So the time has come and you have realized that you are just way outta shape and breaching the boarder of becoming fat. Well girls, it’s not the end of the world because there is a way out that is way easier than hitting typical fitness clubs or going on a run.

The benefits that women receive from boxing can change not only your body but also your life, significantly.

Usually, boxing and related style trainings are considered to be very aggressive in nature, thereby making it quite unattractive for women. But with the increasing number of ladies that are putting on the gloves to kick some butt and get in a body toning workout, women today are more inclined to get with the times and jump onto this under rated and undervalued exercising regime, because of its many benefits.

In Spite of the stereotype, boxing is no longer restricted to men, as some of the top models and other females are taking over this workout regime and fallen in love with this sport for their workouts. Apart from making you physically strong and honing your fighting skills, it also offer many health benefits to women. Some of the health, physical, and mental benefits of boxing for female are mentioned below.

Benefits of Boxing for Females

Physical Benefits

It is undeniable fact that boxing can help women build toned and strong body as well as physical toughness. When you start to box whether for sport or just to get a good workout in, you naturally learn how to strike effectively and how to defend yourself. This helps create what i like to call a natural flow. You know the cool, confident feeling in yourself that indeed does show and radiate.

Sparring with an instructor or without also helps women to learn how to break past mental hurdles, that could be holding you back… Boxing helps women to improvise their physical strength and enhance their endurance level. While training you not only get a cardio workout but also strength training as this regime requires your body to punch, kick, and twist with power. This is why it is such a great workout because your body gets toned and not bulky. You can start building up your strength by working out on the bag and practicing your punches by hitting the punching bag. Punching bags aren’t designed for men only. There are women’s punching bags as well that you can get for your home to start your training.

Mental Benefits

According to many women who practice boxing, this is the sport that helps them liberate and relieve stress significantly during the training session. While practicing you punch your partner as hard as you can and blocking their attacks in the practice and sometime you also need to punch the heavy bags and this gradually increases your energy level. No matter what makes your stressed or distressed, while practicing you will be free from all the mental hurdles.

Boxing is considered to be the best way to manage your stress by taking out the aggression by boxing, frustration and anxiety by tearing the boxing bag. If the workout is intense, the stress will reduce by boosting the endorphin level which enhances the mood and feeling of happiness. So get yourself into the gym and start boxing workouts for women to get fit!

Getting Into Shape With Boxing

Whether you practicing on your punching bag or during sparring, the core workout will incredibly help you flatten your stomach and get into shape. Boxing is the training which is both aerobic and anaerobic and according to the experts, anaerobic training is better than aerobic exercises when it comes to burn off the visceral fat. When you combine both these training together the end results are really amazing.

Boxing is better than running on treadmill for losing weight and get into shape. Besides helping you to lose your body weight, it also assist you in enhancing your physical strength and muscle building results. Punching the heavy bags require higher stamina and by practicing you will observe that your stamina level and strength has increased and the fat accumulated in body will burn off gradually, thereby helping you to get into shape.

Not to mention you can buy a heavy bag stand with a pull up bar now and this will allow you to super set with pull ups right after your heavy bag workout. This a great way to not only burn fat but to also build muscle, all while enjoying the benefits and fun of boxing workouts.

Amazing Posture

Boxing for female can also help them to have amazing posture. Many women have reported that after practicing boxing the back pain has eliminated permanently and this is the reason why many women have started training boxing. While training you maintain straight posture and gradually you achieve good posture of your body.

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Improves Reflexes and Eye-Hand Coordination

While practicing you will learn to adjust the punching power and direction of punching and this in turn improvises your eye-hand coordination significantly. Many people report that during speed bag sessions they improvise their stealing ability in basketball. This is the session that forces you to decide and react instantly and speed up your movement. And when women use a reflex bag for boxing workouts they can improve upon their reflexes and striking precision.

Self Defense Skills

Being a woman you need to start alert and having self defense skills inherited can benefit you largely. With boxing you can improvise your self-defense skills and this in turn empower the women and also enhances the confidence level significantly. After few sessions of boxing classes women would learn how to knock out someone and also learn the boxing techniques for defending themselves.

Burns Fat

Boxing is the exercise regime that focuses on key muscle groups like the shoulders, legs and chest. It is also the best cardiovascular exercise which you can practice to keep your heart health in better condition. Whether you deliver kicks, crosses, jabs and hooks or simply holding the pads for your partner, you are indirectly building lean muscles which in turn maximize the metabolism to speed up the fat burning process in your body. Since the metabolism of your body is increased the calorie accumulated in your body reduces significantly, thereby leading to faster shedding of fat cells and weight to help you get into shape.

Both for men and women, boxing offers the ultimate workout that helps them deliver mental, emotional and physical benefits. Women especially who practice boxing find a safe space where they can release their pent-up aggression, frustration which has the tendency to build-up inside them gradually.

It also helps women to sharpen their self defense skills and confidence that helps them both inside and outside the ring. There is never been a better time to fight like a girl. Learning the techniques and tricks of boxing helps empowering the women and this also increases their self-confidence and improvises the strength. So, it is the best workout for those who is looking for better mental health and optimize their physical strength. These benefits of boxing for women alone is reason enough to get started.

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