Best Punching Bags for Kids – This Guide Is All You Need to Know!

Punching bags might not exactly seem like something that you would give to your children, but there’s a reason companies are specifically selling punching bags designed for kids.

If you want to make your children start working out on a smaller level that sets up their body for a healthy future, as well as teach them discipline and basic need-to-know self defense tactics there really is no better option that a punching bag.

If you choose the right punching bag for your kids, it could help them learn a lot of important self-defense skills, while also promoting strength development and a healthier body and lifestyle in general.

But just how do you know which punching bag is best for your children? Which type should you get? What about the weight? Is there any installation I need to do?

These are the things that I am going to cover for you today.

Which Type of Punching Bag Is Best for Kids?

Now, there are actually quite a few different types of punching bags, but the main ones that you will be buying for your child will either be a free standing bag or a hanging heavy bag.

Free standing bags are more about a balanced combination of versatility, power, and usability - these are the ones that you will most likely want to go with.

While the hanging bags are more ideal for kids that are considered to be hard hitters, teenagers, or for those that want to train the sport competitively.

Different Types of Punching Bags

There’s more to these two types of punching bags though. So let us understand them in more detail below.

Free Standing Bags – Recommended Option

free standing bag for kids

As the name suggests, free standing punching bags stand on their own as they come with a base to keep the punching area in place. They don’t need to be hung from a ceiling or need expensive stands to set up. No need to drill holes in your wall etc..

  • Easy to set up and store - no drilling holes in your wall or ceiling
  • More Compact - Best Bag for Apartments - Take up much less space than other punching bags, and are also much easier to move around
  • Much easier to train with – especially for kids – as they are much easier on their hands
  • Great for both beginners and kids
  • Easy to maintain – just need to fill up the base with sand or water.
  • They can’t withstand as much power as hanging punching bags, but this usually isn’t a problem for kids.

Hanging Punching Bags

hanging heavy bag for kids

Again, the name tells you quite a bit about these punching bags. Hanging punching bags are hanged to your house’s ceiling, which is how they get their name.

They are typically much more heavy duty than their free standing counterparts, but are more difficult to set up and train with.

  • More heavy duty than free standing bags
  • Best for Competitive training
  • Offer a wider range swinging motion
  • Difficult to set up
  • Take up much more space than free standing bags
  • Harder on the hands than free standing bags
  • Difficult to move around

Best Free Standing Punching Bags for Kids

So let us review some of the best free standing punching bags for kids out there. These punching bags offer pretty much everything your kids need for safe, effective workouts as well as also offer you the simplistic design that will not require any hole drilling or any other expensive setup.

1. ​Century Versys

Best Kids Punching Bag

Best Features

  • Perfect height – tall enough to offer a large striking surface and short enough to allow your kids to knock it down and pick it up easily
  • Very versatile – allows practicing all types of strikes without any deformation or bumps
  • Impressively durable with soft, high-quality foam on the inside and the outer part being heavy duty vinyl
  • Easy to train with as it’s easy on the hands of your kids
  • Comes with pre-filled base
  • Great for difficult moves like low kicks as well
  • Good rebounding without knocking over easily
  • Great for all-round development including strength development and skill and technique training
  • Comes with handles that makes practicing some specific strikes much easier
  • Easy to move around – so much so that even most kids would be able to do it after knocking it over

Century Versys Review

The Century Versys is the best kids punching bag hands down as it offers the best combination of an effective striking area, the perfect height, excellent build quality, and comes in at a very affordable price.

The Century Versys is tall enough to allow your kids to practice all types of strikes, but also small enough to let them take it down or knock it over and also pick it up just as easily.

A Complete Punching Bag

However, its versatility doesn’t come with a compromise on the durability or its ability to offer a complete training session or workout. While a kid can knock it down if they really want to, it’s not like it knocks over during normal use. You have to really want to tip this thing over.

More importantly, it’s not too hard on your hands, which is a very important factor to consider as well. In fact, even young kids have no trouble punching and kicking it all over its striking surface.

Uniquely Versatile

The Century Versys comes in a very impressive design. There are handles that you can use to practice knees and clinches, something that you may find very hard to do with other comparable bags.

Furthermore, unlike some other similar bags, low kicks are surprisingly comfortable to practice on this bag, and so are moves like upper cuts. That’s quite some versatility right there!

