Best Speed Bag Swivels – Reviewed & Rated

Now that you have your chosen speed bag, it’s time to find the perfect swivel. In case you’re still unsure about which speed bag is the best, here’s an all-you-need-to-know guide about the best speed bags in the market.

But your here to find the best swivel so let’s jump into it! Do note, this seems like a easy purchase and they are indeed cheap. But keep in mind that this is something that gets worn out pretty easy, so it does indeed matter which one you get.

Trust me you’ll be pissed when you buy a piece of junk that gets worn out in a few weeks and you have to buy another one.

Best Speed Bag Swivels

Here are the dominating swivels in the market right now.

Everlast Professional Speed Bag Swivel

Best Swivel for the Money

Features we like:

  • Swift and accurate rebounds due to ball bearing feature
  • Stainless steel that’s crafted with a machine to boost durability and ensure a lengthy lifetime
  • Smooth ball bearing swivel design increases bag speed and accuracy when training

The Everlast Professional Speed Bag Swivel is a major upgrade from the brand’s basic swivels. It really gives you a long list of reasons why it’s the best one around.

The basic Everlast swivels comes as a package when you buy their punching bag stand with speed bag. As far as quality goes though, the basic Everlast swivel that comes on their punching bag stand with speed bag setup is light years behind their professional swivel here. Trust me, this is quite the difference.

This swivel isn’t made with just the usual stainless steel, it’s machine crafted to boost durability and ensure a long lifetime.

With its sealed ball bearings, this swivel produces smooth and accurate returns. Although, it failed to address the sliding issue most U-hooks have. The speed bag still has a tendency to slide and that can really affect the equipment’s overall performance.

Don’t worry, that’s not anything a little duck-tape can’t fix.

This swivel is guaranteed to give you your money’s worth. It comes with all the standard speed bag swivel parts and accessories like washers, screws and everything that you’ll need to set up your speed bag swivel mount.

You can set this up less than 10 minutes provided you got everything right and followed the instructions correctly.

Overall, this swivel is still the most worth it. With a low price like that despite the long list of advantages, you can be sure you’re not going to regret getting it.

TITLE Deluxe Professional Swivel

Triple Chrome Plated Heavy Duty Pro Swivel

Features we like:

  • Swift and accurate rebounds
  • Easy to use push pin system for changing speed bags
  • Triple Chrome Plating for durability and long lifespan
  • Sealed inner ball-bearings make for super fast, super quiet and super efficient action

The TITLE Deluxe swivel succeeded where its competitors failed. It finally solved the long-standing problem of U-Bolt swivel designs. It has a specialized hook that’s specifically made to prevent the speed bag from sliding. This provides you with extremely smooth rebounds and undisturbed rhythms.

This swivel is also designed with easy to remove locking pin. You can remove and change your speed bag in seconds and without any hassle. So if you like to change up your  speed bags when training or change out your speed bag for a double end bag or reflex bag, then this is definitely for you. 

Extremely easy to change out your punching bags.

The TITLE deluxe swivel is made with heavy-duty triple chrome plating that guarantees its durability. It should last long enough for you to maximize your money’s worth before needing to purchase another one. Only the brand TITLE has used this material in their swivels and it really makes them stand out.

Designed to be quiet for a U-hook, this swivel is perfect for your home. You don’t have to worry about disturbing you neighbors anymore.

The TITLE deluxe also has better rebounds than most of the swivels on the market as well as the fastest. This is all thanks to its ball bearing feature, the same feature found on the Everlast Professional Speed bag swivels as well as the other TITLE products on this list.

Plus, it’s not that expensive. TITLE has really outdone themselves with this swivel. Creating one of the most solid swivels on the market while still keeping the costs down.

TITLE Pro Swivel

Best Value

Features we like:

  • Swift and accurate rebounds due to ball bearing feature
  • Chain-link type swivel
  • Triple Chrome Plating for durability and long lifespan
  • Super fast ball bearing action

The Title Pro swivel is a chain-link type of swivel but don’t scroll down yet. I have a very good reason for putting it here.

Yes, the chain-link swivel is a hassle. Yes, it’s hard to change speed bags with it and yes, it constantly needs to be maintained but the TITLE Pro Swivel is very decent for a chain-link type of swivel. Not to mention one of the cheapest swivels around.

Like its brother product the TITLE deluxe professional, the TITLE pro is made of the same triple chrome plating and has same ball bearing feature which gives you swift and incredibly correct returns and can take your blows in any direction.

If you do purchase the TITLE Pro make sure you hook up your favorite speed bag on it. This swivel, like all chain-links, makes it hard to change speed bags which is really the product’s major flaw.

