The Best Treadmills for Zwift with Full Compatibility

Best Value

Full Compatibility

best value zwift treadmill

BXT 116

Best Zwift Treadmill

Full Compatibility

best zwift treadmill

Bowflex BXT216

Most Affordable

Full Compatibility

zwift treadmill

Sole F63

Looking for a Zwift treadmill but confused on which treadmills are going to be the best for Zwift integration and give you the best experience and full compatibility, all at the best price?

Good. You have made it to the right place... and let me tell ya, I have done the hard labor and research for you. 

I always wanted to get myself into shape and start running but never really had the motivation to do anything other than lift weights. 

Then came along Zwift, and now with the new smart treadmills out, Zwift can now integrate with a few smart treadmills. 

So I told myself it was time to buy myself a treadmill, but I wanted one that would fully integrate with Zwift. And I didn't want to pay a fortune.

So I spent a little over a week doing the research and since I owned this site, I decided to document my research and put together a guide for my readers.

I mean heck, there is literally no info, at least none that is worth a hoot on how to pick the best Zwift treadmill. 

So enjoy this read, because it took me quite a long freaking time to put it together. 

And if you want my overall recommendation, I went with the Bowflex BXT 216.

You can check it out on amazon by clicking here.

I have had it for about 2 months now and the dang thing rocks. 

I can't even begin to explain how much fun running with Zwift is. It's ridiculous.

I seriously recommend getting the BXT 216 treadmill if you want the best experience with Zwift.

I mean heck, even if you don't get a Zwift treadmill at least get a treadmill. 

Having a treadmill at home can do wonders to your lifestyle. It’s a great way to break away from a sedentary lifestyle and if you’re a series runner, they can help you sharpen your game without having to run outdoors.

Some people may say training on a treadmill can get boring fast but an app like Zwift can be the answer to keep your body and your mind moving. With Zwift, you get a unique walking or running session which you can do solo or with other users online.

The only thing to worry about is choosing the best treadmill that will sync be compatible with Zwift to get the best experience and most effective training.

What is Zwift?

what is zwift

Zwift is a revolutionary workout and gaming app that’s been around for a while and has made training more fun than ever before. It’s the talk of the town for cyclists, and now runners have picked it up thanks to Zwift’s expansion to include triathlon and marathon training.

I like to think of the Zwift app as a lovechild of competitive physical training and engaging virtual gaming. With Zwift, my training hours are more productive and enjoyable as it lets me interact, train, and compete with other athletes in a virtual world from all over the real world.

Founded and released in 2014, Zwift started out as a massive-multiplayer online video game focused on cycling where you could navigate through 7 different virtual worlds or cycle freely in their game world. It is available on the PC, iOS, and Android.

As the number of Zwift users (or Zwifters as some call themselves in forums. Me? I think Zwifties is catchier) have risen to more than half a million by 2018, the company expanded their app to include running in the Zwift Academy as a training program for aspiring and professional triathlon athletes and now have expanded to be available and geared towards the average person wanting to get themselves motivated to work out and have fun while doing it.

And let me tell ya.. Zwift is freaking awesome. I love this thing, it is so intense, realistic, and keeps me wanting to play for hours on end even when my body is worn the heck out!

In the Zwift universe, you have an avatar you can customize to your liking and through it you can chat and interact with other Zwifters from all over the world while you’re training in any of the virtual worlds in the app.

The gaming app doesn’t let you down with how realistic the cycling and treadmill running experiences they offer through the Zwift Academy are and they have this to thank for their ever growing popularity.

It is seriously futuristic.

What is Zwift Run?

Zwift is free for runners while it’s still in beta. It’s the best time to check out their running programs that are crafted by elite coaches to ensure you become the runner you want to be or the workout enthusiast that you wished you were.

No more guesswork, no more gunning and training blind because you don’t know where to start! Zwift Run’s workouts are customized according to your fitness level and are very easy to follow.

The game app has your training needs covered from prepping for a 5k run to a full blown triathlon. You have the option to go solo or join a group as you run in the real world while your avatar does the same in virtual courses.

The in-game landscapes in their courses keep you alert and engaged with varying routes to explore such as running through a jungle, speeding through the countryside, or sprinting inside a volcano. Personally, I think this game app is wicked!

But enough about me raving on and on about how epic Zwift is as a multiplayer training game, let’s get to the nitty-gritty on what the best treadmills out there are perfect for Zwift.