It can take heavy striking without any issues – but more importantly – it doesn’t knock down easily.

However, it does offer good rebounding, but as I said, that’s without knocking down. The best of both worlds!

You can also use it upright or down, depending on your preferences.

It’s unique design and features allow it to be a more complete punching bag that helps your kids develop not only strength, but also skills and techniques without worrying about hurting their hands or any other issues.

Comfort and Durability – A Rare Combination

The soft foam material that makes up the inside of the bag certainly comes into play here. 

Kids who are a little older can even move it around, thanks to its portability. However, as we mentioned above, the build quality is very impressive. It's built like a tank - I can see it lasting your kids a really, really long time.

The foam is soft but made to withstand high impact hits easily. Unlike other cheaper options out there, you won’t see it developing bumps or deforming over time.

The outer part of the bag is high-quality, heavy duty vinyl, which paves the way for an overall solid construction.

The base comes pre-filled, which is a relief especially for beginners. However, it’s not very difficult to fill it up either.

It weighs around 40 lbs and is easy to fill (or refill).


The Century Versys bag is as good a kids’ punching bag as one could get. Ranging from the quality to the striking area to the ease of training, there’s just nothing to complain about with this punching bag.

It goes a long way in helping your kids develop strength, power, speed, coordination and control at a very affordable price point.

2. ​Kids Kick Wavemaster

Best Bang for Buck Kids Bag

Best Features

  • Great versatility with four different height adjustment levels
  • Impressive striking area can take a variety of strikes, punches and kicks
  • Nylon cover is durable and tough
  • The foam making up the bag is high impact, yet soft and comfortable on the hands
  • The bag holds up surprisingly well even subjected to a lot of beating for years
  • Great option for kids to train for boxing, karate or even martial arts

Kids Kick Wavemaster Review

The Kids Kick WaveMaster is another excellent youth punching bag from Century. For what it offers in terms of versatility and durability, it offers a great value at this price point.

Versatile and Durable

Talking about the versatility, there are four height adjustment levels ranging from 37” to 52”. This allows a lot of flexibility in terms of the type of strikes you can practice, while also making it comfortable for kids of all different ages.

The nylon cover is durable and tough, but the foam that makes up the inside of the bag is high impact, comfortable and easy on the hands.This helps you get the best of both worlds in the form of a better impact-absorption without giving your kids a hard time.

However, this doesn’t mean a lower durability at all.

In fact, in some cases, users reported of the bag standing up extremely well to many kids throwing their best at it, and even an adult or two having a go at it. It’s been lasting them for years with no signs of any damage.

I certainly can’t expect any better than that in terms of the durability at this price point.Your kids can certainly knock it over if they kick it really hard, but it’s not easy to do and it only adds to the overall versatility.

All-Round Great Option

This bag weighs around 170 pounds when filled with either sand or water, but the rounded base makes it surprisingly easy to move around.

All in all, it’s a great option for anyone who wants to let their kids train for boxing, kickboxing, karate or martial arts.

3. ​Bobby Bully

Best Real Life Kids Punching Bag

Best Features

  • Unique, realistic child-fighter shape and design
  • As close to fighting a real opponent as a punching bag can get
  • 2 height adjustment options make it flexible and versatile
  • Great strength and durability, can take a lot of beating easily
  • Handles kicks and kickboxing practice particularly well
  • Gentle on the hands of your kids

Bobby Bully Punching Bag Review

Unique, Realistic Bag

The Bob Bully Bag a more unique option for those who are after a more realistic training experience. If you want your kids to get a feel of fighting a real opponent without actually doing so, then the Bobby Bully is probably as close as it can get.

It comes in the form of a manikin that looks like a real child. There are 2 height adjustment options ranging between 50” to 55”.

Solid Durability

The unique shape and design don’t take anything away from the durability or strength though. It can take a huge amount of beating while still standing solid as a rock.

Thanks to the realistic appeal of the “bag”, it can take both punches and kicks much better than traditional-shaped bags that aren’t as comfortable to practicing kickboxing.

Strong Yet Gentle

As like other Century kids’ punching bags, the Bobby Bully is strong but much gentler on the hands than adult punching bags and even some cheaper options designed for kids.