But given all of its features, it’s still worth every penny.

MaxMMA Speed Bag Swivel

Best Speed Bag Swivel

Features we like:

  • Crafted from superior quality stainless steel
  • Easy to use push pin system for changing speed bags

Another good U-Bolt type of Swivel is the MaxMMA Speed bag swivel. If ever you’ve never heard of MaxMMA before, don’t worry I can swear by them and so could a lot of people.

There’s a reason why their product made the list despite coming from a relatively unpopular manufacturer. And that’s because it meets all the requirements that make swivels good.

This swivel is built to be durable and to last a long time. It’s Crafted from superior quality stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about replacing it for a while. Just regularly maintain the steel and perform preventive measures and this swivel would last a very long time.

The MaxMMA Speed bag swivel also features the easy access pin system found in the top swivel brands. Which means it will be very easy for you to change speed bags with this swivel.

It also has a thick U-bolt like the TITLE deluxe, designed to reduce the tendency for the speed bag to slide. But when it does happen, it won’t be anything a little duct tape can’t fix. Apply the usual remedy for this ever present U-bolt problem. Simply wrap the head of the speed bag with duct-tape to prevent it from sliding.

The MaxMMA Speed Bag Swivel comes with all the standard speed bag swivel parts and 4 screws you would need to set it up to your platform.

If you want to venture away from the norm and try something new, go for the MaxMMA Speed bag swivel. It’s incredibly cheap because it’s not from a popular brand but you won’t regret getting it. In terms of quality and functionality, it’s right up there with the heavyweights.

Ringside Mexican-Style Swivel

Features we like:

  • Made from Stainless steel
  • Fluid rebounds thanks to its center cylinder being 1” thick

Another unfamiliar brand with a great product. From the company Ringside, comes the Ringside Mexican-Style Swivel. Although It may not be the best and most impressive swivel out there, it can still get the job done.

It does have a lot of disadvantages. If you end up getting this product, stock up on duct-tape because its bolt is very thin. Which means that unless you duct-tape the speed bag’s head, it would probably slide. Simply wrap the head of the speed bag with duct-tape to prevent it from sliding. Although in this situation you need to wrap more duct-tape around the bag than usual.

Online forums, product reviews as well as discussion of the product all agree that its motion seems slow and the rebounds feels somewhat like a snail despite the fact that it’s made out of steel.

Despite all that flaws, the Ringside Mexican-style swivel provides fluid rebounds thanks to its center cylinder being 1” thick.

Plus it has the easy to access pin locking system that makes it easier to change bags and that’s always a plus.

It may not be anyone’s favorite swivel but it works. This product proves that you don’t really have to go for the famous brand or the most expensive one. If you really came for the workout and are in a tight budget, this one will do. Like the MaxMMA Professional Speed Bag Swivel, you won’t regret spending your money on this one too.

TITLE Boxing Platinum Pro Swivel

professional swivel

Features we like:

  • Swift and accurate rebounds due to ball bearing feature
  • Easy to use push pin system for changing speed bags
  • Triple Chrome Plating for durability and long lifespan
  • Lightning fast and super smooth

TITLE Boxing Platinum Pro swivel shares many of the Deluxe’s winning qualities. It has push pin system that allows you to change speed bags in seconds, the triple chrome plating that ensures durability and strength, as well as the ball bearing feature that provides good rebounds.

While it’s similar in many things to the TITLE deluxe it does have major differences and they affect the equipment’s performance a lot.

The TITLE Boxing Platinum Pro has a low hanging bolt which gives it slow rebounds. It also has only 3 mounting holes unlike normal speed bag swivel mounts that’s typically 4 so you might have to pick up a drill and add another one.

Despite all that disadvantages, this swivel is extremely durable and is guaranteed to last a long time. Plus, it’s very cheap.

So.. How Do You I Know Which Speed bag Swivel is Best And Will Last?

What factors should you consider before buying one?

Don’t stress. As it happens, you’re not the only workout enthusiast in this part of the internet. Lucky you, I’ve already headhunted the best speed bag swivels on the market.

I can’t really tell you which one of them is the best but I can narrow it down for you. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the top speed bag swivels to help you choose your own swivel.

The perfect swivel for your speed bag

The swivel is a major component of your speed bag exercise equipment. To put it simply, it’s what will make your speed bag bounce. Don’t make the common mistake of thinking that the swivel just holds the bag. It will affect your entire set up as well as your experience in using it.

Here’s an article that goes into full detail about the best speed bag platforms. You might want to check it out before putting your money down on anything.

Did You Know There are 3 Different Types Of Speed Bag Swivels?

There are 3 different types of swivels. And they are all totally different.

