Best Elliptical Machines Under $400 – Get The Most Bang for Your Buck!

Elliptical machines are quite trendy these days, with people now preferring to work out at their homes instead of expensive gymnasiums. After all, no one likes a crowded and noisy gym!

The Ellipticals down below are your solution to getting away from the noisy and crowded gym. And the good news is that even though they are under $400 they all still provide enough features to get started and  And the best part is that with an elliptical machine at home, you can bid farewell to all excuses that prevent you from getting in shape!

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Quite simply, these machines are fantabulous for your Cardio Sessions. They aren’t just designed to allow you an incredibly smooth work-out session, but they also protect your joints from stress and injuries. Pretty cool ‘huh?

Today, a wide range of elliptical machines are available in the market, each differing in terms of specifications, quality, and prices. Choosing the right elliptical with the ideal features can surely be a frustrating task for many, especially for beginners like me and most definitely when you are doing your best to keep your budget under $400.

In respect to that, unfortunately, many training enthusiasts either buy an overly-priced elliptical or their machines lack the necessary features; which ultimately prevents them from getting the desired results. And, we know you wouldn’t love that!

Fortunately, you are at the very right place as here we have gathered an exclusive guide, where we have chosen the top-5 ellipticals for home use.

On a tight budget?  Not to worry, as every product featured in this article are under $400!

Let’s get started!

Best Elliptical Machines Under 400

Here are the top picks based on quality, function, and features.

ProForm 150 EllipticalOur Top Rated Elliptical Under $400

best elliptical under 400

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A calorie-free diet alone will not be able to help you lose those extra pounds and to get that perfect bikini body for summers, Proform 150 has to be your definite choice!

The elliptical has been specifically designed for home usage, this can be your ideal partner. With its 17-inch stride length and a front-drive motor, Proform 150 ensures smooth running without any resistance. Also, its padded handles allow maximum stability and control, which may also help to tone your upper body. With that, the machine’s also suitable for reverse-pedaling, thus bringing incredible diversity in your workout sessions. This Elliptical rivals the Teeter FreeStep for a much cheaper price while still giving you a total body workout.

As far as manufacturing is concerned, most of its frame is built of steel tubing, coated with a rust-resistant and abrasion-resistant paint. Therefore, you can be sure that it will certainly last for ages if maintained well. Not just that, the elliptical machine is made to be as practical as possible. Hence, it can be easily folded, which will surely free up your space along with allowing for easy transportation.

What the most uncomfortable thing while you are exercising on an elliptical? Yes, its noise! Luckily, with Proform 150, you can forget about such inconveniences as it makes literally little to no noise when in action, so you can watch Netflix or listen to your favorite playlist without any hindrances!

The most incredible feature of the Proform 150 Elliptical is its built-in LCD screen that already has 12 pre-programmed workout Apps. These applications allow an extremely diverse range of exercises which is extremely impressive with it’s price coming at under $400. The display is divided into three major sections: Top, center, and bottom. The top section represents RPM (Rate-per-minute) and BPM (beats-per-minute), along with pedaling speed. On the other hand, the center and bottom section show elapsed time and distance, by the side of a number of calories burned.

Although iFit membership is not included with the machine, the unit is fully compatible with the iFit app, through which you can easily keep track of your workout data. Quite simply, it’s the perfect elliptical for every fitness enthusiast which will take your workout to an absolutely new level!

Stand-out Features

  • It comes with an ideal 5-year frame warranty and 90-day parts & labor warranty.
  • Adjustable s stabilizers on the rear base.
  • Handlebars integrated with Pulse-sensors.
  • Transport Wheels for easy transportation.
  • 12 pre-programmed Workout applications.
  • Includes a bottle and Tablet holder.
  • 12 levels of resistance.
  • Fully Compatible with the iFit program.
  • Easily track time, distance and calories.

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Fitness Reality Elliptical Machine

best bang for your buck elliptical under 400

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Onto our 2nd pick of the bunch, the Fitness Reality elliptical. This elliptical i have to say I am a bit biased towards as this is the elliptical that I used to have before I upgraded to my Schwinn 470 because I needed a heavier duty elliptical that would support my weight.

I have to say this is one tough elliptical, and for the money you pay you would be hard pressed to find a better one.

This elliptical comes loaded with quite a few features for an elliptical under $400. It comes with 24 different levels of resistance that allows you to pick just how much muscle you want to build and how much fat you want to lose.

This elliptical also comes with 21 pre set workout programs that will allow you to pick your favorite workout based on the intensity you seek.