The height and adjustability make it a great fit for kids of different ages too.

4. ​Wavemaster Original

Best for Older, Stronger Kids

Best Features

  • Best bag for older, stronger kids and teens
  • Large height adjustment range offers great versatility
  • High density, comfortable foam makes life easy for the kids and teens
  • Two different ways of setting it up to meet different training requirements
  • Incredible durability and stability
  • Quick rebound

Wavemaster Original Review

A Different Option

The original OG punching bag from our Century Wavemaster line up. Let me start this one off by saying that unlike the other punching bags we reviewed above, this one isn’t specifically designed for kids.

However, it’s a beginners punching bag with great height adjustment and high density, comfortable foam, it would work just as well for older or stronger kids as well as teens.

Two Options for Different Requirements

Now, you have two options with this bag.

If you want it to be more flexible and less tough on your kids, you can fill it with water. However, if you want it to take your hardest of beatings without even budging, then fill it with something like Quikrete sand.

It weights around 270 lbs when fully filled.

Combination of Durability and Versatility

Despite being great punching bag for teens, beginners, or stronger striking kids, it’s incredibly durable and holds up well to all types of strikes and punches.

This is the baby brother to the Wavemaster XXL which is the bag that I personally own and have for over 5 years.

The stability is great too – and coupled with quick rebound – it paves the way for effective training with consistent striking.

There are as many as 7 different height adjustments in the range of 47” to 68”. This allows for practicing different techniques as well as developing a particular style that fits your workouts the best.

5. Lil' Dragon Wavemaster

Cheapest Option for the Little Kidos

Best Features

  • One of the cheapest options from Century
  • Four height adjustment options
  • 3 printed shapes for setting targets during the training
  • Easy to clean

Lil' Dragon Wavemaster Review

The Lil' Dragon Wavemaster is one of the cheapest punching bags for kids from Century, but the lower price doesn’t translate to a lower durability. The bag is pretty sturdy with a strong nylon shell and high impact foam.

Something unique about it are the 3 different printed shapes on the striking area that makes it easier for the kids to target their strikes at the right places and get consistent training with their punches or kicks.

There are four different height adjustments from 37” to 52” which is similar or better than some higher priced bags. The perfectly rounded base is both strong and allows for some convenient portability.

It weighs 170 lbs when filled, and is pretty easy to clean.

Best Features

  • Cheapest punching bag worth a consideration
  • Steel base is strong and sturdy, and comes pre-filled
  • Assembly is easy and quick
  • Quality materials used to make it
  • Fast rebound

Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag Review

This is the cheapest real free standing bag on our list, and probably the cheapest you can go without making significant compromise on the quality or other important aspects of the bag.

Unlike the other bags we discussed, it doesn’t come with a traditional free standing bag base, and instead has a kind of stand to support the striking area. The stand base, however, is pretty sturdy and offers the required stability for intense training without getting shaky in any way.

Despite the steel base it’s easy to set up, though it can be time-consuming to fill it due to the small opening. Furthermore, the steel base doesn’t allow it to be used on rough surfaces, so you would need to keep it on a smooth surface.

It measures 47” in height, but there’s no height adjustment. That’s the second trade-off for the lower price.

However, the durability is still there with high-density, eco-friendly EPE foam and PU leather cover. The rebound is pretty fast too.

Best Features

  • A very cheap bag but comes in a different design than traditional free standing bags
  • Great for those on tight budget or for developing speed and faster reflexes
  • Helps achieve a complete training experience when used in combination with a real free standing bag
  • Large height adjustability range
  • Lightweight and portable

Tech Tools Punching Bag Review

This is a free standing reflex bag which is designed for the youngsters to practice throwing punches only.

It’s a great option for those who are on a very tight budget or need something more focused around building skills than strength as this bag is designed to improve the accuracy and precision of your strikes.

The benefits of reflex bag training make it an excellent choice for developing timing, speed and hand-eye coordination. 

A great idea would be to use it in combination with one of the real free standing bags we reviewed above to get a more complete training.

The height is adjustable and ranges from 35” to 50”, which is a pretty large range to cover kids of different ages.

The rebound is fast and helps develop faster reflexes. It’s very lightweight and portable as well.

