BJJ & MMA Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Searching around on the internet trying to find out what the best MMA & BJJ black friday deals are so you can snag up some gear for dirt cheap before everybody else?

Well good because you have made it to the right place.

Over the years we have gone through and compiled all of the top MMA, BJJ, Boxing, and Muay Thai deals with the biggest discounts so that you do not have to go searching.

The best part is that SmartMMA has a special discount link to each of the vendors listed below that gives you an extra discount on top of the black Friday discount. Just click on the link and your discount will automatically be applied at checkout!

MMA & BJJ Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for 2020

Listed below are the best deals for this coming discount days!

They go in order from the biggest discounts and best deals down to the lowest discounts.

And yes, there are a couple companies that have actually reached out to me that are offering bigger discounts but I am not listing them here because I think they are either shady, their original prices are way higher which makes their discounts pointless, or its just not a company that I want to recommend on my site.

MMA OVERLOAD – Up to 40% OFFthis is where I get my gear from

This is where I personally shop for my gear now, this place, Ringside, and amazon are my go to place. I go through quite a lot of gear and equipment because of my classes that I train. 

MMA Overload, is the place that I recommend you to shop. Or here at amazon

MMA Overload is another quality company that is offering a big discount for Black Friday. MMA Overload offers just about everything that you could possibly think of for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and Wrestling.

They offer all of the top Martial Arts brands such as Hayabusa, Everlast, Venom, Ringside, and Fairtex.

And although they are a top quality company these guys have been under rated for quite some time now. Somehow they are still flying under the radar which is nice for me because they don’t mark up their prices like other companies do.

They are a smaller company yet still sell all of the top brand and carry foreign and unique special brands that of top notch quality, even above the major BJJ and MMA brand names. 

Because these guys are a smaller company their prices are lower because I am assuming they are trying to get their name out there. Lately, I have boughten pretty much everything I own from these guys both for my BJJ and MMA training. 

They sell everything so I am not gonna list it all just know that to be quite frank, this is probably the best place to get your BJJ gear, your Wrestling gear, and your MMA gear. They also have some pretty insane clothing that I have yet to see anywhere else. 

You want to get a discount, well here you go, they are having the biggest sale of all of the companies that I could find.

Here is your link to get your discount automatically applied

Amazon – Deals Vary, But You Can Find Everything & Not Worry About Anything

No explanation is needed here, I list these guys right after MMA Overload because you can find almost everything and you have nothing to worry about when ordering from Amazon.

MMA Overload does have more unique, badass, and more fighter related stuff, but for larger equipment and mainstream things like punching bags, Amazon is the place to go.

Instead of deals, I will list all of my Favorite Gear & Equipment That I Use

Here is all of the stuff that I personally own, use and can recommend. I ain’t rich to afford the best of everything so these are mostly bang for buck choices rather than the top, best, whatever. 

My Favorite Free Standing Bag – Wavemaster XXL

This is simply the best bang for buck bag out. You can check it out on amazon by clicking here

If you want to spend a bit more, the Century Bob XL bag is slightly better, quieter, and more realistic. You can check it out here.

My Favorite Hanging Heavy BagMeister 100 lb Bag

This is my favorite extremely affordable heavy bag. You can check it out on amazon by clicking here

Cheapest, Smallest Heavy Bag Stand that I UseCentury Heavy Bag Stand

Compact, Small, Light, Easy to Move. All you need, you can check it out on amazon by clicking here

My Favorite Boxing GlovesHayabusa T3’s

These are a bit more expensive but if you want your gloves to last you’ll quickly come to find they are far better than the others out there and worth every penny.

You can check the ones I have out on amazon by clicking here

My Favorite Mats for Jiu Jitsu TrainingINCStores MMA Mats

Most comfortable and affordable. You can check them out on amazon by clicking here

Favorite Boxing, BJJ Training ShoesRingside Diablo’s

Comfortable and Easy to move in. You can check them out on amazon by clicking here

Hypnotik – 25% OFF EVERYTHING – these Guys offer a discount but I no longer buy from them… Seem Shady

UPDATE: So these guys, I used to get some stuff from them but as of lately, I am coming here to update my review of them because they have been either hit by the stuff that is going on today, or they are just acting shady. 

You can use my link below to check their stuff out but I honestly, rather you not, they have had too many problems lately with their site literally going down and just not being a company I want to promote on my site anymore. They also have started to mark up their prices. 

Sorry, Hypnotik, Contact me if you feel I am wrong here or you have changed, just giving my honest opinion.

Click here to get your discount automatically applied

What Does Hypnotik Offer at Discount on Cyber Monday?

Hypnotik offers everything from fight gear to fight wear. They have a huge variety of different fight gear and fight wear. I am very bias towards Hypnotik for the sole reason that all of their gear and apparel is such top notch that I literally do not buy anywhere else anymore. The quality they offer is un-matched and their stuff is badass!

BJJ & MMA Fight Gear That They Offer:

Fight Wear

Fight Gear:

Engage Fightwear – Up to 70% off!

I honestly can not remember a time when I came across a deal as good as Engage is offering. This deal is one that you are not going to want to miss. Last time I saw a deal as big as this they sold out before I could even place my order

They are offering up to 70% off on all of their gear.

Click here to get your discount automatically applied

What Can you Buy at Engage?

Fight Gear:

  • Headgear
  • Boxing Gloves and MMA Gloves
  • Shinguards

Fight Wear:

  • Rash guards
  • MMA Shorts & Compressions
  • Many Thai Shorts and Compressions


You can find all sorts of apparel over at Engage and its being offered at a huge discount.

What Should I Expect From BJJ & MMA Companies on Black Friday?

Most Fight gear companies will be providing a discount that ranges anywhere from 10% to 50% off either a select few items or their entire inventory. Do keep in mind though just because its dirt cheap it may not be the best piece of gear or be a good buy. Stick to top notch companies like Hypnotik, who have proven quality and offer top products that will last you a long time.

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