Does any Treadmill Work with Zwift?

Short Answer: Yes

Best Answer: No.

So here's the thing, any treadmill will work with Zwift, but in order to get 100% compatibility and the best experience you will need to buy a newer smart treadmill like the ones that I have listed below.

I have listed these in order based on my personal testing with the Zwift program as well as countless hours of research from the forums on which treadmill was giving all users of Zwift the best experiences, best reliability, best calibrations, and did not cost and arm and a leg.

I have excluded the treadmills which cost a fortune. So if you are looking for the most expensive featured driven treadmill, you may want to look elsewhere.

But if you are wanting to not spend as little as you can and are okay with not getting the best experience from Zwift and are okay with having to buy a footpod that could give you problems then you can buy a basic traditional treadmill.

What Does a Traditional Treadmill Need In Order to Work with Zwift?

If you are going to do yourself a dis-service and get a traditional treadmill that does not integrate fully with Zwift then here are the things you will need to buy for your treadmill in order to run with Zwift.


Footpods are small devices you can buy that measure and broadcast your speed, cadence, and distance. The newer generations of footpods can pair with Zwift via bluetooth.

With these newer versions of footpods available in the market, you can also easily calibrate the device within the app once it’s paired.

A disadvantage with footpods is inaccuracy since some footpods need to be recalibrated if you change running shoes or need to be attached in the same position every time you run.

Another disadvantage of footpods is their low battery life. You run the risk of cutting your training midway if you forget to charge it before hopping on the treadmill or your running course is just too long for the footpod to outlast.

The most critical disadvantage of using a footpod for running is connectivity to Zwift. Older generations do not have bluetooth features. While newer versions of footpods can be connected to Zwift, they can be costly and may need constant replacements.

Best Smart Treadmills for Zwift with 100% Compatibility

The following smart treadmills will give you the best experience on Zwift thanks to their 100% compatibility with the app.

BOWFLEX BXT116 Treadmill - Editors Choice

bowflex bxt116 treadmill for zwift
bowflex bxt116 zwift treadmill

The BXT116 Treadmill is as powerful as it is stylish and sleek. It’s an impressive fitness machine that has a built-in full-color 7.5” workout screen and it’s manufacturer, Bowflex, is well known to produce treadmills perfect for home cardio training.

The BXT116 provides you with a formidable 3.75 Continuous Horsepower (CHP) motor which has a top speed of 12mph. It offers a solid performance for most types of runners from one who’s only into general fitness to those dedicated to running marathons.

Speed and incline can be conveniently controlled with buttons on the front handlebar found below the main console and next to the heart rate monitors. With a motorized incline, it’s easier to add challenging variations to your workouts.

The BXT116, like all other Bowflex treadmills, comes with a chest strap you can utilize to accurately display your heart rate while you’re training.

You can access their preloaded workout programs using individual buttons found right below the display screen. The BXT116 also has a media shelf that can fit devices as big as a tablet and built-in speakers which you can connect to via an auxiliary port.

Bowflex also gives you a bit of insurance with your devices in case they run low on juice by adding a handy USB charging port found on the back of the machine’s console.

Most importantly, the BXT116 features Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility which allows you to hook it up to Zwift and send off speed and incline data to the app. Since the machine talks directly to Zwift, when you pick up the pace on the BXT116, Zwift will instantly register it.

The BXT116 also has a range of virtual reality workouts from Zwift you can instantly and freely access for 8 weeks.

The BXT116 can also be easily tucked in for storage thanks to its foldable frame.

The BXT116 is the lowest-priced treadmill in Bowflex’s product line-up. While it’s considered an entry-level smart treadmill, the BXT116 delivers with power, programming, and durability that makes it a top contender for its price.

It has the same impressive and guaranteed warranty as its pricier siblings in the market and shares key features which gives you high-end performance without any dramatic differences.

SOLE F63 TreadmillGives the Best Bang for your buck

sole f63 treadmill for zwift
sole f63 swift treadmill

The Sole F63 treadmill is considered by many other reviewers as one of the top treadmills in this price range. While it’s budget-friendly for a smart treadmill, it’s actually very durable, well-made, and although a bit more basic, is very reliable which is something that I look at as most important.

The machine provides users, particularly those just starting to fall in love with running, with an impressive running experience that other brands can’t match for its price.

