Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts – How To Get Started With MMA Training

So you’ve all seen it on TV. UFC fighters, trained to bash each other’s skull in, elbow each other in the face, and knee each other to oblivion. You might have said, “Damn, I would never do anything like that!” But you’re envious of the shape they are in, the discipline, and the strength. The way they can hit the punching bags without even wearing a pair of good heavy bag boxing gloves like its nothing.


Lose Weight, Learn a Skill and Increase Your Confidence with MMA Training

benefits of mma and boxing

I always browse the internet and see so many banners for getting “ripped” quick, for losing weight, and for gaining muscle. There are so many products out on the web that claim they can get you those ripped abs and hard pecks with little to no effort. I am going to stop you right now.

This IS IMPOSSIBLE. Additionally very few of us are in the perfect metabolism rate, and even if so, many of us can not afford, or have the time to always eat right. Like everything in life, getting in shape will take work. I’ll explain how you can do it in three months, and gain skills that will be valuable for a lifetime.

My program uses MMA training to shape your body into a rock hard machine. You may be wondering at this point, “why MMA?” I’ve done a variety of fighting sports. I am a green belt in Taekwondo, trained in American boxing, and jiu-jitsu, and I have never gotten a better workout than training both stand-up and grappling sports, and have never seen better results from any other sport, whether it be baseball, soccer, or football. Before you say to yourself, “I can’t do any of those things” you should stop and slap yourself in the face.

Mixed Martial Arts Benefits – Improved Confidence

You have to gain the confidence in yourself to push forward; if a skinny 135 lb Asian kid can do it, you can too. Whether you are big, or scrawny like me, and are insecure about your body, it is not worth wasting any more time, you only have one life to live!

How to Get Started with Mixed Martial Arts & Boxing Training


The first thing you should do is begin to train your body for physical activity. This part is not so important, but will help you advance your mixed martial arts training in a faster rate, and will in the end allow you to learn more skills and waste less money on conditioning. A run or a bike ride every other day will accustom your body for physical activity, especially if you have not had any in a long time.

I recommend being able to run a mile without being completely winded, and to be able to ride at least three miles on your bike without extreme effort. Be sure to statically stretch for at least 10 minutes to get the tension out of your muscles and ensure no injuries. If you are running or riding your bike in cold weather be sure to wear the appropriate clothing. Under Armor is great for capturing the heat of your body and making sure that none of your muscles cramp or become sore. If you can’t afford Under Armor dress in layers and be sure to wear a wool cap. If you are active in the heat, be sure to drink lots of fluids to avoid dehydration, and if feeling woozy or lightheaded to take a temporary break.

Finding a Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts Gym

This is where a lot of people fail. They either don’t have the self confidence, or the willpower to call a gym and actually set up a first lesson. Do NOT WORRY! Most people at MMA gyms were at one time either a scrawny little kid, or overweight. You should look in your local phonebook.

You should get a gym’s contact information and set up a first lesson. Most gyms offer a free first lesson, so you have nothing to lose. You should avoid gyms that ask for big upfront payments as soon as you walk into the door, especially if you let them know it is your first time.

Inquire about the schedule and try to make free time for a day when beginners class is offered. Ask about what you should bring. At most places you need a mouth guard, cup, and shorts and they will provide the rest of the equipment. At some places you can even buy these things at the front desk. Go to your local sports store and pick it up anyway. The total cost should only be around 15$. The monthly rate at an MMA gym varies from 60-100$ a month. Some gyms have a pay per visit plan for those that have busy schedules. Try to talk to the head trainer and find something that fits in your price range, most trainers will understand.

First things first what boxing gear will you need?

showing the benefits of boxing

1. You will need a heavy punching bag

This is the first thing you are going to want to get so that you can start training at home and get yourself in a bit of shape before you go out and get yourself wrecked at the boxing gym. If you live somewhere with small space or in an apartment then you can check out the best punching bags for apartments here

2. You will need a set of heavy bag boxing gloves

These are a must have before you get started. As a beginner you will not be wanting to hit around on the heavy bag without a top set of boxing gloves for your heavy bag that are designed to keep your hands protected even when throwing hard punches.

3. Get yourself a MouthGuard.

For obvious reasons. You do not wanna get your teeth knocked out! Even with boxing gloves on even the best ones your teeth can still get knocked out by a punch hard enough!

First Month at the Boxing Gym

So you’ve made your appointment for your first lesson and you decide to go. You show up and see all these big guys, intimidating guys with fancy Sprawl shorts and expensive gloves and handwraps. You think you don’t belong. You think they are judging you. You are completely wrong.

Most guys like seeing new people in the gym, as it expands training partners and helps everyone. Chances are they don’t have any opinion of you.

You finish the day and you are beat up. You legs are aching more than they ever have in your life, you have bruises on your stomach, and your shoulder is sore. You thought that you could go up against them, and now your embarrassed you had the strength of a two year old. You thought the three miles you did every other day helped your cardio, but your dead tired, and ready to puke. You want to give up, you never want to go back. And yet you go home and cannot stop thinking about the new techniques you learned in class. Your desire to learn more, to maximize your self-worth.

Sticking With It! – Don’t give up!

Think to yourself. Are you satisfied with your body? The lifestyle it brings? Is it worth the physical pain for the emotional turmoil? Are the insecurities worth it every time you approach the opposite sex?

Training gets MUCH easier if you stick with it. The first month will be grueling, but once you condition your body to activity, the way a human body was made to be, you will not notice the effects as much. You’ll be learning new skills and how to defend yourself against street attacks. You’ll have more confidence, not only in losing weight and gaining muscle, but overall as a person. The hardest part of this program is staying with your training. You may feel sore and not want to go, but it is necessary you go at least 3 times a week in order to get the most out it.

Why Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing Better? – Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts

a top fighting boxer and mixed martial artist wearing the best heavy bag gloves for beginners

I used to go to the gym, statically lift weights, do over 200 crunches a day, run 2 miles on the treadmill, and still I saw no results in my body-at least what I wanted to see. I wanted a six pack, nice looking pectorals and a strong back. I had formal training on lifting in high school track, but even those exercises did not shape my body into what I wanted to see.

I started to do American Boxing and saw a vast improvement on my upper body. The conditioning workouts were insane, and I was required to run three miles before even lifting a weight or hitting a pad. But I wanted more out of the lower body, I wanted explosion and I also wanted to know how to grapple, as well as incorporate kicks I learned from Taekwondo and Karate.

When I moved to Philadelphia I joined Philadelphia Jiu Jitsu with some of the best people in the world. I saw a vast difference in how tired I was after a mixed session of jiu-jitsu and standup as well as grappling in comparison with American Boxing, and Taekwondo. It is better than static weight lifting because it uses all the muscles in your body. Also, you are grappling with another person, and it forces you to compete at your highest physical level. You will reach a plateau of cardio you never though existed.

My last Words for Ya!

If you are okay with yourself the way you are this program is not for you. If you are complacent with the body you have, then do not take this advice. But if you truly have a desire to sharpen your body and mind, to gain confidence for every life situation and to alleviate the everyday stresses you encounter, this program will do all of that and more.

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