Best Features

  • Cheapest option you can use as a free standing bag
  • Designed for young kids and is pretty easy on them
  • Surprisingly stable and durable – can take a lot of beating from young kids without durability issues
  • No leakage issues

ImpiriLux Inflatable Punching Bag Review

Here’s the cheapest of the cheap option that you can call a punching bag. Of course, it isn’t a real free standing bag either, but technically qualifies as one.

However, it’s a great choice for young kids who are too young to take the rebounds and strength of a real free standing bag.

This is an inflatable punching bag, and kids can easily beat the crap out of it without hurting themselves in any way or letting it get hard on their hands.

You need to inflate it using an air compressor or something like an air mattress pump. Some users have been able to inflate it by blowing into it, but it’s very time-consuming and can be exhausting.

There are two sides to this bag, each printed with the picture of a fighter. Despite the bag’s unusual design, it’s surprisingly stable, and bounces right back after being hit hard.

The durability is impressive too for the price, and it can take a lot of beating from young kids.

Unlike other similar bags, there are no leakage issues either so you don’t need to feel worried about filling it with water.

Best Hanging Heavy Bags for Kids

While there’s nothing like a free standing bag when you’re after a perfect balance of flexibility, portability, simplicity as well and an effective training experience, you need to turn to the hanging heavy bags when you’re looking for a more serious competitive training experience.

Nothing helps build strength like a heavy punching bag, while also improving your kid’s stamina, striking ability, and fighting skills in general.

So now it’s time to review some of these bad boys as well.

1. ​Ringside Boxing Youth Heavy Bag Kit

Best Hanging Kids Punching Bag

Best Features

  • A complete kit for a complete training experience
  • High-quality vinyl construction offers amazing durability
  • Perhaps the best option to get a real, professional training experience without giving your kids a real hard time like other comparable options
  • Limited rebound encourages your kid to perform harder and build strength faster
  • Gloves and hand wraps are pretty good quality and durable as well
  • Comes pre-filled

Ringside Boxing Youth Heavy Bag Kit Review

If you’re serious about getting your kids into the sport of boxing or MMA, then this Ringside hanging punching bag is likely your best betIt comes as a kit that includes everything your kid needs for professional training.

Excellent Quality and Durability

The quality is as good as it can be without giving your kids a hard time, and the vinyl construction ensures excellent durability.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it continues to be in the same condition after years of heavy use. It’s just that good and durable.

Real, Professional Training

Now, one thing to note here is that you won’t get the kind of faster rebounds you do with free standing bags we reviewed above. However, you must keep in mind heavy, hanging bags are designed to offer a more professional training experience, which is why it isn’t as easy to put away.

Needless to say, it works great for your kids to build strength and improve their striking ability. It’s great for strength-building for your kids even if you don’t want them to get into boxing.

It weighs around 40 pounds, yet manages to be surprisingly tough for its weight. The base comes pre-filled.

Great Overall Kit

The kit also includes a high-quality durable pair of heavy bag MMA gloves and a set of extra straps. The gloves work great when your kids want to get some intense training and throw their best at the bag.

After all, this is a really sturdy and tough hanging bag. It’s not as forgiving as its free standing counterparts though, so you really do need some protection.

And the extra straps are actually hand wraps that offer some much-needed extra protection when training for long hours. Hand wraps go on before you put your heavy bag gloves on as it helps to keep the gloves clean, tight, and prevent any possibility of an injury.

Longer Chain

Many users have reported – and I agree with them too – that you might need to get a longer chain in order to make the bag hang low enough for your kids to be able to hit it properly.

This is especially a problem with young kids who aren’t tall enough to hit at the height it hangs at by default. However, it’s something you can easily get around by just using a longer chain, so it’s not something I’d consider as a major issue with the bag.

My Conclusion

I’d say the Ringside Boxing heavy bag is easily the best option when it comes to a hanging bag for kids. It manages to offer a professional level stability and toughness, without being very hard on your kids.

And the protection in the form of the hand wraps and gloves works pretty well, too. This is probably as close to a complete training experience as you can get for your kids.