The latest F63 version has new improvements such as an enhanced console screen and better compatibility with wireless technology.

The F63’s preinstalled programs focus on cardio endurance, calorie burning, muscle toning, and challenging workouts that use your heart rate data. It has two slots available for its users to design and store their own workouts using the F63.

You can adjust speed and incline by pushing the buttons conveniently found on the handlebars and on the 6.5” back-lit console screen. The F63 has built-in contact pulse monitors to keep track of your heart rate.

The F63 is foldable and the machine does most of the heavy lifting for you thanks to its hydraulic assist. As for entertainment, it provides you with Bluetooth audio speakers and a shelf to safely hold your tablet in place.

Like the BXT116, the Sole F63 also includes a USB charging port for your media devices.

This machine has Bluetooth compatibility and makes it a great budget treadmill for runners who are training with Zwift. Once connected, the F63 automatically transmits speed data to your Zwift app.

The Sole F63 is simple and ideal for Zwift users who are light runners and joggers. It doesn’t stand to overwhelm you with too many fancy-schmancy functions and simply gets the job done with little to no hiccups.

Nordictrack 1750 - Best Commercial Treadmill for Zwift

nordictrack 1750 treadmill for zwift
nordictrack 1750 Zwift

The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is one of the pricier treadmills on this list but quite worth it if you’ve got the extra cash.

It comes in strong with a 3.75 CHP motor, tough enough for the highest weight capacities, that’s as quiet as a whisper, a 10” smart HD touchscreen, and Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility. It’s ideal for those with limited spaces as it can be easily folded and stored away with its built-in EasyLift™ Assist tech.

The machine has over 50 preloaded trainer-certified workouts based on calorie burning, heart rate monitoring, interval training, and a whole lot more. If you have an iFit Coach subscription, you can download and access them directly with the Nordictrack 1750.

Nordictrack 1750 boasts of their power incline/decline feature which automatically adjusts to the terrain during workouts to represent the location you’re virtually moving through as accurately as possible.

The machine features flex cushioning that lessens the impact to your joints and helps you train for longer while lessening any chance of injury. If you want to simulate outdoor runs, you always have the option of turning off its flex cushioning.

The Nordictrack 1750 has a built-in tablet holder and is Bluetooth audio capable with 3” amplified speakers. Hooking it up to your media devices to make your workout more fun has never been easier!

Thanks to its Bluetooth capabilities, it’s a breeze for Zwift users to connect the Nordictrack 1750 to the app.  With a high-quality treadmill like Nordictrack 1750,  it will more than satisfy Zwift users by giving you one of the best running experiences.

Although this machine is not the first treadmill experts would suggest for beginners, it does the job for a wide range of runners and walkers. It sits at a higher sale price but looking back at what it can offer, it’s an investment worth making.

Sole F80 - Runner Up Smart Treadmill, Basic, but Highly Reviewed by Zwifters

sole f80 zwift treadmill
sole f80 treadmill for zwift

Like the Sole F63, the Sole F80 relies on simplicity and durability to deliver quality performance. It’s perfect for runners who are not fussy about having more than the necessary features of a smart treadmill but want a sturdy, foldable machine.

With an incline of up to 15% and a max speed of 12mph, the F80 engages your hamstrings and glutes during training and remains stable with little to no movement even at high speeds.

It features a 9” LCD back-lit console screen that lists all the essentials in big readable numbers such as workout time, incline, distance ran, speed, and the calories you've burned. It also houses 8 preprogrammed workouts and 2 slots to store user-designed workouts.

The Sole F80 is by far the easiest to tuck away thanks to its EasyAssist Folding tech and 4 built-in rollers instead of the standard 2 (some have none, imagine that!). It is installed with a Cushion Flex Whisper Deck that lessens joint impact up to 40%.

While the F80 may be minimalist, a Sole chest strap is included with your purchase of the treadmill. The chest strap syncs to the machine via Bluetooth that helps to accurately display your heart rate on the LCD display.

Many of F80's competitors in this price range don't have this neat gadget tagging along upon purchase.

Speaking of Bluetooth connectivity, Zwift can easily be accessed thanks to the Sole F80's Bluetooth capabilities. You wouldn't need any additional accessories to start training with Zwift.

Aside from this, the F80 also lets you connect to its built-in speakers via Bluetooth and lets you charge your media devices through USB.