Here’s an ongoing discussion among workout enthusiasts about which swivel type is the best. When you’ve familiarized yourself with the different types of swivels, you’re going to have a favorite too. It all boils down to personal preferences.

Ball Hook Swivel

Being the oldest and most tested swivel type, the ball-hook is usually found in gyms. It’s a popular choice among gym owners for a lot of reasons.

This swivel type has more pros than cons. For one thing, it’s very easy to handle. You can remove the speed bag and put it back again effortlessly.

Thanks to its simple design and very few parts, It has very clean and on-point returns.

The Ball-hook swivel used to be mostly manufactured in metal but that’s not usually the case anymore.

top speed bag swivels

The only downside to this swivel design is that it’s incredibly loud. It wouldn’t really matter much unless you’re looking to set up your speed bag in your home, then this type of swivel might not be for you.

Chain-Link Swivel

The second type of swivel is the chain link. It’s preferred both locally and internationally for its pretty silent design.

best speed bag swivels

The chain-link swivel has a locking pin that’s bound to give you a hard time. It makes changing speed bags complicated and might even need the intervention of pliers.

This type of swivel requires constant maintenance. You need to apply WD-40 to it every once in a while to prevent it from squeaking due to regular use.

It’s performance is another disadvantage. It doesn’t exactly give you the best rebounds.

U-bolt Swivel

The U-bolt swivel is the current reigning swivel in terms of popularity. It’s been called many things like D-bolt, precision or speed swivel which are all really appropriate names.

It usually features a ball bearing design and is sought after for its incredibly fast and clean rebound.

The U-bolt also beats its competitors in terms of convenience. It allows you to change speed bags just by taking out a locking pin. You can make the change in seconds.

Unfortunately, this design has a tendency to cause the speed bag to slide in its U-Bolt which produces some inaccurate rebounds.

best speed bag platform

This flaw is very minimal compared to its advantages and even to other designs. Plus, the sliding can easily be fixed if you wrap a duck-tape at the head of the speed bag.

Create a Criteria

  • What areas should you focus on when choosing the right swivel?
  • Here are the factors that make the most difference.

What is it Made of?

Of course you should consider the material before buying it. Just like you would do to any other product. The material used to create the swivel will determine its life expectancy as well as your comfort leve using it. So it’s probably best to go for those made with the best material you can find. Sure it will cost you but will be worth it.

The best ones are made of stainless steel. Those could last a really long time if you take care of it. The cheaper ones are made of plastic. It’s not that hard to bend. Punching it repeatedly will damage it. It might initially seem like a good idea to go with this type of material considering the price at which its offered but , chances are, you’d have to get a brand-new one after a while.

What Brand of Swivel Is Best?

The two most popular swivel brands out there are TITLE and Ever last. If you want proof of their product’s quality, see what people are saying online. Read reviews about them and let their undisputed quality speak for them.

Of course it’s not wrong to try cheaper brands but do it with caution. There’s always a possibility of losing your money to nothing or getting something great. Just remember to be critical when buying and examine the products carefully.

How Much Does It Cost?

You don’t necessarily have to get the best and most expensive swivel but you’d want to make sure to at least get a good one. Invest in a strong, high-quality swivel even if it’s a little pricey. It’s going to be worth it in the long run.

Good quality almost, always comes at a high price but it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get a good deal for a smaller price. Shopping around before buying can save you money. There’s nothing wrong with trying much affordable but less known brands. Sometimes brand popularity can cause the price to skyrocket without a change in the quality their products can offer.

How Does It Move & Does It Bounce Back?

If you ever have the chance to get your hands on a speed bag, try feeling your rhythm with it.

Does it bounce back right?

Swivels dictate your speed bag’s motion. If you’re not getting accurate returns then there’s a high chance you won’t be able to land your blows and spoil your session.

Start asking people for advice and suggestions. Look for speed bag swivel articles. Find groups online and join in on the conversations.

Product reviews help a lot too. Amazon has very active discussions on the actual product page. You can see what those who purchased before you think of the product that they got. Learn what they have to say about the product’s motion and its performance.

The internet is filled with workout junkies and enthusiasts who can help you. Search for forums about swivel motions or browse YouTube for videos that could teach you about it. You could also walk into a gym and ask around.

Best Speed Bag Swivels – Our Recommendation

Of course I recommend reading up some more about Speed bag swivels but this should set you in the right direction. Again, research before buying and weigh your pros and cons before deciding on anything.

Guides and lists can only help you as much. Nothing beats experience. Until you actually get your platform set up, there’s no exact way of telling which swivels and speed bags are suitable for you. Take this as a guide to get you started.

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