2. ​Everlast 70lb Heavy Bag Kit

Best Combo Pack

Best Features

  • Weighing 70 lbs, it’s a super tough bag that demands a lot of strength and effort during the training
  • Rebounds are hard to come by, but that’s because it’s difficult to push away
  • Perfect for serious, professional training
  • Comes as a complete kit with mounting equipment, gloves and hand wraps
  • Made using high-quality but tough natural and synthetic fibers

Everlast 70lb Heavy Bag Kit Review

The Everlast 70lb heavy bag offers everything you need to set your kid up with a perfect punching bag training system. Most importantly, the quality and durability it brings to the table with its bag is probably second to none in its price range.

A Good Choice in General

This is another bag from Everlast that offers some solid toughness and stability. However, unlike the one we reviewed above, it’s a good choice for both professionals or serious trainers and others looking for a more lighter training experience.

Despite being a heavy bag it’s not too tough, which makes it a much better fit for youth or younger kids than most other heavy bags out there. However, the weight is still there as it weighs 70 lbs, so it will still be difficult to push away for them.

But that’s a good thing if you want some serious strength development.

Complete Kit

It comes with everything you need for the assembly, including a 12-inch chain, mounting bracket and screws. However, the assembly itself is a little difficult, and you may need someone to help you with it.

Now, you also get gloves in the kit, but they aren’t exactly of the highest quality. In fact, if your kids use them without also using the cotton hand wraps that are included as well, they will likely end up hurting their hands.

However, I wouldn’t expect much better in terms of the additional accessories at this price point, especially when there’s barely anything to complain about the bag itself.

Best Features

  • Tough and stable yet beginner and kid friendly
  • Despite weighing 80 lbs it doesn’t get too tough on kids
  • Unique in the sense that it’s easy to punch hard at the top and more demanding at the mid and bottom, offering some great versatility
  • Great for strength development in general
  • Made using high-quality synthetic leather which is also shock-absorbent, which further makes it a more kid-friendly choice

Everlast 80LB Heavy Bag Review

Serious Toughness

This is another heavy punching bag that comes as a complete kit. It weighs a solid 80 lbs, and that does translate to some serious toughness and resistance.

Perfect weight for kids are can pack a punch. Kids who are not ready yet to take on the full 100 lb heavy bag that adults use but yet still can pack some meat on their punches will find this bag to be the perfect in-between bag weight.

Users mention in their reviews how it’s sturdy to push away with your punches, and you don’t have to hold back on it at all. It can take everything even adults can throw at it, let alone kids who may not even be able to punch it too far from their body.

Real Toughness, Real Training

That being said, you can conclude that it’s not for very young kids just looking to have some fun. It’s a super heavy, super tough bag that comes filled with quality natural and synthetic fibers.

It can certainly be hard on small kids who haven’t trained professionally before. However, it can be a great choice for older kids or teens, or those who are into the sport boxing.

Things to Note

Be sure to use gloves designed for training with it (not included), as the surface most seems to be canvas that can leave scars on exposed areas of your hands.

A unique thing about this bag is that there’s a varying level of ‘softness’ across different areas. At the top you will find the bag to be pretty soft and easy to punch hard.

But the toughness would increase as you hit lower – since the sand or water would mostly settle at the mid and bottom part of the bag – making things a bit more demanding for your kids.

As for the right areas to target, you can try to hit the “T” of the Everlast brand name printed on it. It would help develop your striking skills.

It can take all types of punches, kicks and strikes easily though.

The durability and quality is surprisingly good for the price, and it has been standing up extremely well for users even with a lot of daily abuse.

Not for Everyone!

All in all, this is a serious punching bag for kids who want to get some serious training or get into professional boxing. Or what I’d term as ‘heavy hitters’.

For everyone else, there are other options that aren’t as hard to train with as this Everlast punching bag.

Best Features

  • Perfect for smaller kids who may not be able to handle a tougher bag
  • The durability and quality is still there despite the lower weight
  • The materials used are comfortable on the hands of smaller kids
  • Comes complete with gloves, hand wraps, hanger and mounting bracket

Everlast 25lb Heavy Bag Kit Review

Durable but Without Extra Toughness

If you want the quality and durability of Everlast but without the extra toughness the above two bags come with, then this 25lb Everlast bag would be right up your alley.

It’s just the right weight at 25 lbs for very young kids who may find it hard to punch, kick and strike a heavier bag. Furthermore, the lower weight would also help ensure a faster rebound, helping develop their reflexes, timing as well as strength.