The Sole F80 is currently being sold at a reasonable price for what this treadmill has to offer. It’s a treadmill that’s built to last and ensured by Sole to serve you for a long long time with the warranty to back it up.

It’s extra comfortable thanks to its impressive shock absorption tech and the convenience of being able to connect to Zwift and media devices through Bluetooth is a great win.

Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill - Top Contender But is a Bit More Pricey

bowflex bxt216 zwift treadmill
bowflex bxt216 treadmill for zwift

The BXT216, BXT116’s big brother, packs more than a punch with what it can offer its users. It’s a mighty treadmill that can provide you the unique cardio experience you’ve been craving for.

The features you find in the BXT116 treadmill is pretty significantly enhanced in the BXT216 giving you the best performance and experience while training. It is versatile and powerful enough to satisfy the non-athlete and series runner with its high-end features.

The BXT116 is installed with a powerful 4.0 CHP motor that lets the machine handle several workout sessions in a day without a hitch and training for marathons or triathlons would not be a problem.

Aside from its back-lit 9″-wide color screen, the BXT216 also has a Calorie Burn Rate function which displays how many calories you’ve burned per minute during training. Seeing this in real time definitely helps to motivate you to train harder!

Like the BXT116, the BXT216 also comes with chest straps which the brand claims can give you “hospital accurate” heart rates for heart rate monitoring.

You can choose from 11 pre-installed programs that focus on weight loss, speed performance, and those that base training on your heart rate. The BXT216 makes things personal by letting you customize programs even mid-workout.

With BXT216’s training programs and a power incline, the machine can help you to not only lose body weight but also help strengthen muscles and keep your blood pressure within the normal range.

The machine is Bluetooth capable and its console makes it easy for you to connect the BXT216 to apps such as Zwift and export your speed stats. With this, Zwift can read data coming straight from the BXT216, giving you the best running experience yet.

Homeowners with limited space need not hesitate about buying a BXT216 since it is built with a foldable frame that’s easy to fold and unfold thanks to its shock-assist tech.

A durable and powerful smart treadmill that delivers, users won’t regret getting the BXT216 to level up their home cardio training.

XTerra TRX3500 - Best Zwift Treadmill For those on a Budget

xterra fitness 3500 treadmill for zwift
xterra 3500 treadmill for zwift app

The XTERRA TRX3500 is the go-to for those looking for a sturdy treadmill but have their hands tied due to a tight budget. Don’t let the cheap price fool you because this machine is as reliable as its competitors that frequently go on sale for quite a bit more.

It houses a 3.0 CHP motor and while not as powerful as those previously mentioned, its belt can go up to 12mph making it a comfortable machine for both runners and walkers of all exercise intensities. The TRX3500 also features a power incline up to 12%.

Aside from the strong basics it provides, the TRX3500 features 6.5” back-lit screen with an animated racetrack graphic to show your progress. The console screen displays multiple data at once without you having to push buttons to check out everything.

You can find quick controls for speed and incline right beside the data window and with the up/down buttons found on the machine's handlebars.

The TRX3500 also has a heart rate monitor feature with stainless steel sensors installed on the crossbar. It only needs continuous contact with your hands for about 10 seconds to give you a readout of your heart rate mid-training.

Another option is to buy wireless chest straps you can connect to the machine via Bluetooth, however, you’d have to buy them separately.

As to preset programs, the TRX3500 features over 30 of them that automatically control the track speed and incline. This way, you’re more focused on training instead of fumbling with buttons. It lets you save two custom workouts, too.

The TRX3500 has a self-folding frame installed with hydraulic assist that lets you easily move the machine upright so you can store it when needed.

The updated TRX3500 features Bluetooth capabilities for sharing and transmitting data to your preferred fitness apps. The machine can export the distance covered, your calorie burn, and a lot more to your Zwift app once it’s synced.

Just turn on Bluetooth and hook it up to your Zwift to start training!

The tread belts that come with the TRX3500 may need DIY maintenance every now and then such as tightening and lubrication. Thankfully, lubricant is included with your purchase of the treadmill.

Competitors in the same price range as the TRX3500 are not as versatile as this machine and are only meant for lower intensity exercises.

This machine meets performance and durability standards set for more expensive smart treadmills, making it a good option for Zwift users with smaller budgets.