The computer in this elliptical displays the most important things you need to know, distance you’ve gone, the time you have been working out, the amount of calories you have burned, the speed, and it also will take your heart rate and show you how fast your rate is. This is quite a few features for an elliptical in this price range.

This elliptical also comes with an 18 inch smooth stride making it a perfect elliptical for short people. The stride is also long enough for people who are 6’2″ and under. I’m 6’3″ and this elliptical is perfect for me, very comfortable and smooth.

Stand-out Features

  • 1 year warranty
  • 18 inch stride length
  • 24 levels of resistance
  • Backlit LCD Screen
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Dual Handlebars to exercise your arms
  • Slim and compact design
  • Water bottle holder
  • Transport wheels

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Ancheer Elliptical Machine

our most popular elliptical under 400

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Are you looking for an elliptical machine with all modern features, but are tight on budget? No worries, because Ancheer Elliptical Machine works phenomenal and is super-affordable for all.

Fortunately, the machine comes with a compact portable design that makes it an ideal unit for limited spaces, such as apartments. The elliptical comes with wheels for easy transportations, so whether you like to exercise in your balcony or bedroom, Ancheer Elliptical Machine is perfect for all! Besides, it also includes two handlebars, one being stationary with pulse-sensors to record your pulse, while other one moving with the movement of one’s feet. Not just that these are extremely convenient to move, but are constructed of soft rubber, which gives an incredibly awesome grip.

Wondering if you can ever find something that lasts in such a low price range? Luckily, Ancheer Elliptical Machine has tubular steel construction, and a wide base for robust stability, making the unit certainly durable. Its multi-functioned digital monitor keeps the track of your fitness and workout data, measuring and recording all the necessary information including Time, Speed, Distance, Calories Burned, and the Pulse Rate. At such a low price point, it’s surely something unbelievable!

We all would agree that there’s nothing more pleasing than a good and comfortable workout session. Ancheer Elliptical Machine with its 13 Inch Big Non-slip Pedal, with an allowance of reverse motion gives the user a whole new level of comfort and steadiness. The unit is suitable for even those with heavyweights, as the elliptical can easily serve an individual up to 350lbs. So, get ready to bid farewell to that unhealthy body!

While most elliptical aim to tone a specific region of the body, Ancheer Elliptical Machine involves Dual-power motion, which works phenomenally for both your upper and lower body simultaneously. Plus, it’s precision balanced flywheel and V- belt drive is primarily engineered to give you a smooth and happy workout session. Trust me; Ancheer Elliptical Machine is no less than a miracle for all the fitness lovers!

Stand-out Features

  • Manufactured with sturdy material and can hold up to 350lbs.
  • Designed with 8 levels of resistance which can be changed according to personal preference.
  • The set of smooth from wheel contributes to the mobility of the unit.
  • Includes detailed instructions and is super easy to assemble.
  • Impressive and Friendly Customer Service.
  • Ergonomic handlebars.
  • A hand gripped pulse rate.
  • Quiet and smooth motion.
  • Super-quick delivery.
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MaxKare Elliptical

top rated elliptical under 400

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In this list of the top rated elliptical machines under $400, the Maxkare elliptical surely can’t be missed! With its phenomenal features, Maxkare has completely revolutionized the fitness equipment industry.

None of us likes to disturb our family with our early morning cardio-sessions, Right? Fortunately, the Maxkare is extremely silent during action, so no more disturbing the family!

The primary reason for the significant popularity of thus Elliptical is that it comes with an adjustable resistance from level one to eight, based on the requirement of exercise. So you can easily shift between resistances, from warm-up to the vigorous ones.

What make the Maxkare elliptical so distinctive is the front flywheel design which gives an optimal stability during intense workout sessions while preventing injuries on knee and joints. So if your knee often gets over-stressed during cardio sessions, it time to get the Maxkare elliptical! Not just that, this elliptical machine is equipped with Dual-direction Workout, which allows both forward and reverse motion; which ultimately leads to toning of muscle on both front and back of your legs.

As far as the LCD display of Maxkare is concerned, it has been designed to represent and record all the essential fitness information of the work-out session. Consequently, the elliptical trainer can keep an accurate record of your fitness statistics; including heart rate, speed, distance, time and calories burned.

Watching Netflix and working out at the same time is seriously Goals! Luckily, with Maxkare elliptical you can watch all your favorite shows. Trust me, this elliptical is worth a try!

We’re sure you’ll love it!

