry including myself were skeptical at first but then he start posting some of his training routines on YouTube. Once we start watching some of his training routines, we knew that this guy designed a course ready to play with the bi boys.

IF you do not know, Jeff stands at about 5’8” and weighs in at almost 200 pounds. Now trust me, being that heavy, that short, and that lean is a very very hard thing to do.

Jeff kept posting some his workout routines as sneak peaks to his course and this is what made us all believers.

Take a look at some of his videos and read the commutes. You will notice that in the comment section a lot of the fitness enthusiast and the people that have tried his techniques have seen results.

His techniques are not only different than everyones out there, they are proven and they work.

You will also see in the comments section a lot of the people have actually bought the program. Their comments mean a lot when they are saying that his techniques actually do work and that his training program is a monster of a program but that it does work and that they have seen great results.

Athlean X Is Based On the Training Routines of Elite Athletes

Remember when we said that Jeff was a former New York Mets baseball elite trainer?

And that Jeff to this day still trains professional athletes.

Yeah well, he brought those routines to his program. We’re not joking. Once you buy the program you will see some of the most intense and unique training routines that you ever will. He brought brought professional athlete training to the average person.

But hey, this is what he set out to do. I mean just say the name of the program out loud. ATH-LEAN – a combo of athlete and lean.


Who is The Athlean X Program For?

the athlean x program review

now you might be wondering with all of these hardcore professional athlete routines put into his program it must be essentially impossible for me to do?

Now that’s where you’re wrong. This program is built to turn you into a lean athlete looking body, but it is also designed to help you reach that goal without passing out every workout you do. This is program will start you off easy and then rip you to shreds in the end.

But the thing is, you have to have it in you to be able to complete and get through this program.

Can you buy the Athlean X Program and just half ass your way through it? Of course you can, and of course you will see pretty good results but you do not want to be doing this. You will be cheating yourself.

Anybody and I mean anybody can get through this course but you have to have drive and a deep motivation in you to make it through the workouts and the diet.

How bad do you want it is pretty much what is going to separate the beast from the ********.

athlean x program

What Results Will I Reach With the Athlean X Program?

This entirely depends on you, and what you want to achieve. the Athlean X Program is designed for anybody and everybody. But the thing is you have to have your dream physique in mind.

Do you want to burn as much as possible? Theres a program for that

Do you want to build as much muscle as possible? There’s a program for that.

Do you want to get as ripped, lean, and toned as possible? There’s a program for that.

Do you want to get in the best shape of your life and train like an athlete? There is an athlete program or that

There is workout program for just about every physique  and fitness goal you could possibly imagine. This is why the Athlean X program is so popular because it can be custom fitted for you.

What are the customer reviews saying about Athlean X?

Here’s the thing, the reviews are actually quite a mix. From what I can find most reviews are positive. I would say about 75% are extremely positive. But there is also that other 25% that seems to be pretty negative. The deeper I dug the more negative reviews I found.

I found this odd as on the surface most everyone seemed to be getting outstanding results with this program and everyone was happy with their new bodies. But then I dug deeper and started noticing that the more negative reviews I saw the more that I saw that these reviews were coming the bodybuilding community.

But why was the bodybuilding community leaving such negative reviews about Jeff’s program?

Well, from reading all of their negative and bad comments, I came to the conclusion that these guys were expecting that this program be designed for them. And whoops, I forgot to mention, this program actually is not meant for everybody.

This program is not for the steroid juicing, 300pound muscle building monsters. These guys will not get much out of this program and I don’t see why these guys would buy it in the first place. It literally says it in the name, athlean. Get lean and train like a professional athlete.

Is this the best fitness training program out there? No

So after reading my review of the athlean x program you might be wondering to yourself if Jeff’s training program is the best fitness program out there..

Well the answer to this is no…

Although i think Jeff’s program is a one of kind system and can be tailored to your specific goals i do not think it is the best training program out there.

Is there a better fitness program? Yes


Yes there is a better fitness program out there than Athlean X. Its called Anabolic Running. It’s the course that if I were you I would rather be spending my money on. I got this program a little over a year ago and it has drastically improved my life and well being. It’s a program that is designed to not just help you achieve the body you are after but it also helps you to boost your natural testosterone, helps to you become more physically attractive, and helps you to improve your overall mental wellbeing.

You can use this discount promo link and check it out for yourself.

For me this is the program that did it for me. Yeah, i wanted my body to look freaking awesome and i needed something to help push me past my limitations but this after seeing the results that I got from Anabolic Running, I know now that I needed much more than just a better looking body.

Now, after being active in the program for the last year, I have seen massive improvements, not only in my physical looks but also, and mainly, in my mental health.

My motivation, and outlook on life has significantly improved which gosh I seriously can not put a price on how much I would pay for this improvement. You all do not realize just how important it is to have the best possible outlook on life that you possibly can.

Life is what you make it. And I truly hope that you at least give this program a try because if it does for you even a fraction of what it did for me, you will be beyond grateful.

You can check it out by clicking here

Athlean X Monster Maker

this is an update as of January 8, 2022 My friend is currently running through this program and says he loves it and loves the idea that is comes with. The idea with the monster maker program is that it chooses one body part and focuses on it. The best thing to do here is to choose the one body part that really needs extra work.

So far buddy is currently going through this program and says he will update me with his review when he gets a little further along.

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  1. I would like to know if these workout programs and diets come on a CD from beginner to seasoned workouts. I am a Canadian out of Alberta and do not always have U-tube availability. I am in my sixties but strongly believe that age is not a factor. I’m very interested but not really sure how to proceed. Please get back to me with a suggestion and a price.

    1. hi Paul,

      First off i am extremely impressed that you are going for Athlean X in your 60’s, but as you said age is just a number and this holds true. This is especially true for people like you that have a strong mental attitude and keep themselves exercising and in shape.

      As for the Athlean X program, it is preferrable that you have wifi connection but you can also access that training without it by downloading them to your computer from a place that you have wifi and then watching them later when you do not have wifi. Does this make sense?

      So when you have wifi – access the athlean x program, download the training videos to your computer and then you can have them anywhere you go at anytime.

      stay young my friend – cheers mate

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