XTerra TRX4500 - Another Great Affordable Option

xterra fitness 3500 treadmill for zwift
xterra fitness 4500 treadmill for zwift

Just like the Xterra 3500, the XTerra TRX4500 treadmill is another affordable and competitive treadmill available in the market today. It’s a great deal for home fitness especially for those looking for a trainer that’s not too pricey but durable and reliable.

Priced cheaply, TRX4500 still meets the standards you are expected to find in mid-priced home cardio trainers. But I must say if you’ve got an extra few bucks to spend, it might be a good option to skip the TRX3500 and just get the TRX4500.

The machine comes with a 3.25 CHP motor, it’s a durable and well-suited treadmill for the budget runner and power walker. It has a powerful motor given its price and can deliver many years of consistent workouts with varying intensity levels.

Installed with a power incline, you can angle the deck up to 15%, ensuring that your hamstrings and glutes get the most out of your run whether your manually adjusting the incline or using one of their preset workout programs.

Like the TRX3500, the TRX4500 has a foldable frame which is equipped with hydraulic assist for quicker folding and unfolding. It unfolds softly as it gets closer to the floor ensuring no risk of damage to the machine when unfolding it.

An interesting bit you might notice with the TRX4500 is that its tracks are bordered by aluminum rails. This is a step up from competitors within its price range since most of them use only plastic rails.

The TRX4500 also has 30 preset programs you can utilize for training and you can save two customized workout routines through its 7.5” back-lit console screen. You can adjust the workout time and the incline with the preset programs.

XTerra’s TRX4500 already comes with a wireless chest strap which conveniently monitors your heart rate. With this, you get a continuous reading which is utilized by the heart rate controlled workout program pre-installed with the treadmill.

Like the TRX3500, the TRX4500 is Bluetooth enabled and can sync and automatically store and transmit your treadmill exercise data to apps like Zwift.

The TRX4500 suffers a bit of a drawback, though, in the form of occasional DIY maintenance. It’s a good thing XTerra includes lubricant with a purchase of their treadmills. It’s recommended to do the required maintenance every 180 miles or so to keep the treadmill in top shape.

Best Traditional Treadmills for Zwift - Must Buy Zwift Footpod

As promised, this list includes 3 traditional treadmills that can still be a great pair to your Zwift training along with a good durable footpod.

Nordictrack T Series Treadmills

The T series is the latest addition to Nordictrack’s affordable product-line up. It aims to be the new household favorite when it comes to home cardio training. The T series consists of four treadmills that will fit different needs and budgets.

Prices for the T series range quite a bit. All 4 T series treadmills share a few basic features such as a smart HD touchscreen, a DurX Commercial Plus Motor with varying CHP per model, FlexSelect Cushioning, and many more.

To get a better comparison, we’ll quickly go through the core features of each T series treadmill:

NordicTrack T 6.5 Si - Best Selling Traditional Treadmill

nordictrack 6.5i treadmill for zwift runners
nordictrack 6.5 treadmill for zwift

The T6.5Si is NordicTrack’s answer to those asking for a much more affordable treadmill without compromising quality.

Despite its lower price the company doesn’t cheap out. Still offering excellent fitness technology and durability which light runners and walkers can enjoy.

This treadmill has a 10” HD touchscreen and 20 onboard workout programs you can choose from. It comes with a 2.6 CHP motor with a top speed of 10mph and power incline up to 10%.

Unlike other treadmills included in the T series, the T6.5Si only comes with aux port connected speakers.

With a durable and reliable footpod, you’re sure to get the most out of your training with Zwift with the NordicTrack T series.

This treadmill folds up and is compact making it a perfect treadmill for low ceilings, basements, or apartments.

NordicTrack T 9.5 S

nordictrack 9.5 zwift treadmill
nordictrack 9.5 treadmill for zwift

Starting with the most expensive treadmill, the T9.5S has the best features in the bunch and the company claims it surpasses the 2018 version of the Nordictrack Commercial 1750.

Priced higher the T9.5S has a 14” smart HD touchscreen with 50 preset workout programs, a 3.6 CHP motor with a top speed of 12mph, a power incline that can be angled up to 12%, bluetooth-enabled speakers, and built-in workout fan.

Its frame is built with a SpaceSaver Design with EasyLift Assist and you wouldn’t find any problems when it comes to folding and storing it away.

NordicTrack T 8.5 S

nordictrack 8.5 s zwift treadmill
nordictrack 8.5 s treadmill for zwift

This machine is a bit more affordable than the T9.5S but is not any less superior. Coming in at a cheaper option, the T8.5S can be a great alternative to the T9.5S due to both having so many similar features with generally no significant differences.