Moreover, this bag is made using a more comfortable blend of natural and synthetic fibers that makes the striking easier for younger kids.

Includes All Required Accessories

One of the unique things about Everlast bags is that most of them come as a complete boxing kit, and this Everlast bag is no different.

It comes with gloves made using synthetic leather, and they are just perfect for young kids to punch as hard as they want without hurting their hands. The breathable cotton wraps further add to the protection, while also keeping the hands tight and easy to bear the impact of the strikes.

It also includes a high-quality steel hanger that ensures a high level of safety and stability. And the mounting bracket and screws and included as well.

Best Features

  • Good for both kids and adults
  • Durable but comfortable to punch and kick
  • Easy to set up and refill
  • Comes pre-filled with soft, quality shredded rags

FITVEN Punching Bag Review

Good for Both Kids and Adults

If you need something that offers just the right balance of heaviness and softness to be a great fit for both kids and adults – and at a great budget price – then the FITVEN punching bag may very well turn out to be an excellent choice for you.

It doesn’t come from a very popular brand like Century or Everlast, but it manages to offer a great quality anyway, thanks to being made of premium synthetic leather and other quality materials, while boasting triple stitching craftsmanship.

It weighs 50 lbs and comes pre-filled with shredded rags that makes it comfortable and soft for the kids to punch and kick.

Easy Set Up and Refill

The large size zipper makes it easy to replace the shredding and fill it with sand or water.

It comes with everything you need to set it up, including the punching bag stand and strap - the assembly is pretty easy.

Users report how it still looks brand new even after a few weeks of heavy use, so that should tell you something about the overall quality.

6. ​RDX Kids Punch Bag

Top Budget - Cheap Hanging Bag

Best Features

  • Soft, comfortable punching bag perfect for kids
  • For the quality and durability it offers, it’s available at a steal price
  • Shell shock gel padding offers the perfect striking area for kids
  • Perfect height for most kids of different ages

RDX Kids Punch Bag Review

Best Budget Hanging Bag

If you’re after a fun punching bag for your kids at an incredible price, then this is the bag for you. Surprisingly, it even comes with the gloves at this price.

The quality is perfect for kids, but don’t expect it to take a lot of heavy beating like most of the other bags we reviewed above would.

It’s actually a bit of an exception to real hanging punching bags, as it’s designed to be more of a fun or soft punching bag for kids than something like quality synthetic leather and durable synthetic made to offer the toughness of a real punching bag.

Surprisingly Durable for the Price

However, I’ve found that it holds up surprisingly well even against adults, as long as they don’t go too hard on it or aren’t a heavy hitter.

The shell shock gel padding offers the perfect striking surface that’s soft and comfortable to punch for kids. The height would be just in the right range for most age groups for kids as well.

I certainly think you can’t go wrong with this bag at this price point.

Which Kids Punching Bag Should I Get?

My Recommendations

I tried to put together the most comprehensive guide on punching bags for kids, and had to review quite a few different options to do that. However, that may have led to some readers ending up being confused about exactly which punching bag should they go with.

Well, I’m here to help you with that too. I’ll walk you through some specific recommendations below for different requirements.

Best for Your Buck Option: Kids Kick Wavemaster

best free standing punching bag for kids

If you want to get the most out of your money, the Kids Kick Wavemaster is hard to beat.

It’s incredibly versatile with 4 different height adjustment levels, and the height range itself being just perfect for kids of different ages too.

However, the versatility doesn’t come with a compromise on the durability, as this bag is also incredibly durable and holds up extremely well to a lot of heavy hitting from adults too.

But again, it doesn’t let its durability or toughness be an issue for smaller kids who might hurt their hands.The foam it comes with is comfortable and impact-absorbent, and with some quality gloves your kids won’t feel any impact of the strikes on their hands at all.

And this is all at a surprisingly modest price tag, which is what makes me term it as the best value for money punching bag on the market.

Best Overall: Century Versys

If the budget isn’t much of a problem for you, the Century Versys is an absolute no-brainer.

best overall boxing bag for kids

The striking area is as good as it gets without giving your kids a hard time. Its soft and high-impact foam can absorb the impact of your kids’ strikes easily, making the training easier and comfortable for them.