Stand-out Features

  • 8 level Magnetic Resistance can be changed accordingly.
  • Super Portability-Easy to move by tilting it forward and rolling it on the 2 wheels tucked into the front base.
  • Dual-Handle & Water Bottle Holder.
  • IPAD Holder & LCD Monitor.
  • The manufacturer offers 1 yrs of the maintenance facility and 90 days for a full replacement facility.
  • The weight-bearing capacity of 264 lbs.
  • Excellent display system.
  • Ideal for all ages.
Negative Aspects
  • Limited Warranty.
  • Gets unstable at high speed.
  • Short stride length unsuitable for taller users.
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Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical

top budget elliptical for those on a budget

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Exerpeutic’s Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical (1000XL) is certainly an epitome of perfection and quality. The machine comes with a precision-balanced flywheel that works with the V-drive system, which simply gives the elliptical an efficient running. The machine includes two sets of handlebar; one being mobile whiles other being stationary, which gives greater option to tone specific parts.

Foot injuries while working out are surely terrible! But with Exerpeutic Elliptical, you can be absolutely tension-free as the pedals attached to the wheel are of fine quality, and specifically designed in a way to eliminate the risk of slipping and injuries. Also, the surface of the paddles is ribbed, ensuring a remarkable grip on the users.

On a scale of one-to-ten, how much do you hate bouncy elliptical?  Well, for us it’s an absolute 10, without even thinking! Bouncy and unstable workout sessions don’t just bring the risk of an injury but they may also break the flow of your exercise. And, we know you wouldn’t love that!  Fortunately, Exerpeutic Elliptical takes extreme care of such issues; therefore its elliptical is free from all sorts of flaws!

Stand-out Features

  • Equipped with easy to read, large LCD that shows essential statistics such as including heart rate, speed, distance, time and calories burned.
  • Zero Impact on the knees and joints.
  • Heavy-duty construction which can uphold weight up to 300 lbs.
  • Sturdy frame and phenomenal stability.
  • Dual Action workout arms for toning both the regions of the body.
  • Easy and convenient relocation with the transportation Wheel.
  • Adjustable 8 -Level magnetic tension resistance.

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Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical Machine

our cheapest elliptical

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Looking for an ultra-versatile Elliptical Machine? Sunny Health & Fitness’s Elliptical is exactly what you need! Sunny Health and Fitness is a reputable brand that has been manufacturing quality health and fitness equipment, for more than a decade. Therefore, its Elliptical Machine certainly matches the high standard.

Sunny Health & Fitness’s Elliptical Machine has an extended stride length of 30 inches. Yes, you heard it right, “30 Inches!”  So even in case you have a giant pair of feet, it would suit you perfectly.

Air walking has become quite popular in recent times, and with Sunny Health & Fitness’ Elliptical, you can definitely attain incredible benefits of it. Its non-slip paddles assist in slow walking or even a fast one while maintaining a constant momentum, without any hindrances. This Air-walk trainer provides with all the benefits of an aerobic workout, including stretching, walking, running, cross-country and all that without over-burdening your knees and joints.

Unlike other elliptical, Sunny Health & Fitness’ training machines aim to serve muscles in arms as well, along with legs and abdominal muscles.  Thus, if you like getting a full-body workout, it’s time to bring Sunny Health & Fitness’ Elliptical at your home!

It must be comprehended that this has been specifically designed for limited spaces; thus if you ever need to free-up its space, you can easily fold it into half of its length. Fortunately, with Sunny Health & Fitness’ Elliptical, safety and stability is no longer an issue as non-slip foot pads are textured to give you the perfect grip, even for the most strenuous exercises.

Plus, as far as weight is concerned, you can be confident that it will support your body as it can easily accommodate high weight capacities up to 220 Lbs. Most importantly, the entire unit is constructed of a heavy-duty, steel frame that doesn’t just give extensive durability but also an ideal sturdiness for the most vigorous workout sessions.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, who is a big fan of aerobic training as well, Sunny Health & Fitness’s Elliptical will work wonders for you! Mark my words.