The T8.5S comes with a 10” smart HD touchscreen, a 3.5 CHP motor with a top speed of 12mph, a power incline of up to 12%, Bluetooth-enabled speakers, a workout fan, and 50 preloaded workout programs that are available on the T9.5S as well.

When in doubt (and a little bit strapped for cash), going for the T8.5S is always an option you won’t regret.

NordicTrack T 7.5 S

The T7.5S sits in the middle of the budget spectrum of the NordicTrack treadmill line up. Many of the high-tech features you find in its more expensive counterparts are still built-in to this machine but may not be what a series runner may be looking for.

The T7.5S is installed with a 7” smart HD touchscreen that lets you access 50 preloaded workouts, a 3.0 CHP motor with a top speed of 12mph, a power incline of up to 12%, built-in speakers you can connect to via Bluetooth, and a workout fan.

This treadmill is a great buy for those looking into supplementing their general fitness routine with power walking or running. The T7.5S is a good option for budget-conscious.

Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

horizon t101 zwift treadmill
horizon t101 treadmill for zwift

The T101 is another affordable treadmill and is considered one of the best-selling entry-level treadmills for its low cost. Making it a good choice for those who are more walkers than runners or those who prefer light workouts.

This machine is foldable and compact, comes with a 2.5 CHP motor that includes an incline, and a Bluetooth speaker system.

It comes with 9 built-in workout programs that can give you a good challenging training session with workouts that focus on a variety of things such as weight loss, interval, calorie target, time, distance, and lot more.

Horizon also gives your wallet a break by offering potential users a financial plan where once your application for a plan is approved, you can pay for your treadmill gradually with a 6, 12, 18, or 24-month 0% APR plan.

If you’re a Zwift Run user who’s just beginning to add more treadmill workouts to your training but don’t want to break the bank, the T101 could be a good start as it exposes you to different types of workout programs without too much advanced tech.

XTerra TR150 - Cheapest Option

xterra fitness tr150 treadmill for zwift
xterra fitness tr150 treadmill for zwift

The TR150 is a budget-friendly treadmill that won’t definitely overwhelm a beginner to treadmill workouts. This treadmill offers the basic features a good home treadmill should have to make your basic walking or jogging workout more efficient and enjoyable.

The machine is powered by a 2.25 CHP motor which is ideal for power walking up to light running. It has a top speed of 10mph and a manual incline. The downside to the TR150 is you have to stop your workout if you want to adjust the incline.

The treadmill might get noisy and may wobble a bit during running exercises if you’re on the heavier side. Despite this, the TR150 does perform better than other budget-friendly treadmills which are more expensive.

The TR150 has a 5” LCD Display which shows you the necessary workout stats such as speed, incline, time, distance, calories and pulse. You can access 12 preloaded workout programs on the console.

The TR150 also has a foldable frame which makes it more convenient for those with limited space at home.

My Recommendations: Best Smart Treadmill for Zwift

Out of all the smart treadmills we’ve zoomed in, my choice is obvious. The BXT116 treadmill delivers with power, programming, and durability.

It is definitely worth its price with the features it brings to the table and Bowflex’s proven track record in providing its users with the most innovative and best running experience.

With its 3.75 CHP motor powering the belt, users won’t have to worry about the equipment wearing out while running long and intense distances during treadmill sessions.

Its Bluetooth capabilities make a good case as to why it’s the best smart treadmill I would recommend for Zwift aside from its top performance as a heavy duty cardio trainer.

My Recommendation: Best Traditional Treadmill for Zwift

If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives and wouldn’t mind going for a traditional treadmill while training with Zwift, I would definitely recommend NordicTrack’s T series 6.5 Si Treadmill.

NordicTrack, like Bowflex, has established their spot when it comes to manufacturing high-quality treadmills that are fresh and engaging for its users.

Its T series has 4 machines that can accommodate most of its users’ fitness goals and treadmill exercise styles. Depending on your budget and your training needs, you’re sure to find a treadmill from the T series that will fit your goals.

Whether you’re buying the budget-friendly T6.5Si or the higher priced T9.5S, you’re can rest asssure you will be getting an excellent bang for your buck with the T series treadmills.

Important FAQs Users Have about Zwift

Is there a significant difference in training with Zwift if I buy a Basic Older Treadmill vs. a Smart Treadmill?