The height is just perfect, even for otherwise challenging strikes like low kicks. There are handles on it to help you practice clinches and knees easily, something that can be pretty inconvenient with some other bags out there.

The rebounding is good, but it doesn’t knock over easily. It can take a lot of heavy hitting as well without developing any bumps or “damage” areas.

There are a lot of other advantages as well that we covered in detail in the review above.

Best Hanging Bag Overall: Ringside Boxing (Option 1)

best overall hanging bag for kids

If you think all hanging bags are same, think again. The Ringside Boxing hanging bag we reviewed as our best hanging bag clearly stands out from the rest of its competitors.

It weighs only 40 pounds but manages to be surprisingly tough and durable, yet gentle on the hands of your kids. But that doesn’t affect it’s ability to absorb all the heavy hitting you or your kids can throw at it.

It’s very focused around strength development, as it’s hard to push away with gentle strikes and makes you try harder.

It comes with soft but high-quality foam – and when combined with the durable vinyl construction – you have some rock-solid durability sure to stand the test of time.

It includes gloves and hand wraps as well, and they are both very high-quality and a great fit.

Kids Punching Bag Buyers Guide

Here’s What to Look For

It never hurts to understand the important factors that go into choosing the right punching bag. After all, your needs may be more specific than what my recommendations could help with so it’s also important to consider all the important factors for choosing the right punching bag for kids.

Type of Punching Bag to Choose

Of course, a basic but important thing to consider is the type of punching bag to choose. We have discussed two common types of punching bags in free standing and heavy hanging bags.

In most cases, a free standing punching bag would be ideal type for kidsIt’s much easier to train with than a heavy hanging bag, doesn’t get hard on your kids, and a good free standing bag also offers slight rebound motion without getting knocked over easily.

However, that’s not saying hanging bags aren’t even an option. For teenagers or stronger kids who are passionate about boxing or want to get a more intense heavy bag workout or professional training, a hanging bag would be ideal.

It would offer the toughness they need for more powerful workouts and professional training. The rebounds are hard to come by with quality hanging bags as they are not easy to push away, which helps pave the way for faster strength development.

Similarly, hanging bags are also more durable in general, and offer a better level of stability during the training or workouts as they can’t get knocked over.

Soft or Comfortable Foam Material

The cover of the bag can be made of a durable, heavy duty material – that’s no problem – but the inside of the bag must be soft, comfortable foam. This is especially true for kids, as they may not be able to deal with the kind of toughness some punching bags can put them against.

It’s easy for them to hurt their hands or even end up with an injury when trying to hit hard against a bag that’s too tough for them and has a more durable but heavy material making up its inside as well.

All the free standing and most of the heavy hanging bags I reviewed above come with soft, comfortable foam that’s very easy on your kids, while also being fairly durable and long-lasting.

Even the ones I recommended for heavy hitters are fine for stronger kids or teenagers.

Good Stability

Remember that the punching bag needs to be comfortable to train with, but not at the expense of stability.

Some cheap bags come with inexpensive, low-quality materials that don’t have a lot of weight. They aren’t hard on your hands, but won’t last long enough and also not offer the stability your kids need during the workouts.

If there’s a lack of stability, there would be no consistency in your strikes, and there would instead be a lot of random strikingIt may also make it difficult for your kids to develop technique or skills.

Hanging bags are typically much more stable, but even quality free standing bags like the ones I walked you through above are surprisingly stable, especially for kids.

Height Adjustability

The height adjustability is very important for kids as not all kids would be comfortable with a particular height level. This is where the need for versatility and height adjustments comes in.

Multiple height adjustment levels mean that you can position the bag at just the right hitting level according to your kid’s height, helping them get the most out of their workouts.

The free standing bags I reviewed above offer a great range of height adjustment. This makes them a great choice for kids of all ages.

However, there’s not going to be this option with a hanging heavy bag. But you may still be able to adjust the height to certain extent by using a longer chain.

It won’t be very convenient to keep changing the height every now and then for heavy hanging bags though. So if you’re planning to make your kids practice at different height levels you would want to go with a free standing bag.

Top Punching Bag Brands

Listed below are the top brands for punching bags that are not only good for adults but also for kids


Century - Top Kids Punching Bag Brands

Established in 1976, Century is the leader in the industry when it comes to punching bags. There’s no doubt about that.

