If you want to improve your boxing mix to expand your arsenal, you can start here. Many of the boxing combinations below are simple, but they are also most effective because they are smooth and well-configured.

Shadow boxing is a great practical way to practice your shooting combination, but it would be better if you had a partner who could hold the pad/mittens correctly for you. If you don’t have a partner then try these boxing combinations drills out on a punching bag.


More effective: long to medium range
The most basic boxing combinations are also the best. Simple 1-2 can be used when you are close to the opponent, and when you “stand in the pocket” (in the range).
The jab is the main weapon because it is used to configure the cross in a variety of ways. It is used as a rangefinder to distract and blind your opponent. You can also double click (step / step thorn) and then throw away the cross if you must approach.


More efficient: medium range
The main blow to this combination is the lead hook, as it often attracts people unprepared. Make sure you are within range.
The jab is a configuration, and the cross fires without too much power, but distracts. Make sure your head is not centered, but tilt slightly from your pins to avoid vibration and position yourself.
You will find that after throwing the cross, your opponent can lower his defense to start a counterattack, or just because he thinks you will not follow, but only if you have used this boxing technique correctly. There will be a very slight pause before you start hooking so your opponent can put down his defense and explode with the boot hook.


More efficient: medium range
The lens must be activated quickly without much power. Gently bend the knee, tilt forward and forward while pointing to the area of ​​the solar plexus (above the belly button). Again, the jab is used to distract attention so your opponent’s eyes are lowered, so don’t wait for the cross above.


More efficient: medium range
Throw the jab and the first cross at speed. After the cross, you must lean slightly from your feet so that you can throw short, fast, and powerful uppercuts.
Then your body should go to a position (clockwise, if you are orthodox), your cross comes from above and behind, where you can guide it through the target.
The best time to start this combination is when your opponent has been opened in the high defensive position, which allows you to initiate a combination of these 4 moves. Now if you are working with a partner or on a heavy bag, you will noticed that this boxing drill can be quite the workout.

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More efficient: medium range
If you notice that your opponent has a high defensive position that only covers the front of the face, this is the best time to use this combination. The jab is set again, when you start the hook, throw it in (think speed and accuracy) and aim at the opponent’s ear to fire.


More efficient: medium range
If your opponent is a direct fighter with a high guard, that would be great. The jab will help you line up and pause it, then you can pull the upper uppercut and continue the upper hook of the belt. In essence, you can also start the cross.

7) CROSS (BODY)> hook of the head (head)

More efficient: medium range
Make sure you are within range, not only to throw the cross in the body, but to continue using the hooks. When you launch a cross (fast and not short-circuited), take a small step forward.
Your opponent can lower his line of sight and lower his defense, which will allow you to climb with lead hooks.


More efficient: narrow range
This is one of the best boxing combinations of close/inside confrontation. Both hooks can be powered. First, throw the lead hook into the body and point to the liver area. This tends to cause your opponent to slightly lower his arm so that his elbow covers the side of his body.
Immediately immediately throw the lead hook to the head (if it does not fall along the first of the body). If you go to plan, your opponent won’t wait for it or see it.
Or, you can throw a lead hook in the middle instead of shooting a lead hook, which is usually not that powerful, but if your opponent doesn’t lower your defense, you are more likely to hit the target.


More efficient: narrow range
Although it is basically the same combination as #8, on the contrary, there are some subtle differences. You can throw the hook from head to toe as a configuration, so it can lift your defense and reveal their body with just a touch.
Immediately dig the lead hook of your liver area, again, you shouldn’t wait because it would think it’s a shot or the track will rise, so it will do more evil.

10) Upper rear cutter (head/body) > head hook (head)

More efficient: narrow range
The ideal time to throw away this boxing combination is when your opponent is close and the head is low (around the chest). You shouldn’t be square, but you should look slightly to the side so that you can hook the back.
Once you fire an uppercut, it will hit your opponent’s head up and let you quickly launch a short uppercut. Two shots must be thrown in a very short and fast manner so that they all fall.

Boxing Tips for Beginners and Beginner Boxing Combinations

• Do not throw the same shot in the same area: for example, the head hook of the head, the other head hook of the head, or two consecutive crosses. Of course, they don’t flow easily, which usually takes longer to hit the target and expose it. However, some more athletic fighters can escape it. In any case, you can try it at your own risk.
• Don’t waste the lens: your portfolio, especially as a beginner, should be divided into two and three. Most importantly, this means you have to expose yourself for a longer time and you may lose a punch. Every shot should have the meaning behind it. Continuous throwing 5-6 times will mean that one or two shots will not work at all.
• Don’t always throw the same combination: you may have a favorite combination that you like to use, but it is not recommended to run it again and again. Mix it with other boxing combinations, otherwise your opponent may realize and start timing the combinations you like.
• Move your head: After each hit, your head should not be in exactly the same position (note these secret blinds!). The exception is when you combine short and fast inside, and your empty hand must always be active.
• Learn how to position: It’s critical that your suit flow in the smoothest and easiest way. To do this, you must know the correct location you must have after each release. In the combination, your lower body/upper body must always rotate and rotate to the position of the next stroke.

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To be a complete warrior, you must practice a series of boxing combinations. The choice of punch must be wide so that it can be implemented in any situation, whether it is remote, medium or short range.
Professionals use the same combination over and over again. They won’t try to shoot more punches or more strong shots. They just change the purpose, angle and time of the combination to defeat their opponents.

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