Unfortunately, yes, there is, Although in your opinion it may not be significant. If you are tight on budget it is definitely still worth it if you can only afford a traditional treadmill without the smart capabilities.

But in my testing I was constantly having troubles calibrating my footpod to the correct speeds also not having my music play along with Zwift and a few in game experiences that were lacking made it significant for me.

Getting a smart treadmill to pair with Zwift is the ideal choice because in real world testing they were just much easier to sync with the app and transmit more accurate readings and the in-game experience was quite a bit better and more involved when not having to worry about other things not working right.

Aside from this, a smart treadmill is more durable and has many features you can benefit from even if you do not use Zwift.

Also keep in mind getting a basic traditional treadmill for Zwift also means you are going to have to buy a footpod to transmit workout data to the app.

And the issue wasn't only happening to me it was happening to other uses as well. Footpods are known to be difficult to calibrate and may be inaccurate or delayed in sending over stats to Zwift. Not only that, they pretty much eat through tons of batteries as well.

Is the treadmill the most fun equipment to use with Zwift?

It all boils down to your preference and needs. Many runners who either supplement training with Zwift or rely heavily on the app for training have been happy with it and find Zwift a fun app that has helped them improve their running and fitness.

The virtual reality aspect makes Zwift very entertaining and enjoyable and helps keep you focused and engaged in your training.

If you’re into walking or running, a treadmill will be the best equipment to enjoy training with Zwift but if you’re a cyclist, it’s no question you’ll get to enjoy more out of Zwift with a compatible smart trainer.

My Last Thoughts

Indoor training with treadmills and apps like Zwift will always be a viable alternative to running around outdoors when circumstances don’t permit it or when you just don’t feel like battling the weather outside.

With indoor training, you’re also guaranteed a more structured session which may sometimes be the best way to improve fitness and prepare you for marathons or triathlons.

Choosing the best type of treadmill to pair with Zwift would not only save you money but time and effort as well since it significantly reduces the amount of things you’d have to worry about to get an enjoyable and efficient training out of Zwift.

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    thanks a lot for this, very well done.
    I wanted to buy the Nordictrack, as it’s about the only brand available in France, but I was wondering a bit since it’s not in the Zwift list of compatible hardware.
    I have contacted directly Zwift, and they confirm the Nordictrack won’t work without buying extra gear (such as footpods).
    I have contacted directly Nordictrack and they are definitive: their machines do NOT work with Zwift
    I’m thus hesitant to buy a Nordictrack 1750 despite your assurance it will work (since Zwift is a large part of my choice)

  2. I have recently bought a Nordictrack 2450, I haven’t been able to connect to Zwift with this model, is there some tricks you can share in order to connect. I would think that this model would be able to use zwift as you mentioned the lower sub model the 1750 can integrate with Zwift.

    many thanks!

    1. Hi there, unfortunately the 2450 model does not integrate with the zwift through bluetooth, it only works with Ifit.

      The lower sub model though, the the nordictrack 1750 treadmill does integrate with Zwift – it is not listed as integrateable but I can tell you first hand that this treadmill does in fact integrate with Zwift just as it does with IFit. The 2450 model though, I was not able to get to work with Zwift. But hey, you can always just buy the footpods for the 2450 treadmill and use Zwift this way.

      Although, if you are looking for a treadmill for the sole reason of integrating with Zwift and to get the best experience I would highly recommend the Bowflex BXT 216, You can check out the tech specs and customer reviews here

  3. Thanks, your review and suggestion indeed helped me to help me narrow my choices for zwift. Regarding Nordictrack 1750 : Its only bluetooth enabled for iFit app i guess. Let know if i am wrong.

    1. hey there 🙂

      thanks for the comment.

      Actually, The Nordictrack 1750 is 100% compatible and fully integrate-able with Zwift. Thanks to it’s new bluetooth technology integrating with Zwift is a breeze with the Nordictack 1750.

      It’s an extremely popular option among users.

      Hope that helps!


      1. I have this treadmill and can’t find the Zwift pairing option either. The only Bluetooth pairing I’ve been able to do is for audio. Can you point me in the direction of a website or video that shows me how to pair the 1750 with Zwift? Thanks!

        I know that it pairs because I have seen another person using the 1750 but i can’t seem how to figure it out, could you list the steps on how to do it?

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