It offers a great range of punching bags, including both for youth and adults, as well as different types designed to meet different specific needs.

The quality and durability is never an issue with Century bags, and they are also very versatile. They offer pretty much everything you can ask for in a punching bag, including height adjustments, good rebounds, solid stability to not get knocked over and so on.

Century bags aren’t the cheapest, but for what they offer they provide the best bang for buck around.


Ringside - Top Kids Punching Bag Brands

Ringside is another popular name in the world of punching bags, and I’d say it’s probably the best brand out there for hanging heavy bags.

It also offers some free standing options, but Ringside bags are typically more about power than versatility.

They are great for heavy hitters and, in this case, older kids or teenagers. They are great for strength development and getting some intense workouts as well.

Similarly, when you’re looking for a bag that would offer some effective professional workouts or training without breaking the bank, you would be hard-pressed to find anything better than Ringside bags.


Everlast - Top Kids Punching Bag Brands

Everlast is a more complete boxing accessory brand. It offers a wide range of boxing and martial arts accessories, including beginner boxing gloves, hand wraps, boxing shorts, boxing fitness trackers, boxing backpacks and much more.

Some of its best bags also come as a complete kit with gloves, hand wraps and other required accessories for assembly.

If you want a quick, easy setup with easy refilling as well, then most Everlast bags would fit the bill pretty well.

Everlast is known for offering a huge variety for punching bags too. It not only offers different types of punching bags, but also bags focused around both strength development or professional training and versatility and a comfortable striking practice.


RDX - Top Kids Punching Bag Brands

RDX is a more budget-friendly brand in the otherwise expensive world of punching bags. It offers some great options in the low price range, and no other brands can really compete with it there.

RDX is mainly into hanging heavy bags as well though, and many of its bags ship as complete kits with all the required accessories for professional training or safe, effective workouts.

FAQ Most Buyers Have When Shopping for a Kids Punching Bag

Here are the most commonly asked questions that parents have when buying a punching bag for their kids

Are Punching Bags Safe to Use for Kids?

Well, the right punching bag would never pose a risk of injury to your kids. But you do need to make sure you’re choosing a punching bag that’s not too tough on your kids according to their age.

This is the reason I’ve very clearly mentioned about which bags should be used for smaller kids, older kids, stronger kids and teenagers.

If you go through all the reviews above carefully you won’t have to worry about choosing a punching bag that may not be safe enough for your kids.

Can the Durability Be an Issue?

Quality punching bags are unlikely to go through a lot of wear and tear if they are just being used the right way by your kids.

However, many times, kids like to knock over their punching bag, jump on it, leave it outdoors, as well as many other things which could be lead to some durability issues over time. This is especially true for cheaper bags, which may not have the kind of heavy duty cover and durable material that tougher outdoor punching bags do in order to withstand that kind of abuse.

So if you’re using a cheaper, budget option, try to make your kids avoid jumping on it or leaving it outside. However, if you choose one of our top picks above, you wouldn’t have to worry about the durability of your punching bag at all.

Are Heavy Hanging Bags Only for Older Kids or Teens?

In most cases, yes. Hanging heavy bags can be too tough on the hands of smaller kids.

For smaller kids, free standing bags are just perfect as they are not too tough but still manage to go a long way in the strength development of your kids while allowing them to experience real training, real striking as well.

Are Inflatable Punching Bags Worth It?

They are not real punching bags to be honest. However, if your kids are just looking to have some fun rather than throw some real punches or workouts, then an inflatable bag would be just fine. These typically are best for very young kids though.

It’s also good for smaller kids who are very energetic and just need something to vent out their energy at.

Should You Consider the Amount of Space Available in Your House?

Definitely! You see, with free standing bags space usually isn’t an issue as you can put them anywhere you want and also move them around with ease.

However, heavy bags aren’t portable and need to be installed in a particular area of your house. Furthermore, you also need to ensure your heavy bag doesn’t hit any of the other things around them where they are kept as they are tough and could damage the things they end up hitting as they rebound.

So with heavy bags, you will definitely need to consider the space availability in your house. You would ideally want to install them somewhere where there’s a good bit of extra space with nothing around that could be damaged.

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