Stand-out Features

  • Low-impact Workout- Air walking technique makes it ideal elliptical for all ages.
  • The abdominal pad aims to provide better support and comfort.
  • Improves cardio-respiratory training, while targeting both upper and lower body.
  • Digital LCD Monitor displays the essential recording including, time, count, total distance and calories burned.
  • It takes extremely less space and is foldable for easy storage.
  • Battery operated.
  • Ideal if looking to get in shape in an appropriate, yet quick way.
Some Things to Keep In Mind
  • Includes a fixed Resistance and Incline; hence during intense cardio-sessions, it may be a problem.
  • Limited Warranty of only 30 days.
  • Lacks a pulse-monitor.
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Shopping for a $400 Elliptical? Here’s What to Look For

how to buy the best elliptical under 400

If you love to work out, investing in a good elliptical is absolutely worth it! The right elliptical wouldn’t just eliminate excuses from your life, but it will certainly make the training sessions more enjoyable for you! Hence, there are certain factors to be considered such as pricing while buying the right elliptical for you including:

Adjustable Resistance

When looking for an elliptical, always choose the one having a broad range of resistance that can be adjusted accordingly. This allows the user to simply change the strength of training sessions throughout its stages; so you can easily change from warm-up mood to vigorous exercise. Also, adjustable resistance enables greater incorporation of exercise in daily life.

Smooth and Quiet Motion

This is one of the most significant factors, which most often miss. Although wide ranges of elliptical are available in the market, only a few are silent and noise-free when in action. So with an ideal elliptical, no matter how intense your workout could be, you will definitely not be disturbing your family. As far as motion is concerned, find an elliptical that gives you a natural feel, in both forward and backward direction.

Electronic Specifications

An ideal elliptical includes all the advance features, incorporated for user convenience. After all, no one is fond of out-dated machines! Thus, always choose an elliptical that accurately records and displays all the necessary statistics such as pulse rate, and calories burned. Also, the unit must be compatible with all the essential workout apps. An elliptical with these features will surely revolutionize your workout sessions!


Mark my words that if the unit is supposed to be durable, its manufacturers would back it off with an extended period of warranty. Although most elliptical companies will not offer a lifetime warranty, anything less than 1 year of replacement warranty is a Big No! Thus, by considering the period of warranty offered, you’ll surely make a wise decision! Take it from me, I just went through this when I went looking for a low profile treadmill to fit in my basement. When you are spending a pretty penny, at least for me, I will not buy any piece of equipment unless I have at least a 6 month warranty, preferably 1 year.

While gathering this list of the best rated ellipticals under $400, we looked for a range of factors, and critically analyzed customer review. Therefore, we came to the conclusion of the aforementioned elliptical with thorough research and judgment. All of these ellipticals significantly hold their place in the list of best elliptical at an affordable price point. And trust me; you wouldn’t regret buying any of these!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that beginners have when shopping for an elliptical machine.

Q1- Is $400 enough to get a good quality Elliptical?

Ans- Elliptical is available in a wide range of prices, and unfortunately, in order to get the most advanced features, a budget of $400 wouldn’t be sufficient. However, $400 can still get you working especially on a beginner level. But for something that will certainly last for ages, and gives a professional experience, the stated budget wouldn’t be sufficient enough.

Q2- Is an Elliptical good for people with knee problems?

Ans- Comparatively to other exercise machines like treadmills, an elliptical works wonders for people with knee distresses. Unlike treadmills, it prevents any impact on your joints while strengthens your muscles. With it, you can certainly be fearless about any injuries.

Q3- Which works better-An elliptical or a treadmill?

Ans- If you need a low-impact Cardio, elliptical is surely a life-saver and far better than a treadmill. However, a treadmill aims to provide an intense cardio, while burning an extensive number of calories. Thus, both have their very own benefits, but elliptical is surely better if you wish to go easy on your joints.

Q4-How long Should I Work out on an Elliptical?

Ans- The time spent on the elliptical varies from person to person, based on their respective goals. However, working out for 30 minutes to an hour on an elliptical is more than enough for most. It would be really better if one spends time on an elliptical according to the number of calories that he wishes to burn rather than just for the time period.

Q5-How can I keep myself from getting burned out on Elliptical Workouts?

Ans- Trust me, this is a problem that many people have.. lemme rephrase that, a problem that everybody has. The answer to this is you just have to take break every so often. But the good news is that a new program called Zwift just came out. It is a interactive workout training application that let’s you run with other people. I just bought my Zwift treadmill and have been working out with Zwift non-stop. Give Zwift a look and see if it is something you may want to try out!

Verdict – My Recommendation

Investing in an elliptical is absolutely worth it! By considering all the respective ellipticals in the market that are under $400 and their distinctive features, ProForm 150 is our top pick! Proform 150 is an epitome of perfection that will provide you with all the necessary specifications of an advanced elliptical, and all that at a price point of under $400!

Conclusively, we hope our guide to be beneficial in choosing the right elliptical for you and would have helped you with your general queries. All the aforementioned products are our favorite, and trust me you would love them all!

Happy Workouts!

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