What are the Benefits of Using The Safety Squat Bar?

So you think you’re gonna go over there, jump on that squat rack, and squat heavy ass weight without a safety squat bar

Even going over and squatting light weight without a safety bar?

Well lemme tell you, you are taking a huge risk and making a big mistake. Anybody and everybody needs to practice safe squatting no matter the weight and no matter your experience level. 

And just think about this, not only does the safety squat bar protect you from seerious injury it also benefits you greatly in producing more muscle and strength per squat rep.

Me personally.. I never squat without using my safety bar for the strengnth gains, safety prevention, and because they are way more comfortable that using just a normal squat bar.

But are these the only reasons that I use the safety squat bar or are there many other reasons that you should be using one yourself?

Let’s go over the reasons you 100% should be using a safety squat bar.

Benefits of A Safety Squat Bar

Listed below are the benefits of safety squats bar and the reasons why you should always use on.

#1 A Safety Squat Bar Keeps Your From Getting Seriously Injured

safety squat bar benefits

Yes, a safety squat bar does just that… it keeps you safe. Well, safer than a normal bar that is.

How does it do this? It does this through the design of the bar, the bar is designed with a padded section that sits on top of your should and around your neck and has two handles that come down for you to hold on to for support.

This part of the design alone significantly reduces the amount of stress that gets delivered to your body. There is no need to rotate your shoulders and bend your arms back in an awkward position in order to just hold onto the bar. And the padded section of the bar reduces the amount of pressure that goes directly on your shoulders and instead delivers it over a larger surface area way more comfortably.

This is a huge advantage of just a normal bar. Especially if you any type of shoulder or elbow pain.

The next way this bar keeps you safe is because it keeps your posture upright and in the correct position. When in the correct position you are able to squat more weight safely.

When in a more comfortable and less awkward position, you are able to focus more on the squat itself allowing you to squat safely.

Yeah… safety.. its pretty damn important and this is definitely reason enough to buy one for yourself. IF you are looking to grab one i would highly suggest the Ader Safety Bar it is the one that I use every time i squat. I’ve had it for years. You can find it on amazon by clicking here

#2 Safety Squat Bar Builds Muscle Faster…

safety benefits of using a safety squat bars

Usually if you hear something like this, it is usually just BS but this is not the case.  A SSB builds muscle faster. It’s proven over and over. Safety squat bars allow you to distribute the weight evenly across your shoulders and upper back allowing you to be more balanced throughout your range of motion.

A SSB also allows you to load up more weight on the bar because the load is distributed evenly. Combine both of these benefits and you have yourself a bar that will allow you to load more weight and build muscle faster.

The strength gains that a safety squat bar allows you to benefit from is reason enough to buy one. Like I said,  you won’t find me at the squat rack or any power rack for that matter without my safety bar.

between being safe and benefitting from the strength gains I sure hope I dont find you one day at the squat rack without one as well.

#3 Upper Back Soreness? Who Cares Squat Anyway!

Have upper back Soreness? Shoulder,  pec, bicep, triceps, no worries with a SSB you can squat anyway because of the distribution of weight. The weight sits evenly and comfortably on your shoulders and your traps allowing you to comfortably position the weight. Using a regular bar forces you to stretch your arms backwards and puts pressure on your body in all sorts of ways.

The only way I would squat without a safety bar is if someone took my intelligence away.

#4 It’s Very Versatile – Functional As Heck

benefits of safety squat bars

The thing with the safety squat bar is that it’s freaking functional as heck. You can do every workout you can with a regular squat bar and much much more. Here is a list of all of the workouts you can do with a safety squat bar.

  • Regular front squat
  • Hack squat
  • Back squat
  • Split squats
  • Back lunges
  • Front lunges
  • Seated good mornings
  • Hip/booty thrust (my new found favorite)
  • Step ups
  • Overhead Presses
  • Tricep presses
  • Calf raises
  • And you can even do bicep curls!

With all of these workouts that you can do with a SSB there is no excuse for you to not be getting one!

This bar is extremely versatile and I can not stress enough how important it should to a person who is squatting, no matter the weight.

#5 Your Squatting Technique Will Improve

This is mainly for beginners, novices, or people who are not competing in some type of heavy squat competitions, and people who simply just squat every so often at the gym.

Using a SSB will force you to improve your technique because of the way it is positioned. As we said earlier it is positioned on your shoulders and neck area evenly and comfortably putting you in the right front angled position and allowing you to focus more on your form and the squat itself.

There are many reasons to use a safety squat bar but i think reason #1 is reasons enough to get one, these safety bars are for your safety and you need to be doing yourself a favor and buy one. If safety isn’t your main concern then get one for the many other reasons like the strength benefits and comfortability.

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