Best Boxing Shoes For Wide Feet – Affordable Supportive Sneakers for Big Feet

Boxing is one of those sports that doesn’t really require a lot of equipment to practice. Just some handwraps, training gloves, a mouthguard, some shoes and some headgear and you’re good to go. However, it’s the quality of that equipment that makes all the difference.

If you’re a regular reader, you probably know by now that using a poor quality glove, is probably more dangerous than the punches your opponent may be throwing. It opens you up to joint injury, as well as causing painful spots or rubbing your hands raw.

That's why you should choose the best gloves you can, that goes for boxing, MMA, or any other fighting sport.

The same goes for shoes. In fact, I’d say they’re the most important piece of equipment, and the one you should pay most attention to; with gloves being a close second.

Just think about your typical boxing lesson, you’re on your feet for 90% of the time - if not more - and you’re not just standing around either. You’re jumping rope, running, sparring, etc, there are also a lot of different boxing techniques that you can perform that require top notch ankle support.  

Now imagine doing that with a bad pair of boxing shoes. Instead of floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee, you’ll be stumbling around for a week with painful sores all over your feet.

Unfortunately, even if you buy decent boxing shoes, not all feet are made alike, so you might find yourself hurting because your feet are too wide. Trust me, I have wide feet and have had the hardest time trying to find a pair of shoes that would fit my big a** feet.

If that’s the case for you, then congratulations, you just stumbled into a one stop shop for great boxing shoes at all price points, catered specifically for boxers whose feet are wider and can’t fit into most shoes on the market.

Best Boxing Shoes for Wide Feet

1. Best Overall for For Fat Footed Boxers

The Venum Elites

Venum Elite Boxing Shoes Review

If you’re an avid reader, you probably know how much I love Venum products and how I usually stick to them when it comes to buying my own equipment. It’s no different this time, I own these shoes and I LOVE them. 

I never considered myself a guy with big feet, I just thought most shoes were a little too snug for comfort and that was that, but when I tried these? Man, a whole new world opened up, one where workouts wouldn’t leave my feet sore and painful. And it made my heavy bag workouts on my Wavemaster XXL heavy bag fun again.


A huge part of what makes a boxing shoe great is the sole. However, getting the sole right is not an easy feat. You need something that has decent grip, or you risk slipping on a sweaty mat, but you also need something that allows you to pivot so that you can drive with your hips and deliver full power with your punches.

This is a fine line to walk on, but the Venum Elite’s do it perfectly. The grip allows you to move with confidence, knowing you’re firm on the mat, and that you won’t be thrown off balance by a slide or tumble, but at the same time, the sole is slippery enough to allow you to pivot and rotate freely.

That’s not all though, in an effort to keep their athletes close to the ground, as well as reduce weight, Venum has developed extremely thin soles, which are coupled with a reinforced outsole to protect the athlete's foot.

Why do you need athletes close to the ground? Well because the thinner the sole and the closer to the ground you are, the more natural your movements become, your feet muscles won’t be isolated and you’ll feel the ground a lot better, which will improve your performance.

Flexible Fabric

This is a lifesaver for guys with big or wide feet. The fabric on these shoes is purposefully made to be very flexible, which will allow your feet to stretch them out and be comfortable. That’s not all it’ll do though, a flexible shoe will provide more range of motion, which in turn means better movement, so you’ll be harder to hit.

Profiled Shape

Much like weightlifting shoes are flat to give you better weight distribution, and running shoes are made to help you bounce off of concrete, Venum’s boxing shoes are also designed with a specific shape in mind.

These are crafted to place your foot in such a way that it’s easier to launch yourself forward. It’s designed to save as much energy as possible while maintaining an aggressive and energetic boxing style.

Anatomical Shape

Don’t let the profile mislead you, these are still EXTREMELY comfortable shoes, Venum researched for over 2 years alongside elite boxers to design a shoe that molds to your foot and not the other way around.


A huge problem with cheap sports gear is temperature control, you start moving around and before you know it, it feels like you’re in a sauna. That won’t happen to you with the venoms, since they’re made with a breathable mesh that will keep your feet cool and dry.


There is one thing you should be careful about with the Venum Elites, and that’s sizing. In case you don’t know, Venum is a US company, they actually come out of Thailand and because of that, their sizing isn’t quite the same.

No need to panic though, in their own website they suggest US customers should purchase a half size lower than their US size in order to get a good fit. So if you usually wear a size 10, get a 9.5 for the elites.

Everlast - Elite High Top Boxing Shoes Review

I’m usually not a big proponent of “stylish” sportswear. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a product that looks good, but I don’t really care if it doesn’t as long as it gets the job done. With that said, DAMN do these look good. You could wear them for a night out and I doubt anybody would notice.

These aren’t just lookers though, they’re top of the line boxing shoes as well and from Everlast to boot, a well known and respected brand if there’s ever been one.

The Sole

For these shoes, Everlast pulled something I don’t think the boxing world has ever seen before. They paired with Michelin - yes, the tire company - to create a premium rubber sole that can aid boxers in any condition.

The “Michelin Technical Sole” built into these shoes is what they call a hybrid. It was designed to allow athletes to transition freely between the boxing ring’s canvas and the gym’s floor without any risk of slips or trips and with no compromise to performance.


While the weight of their shoes is not a concern for most people, endurance athletes in general need to be wary of choosing a heavy shoe. I know boxers aren’t your typical “endurance athlete”, but if you’ve ever tried to make it through 10 rounds on the ring, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

This is where show weight comes in, the higher the weight, the more energy you’ll waste moving it around - even worse - it can slow down your movements when it matters the most!

That’s why Everlast has made an extremely light shoe by using a mesh for the upper materials, which also provides great breathability to keep your cool even during the most intense training sessions

Increased Ankle Support

As we’ll discuss later, high top boxing shoes already offer greater ankle support than low top ones, which is always a plus in my book. However, Everlast goes one step further and adds extra ankle straps to secure a tighter fit and protect your joints a little bit more.


Let’s get down to what really brings you here. You’re looking for a shoe that fits comfortably over big feet and these fit the bill. Not only do they sell shoes in sizes 6 to a whopping 13, but thanks to the mesh I mentioned above, the fabric will mold to your foot for a snug, but not uncomfortable fit.


While color should not play a huge part in your decision making process for purchasing boxing shoes, still, it's nice to have some options. Even more so when you're talking about shoes that look as good as these. In this case, you get to pick between red, blue and black. Me?

I like the black ones. This also gives it a nice stylish look while also keeping the dirt and stains off if you like punching your heavy bag outdoors.

Reeboks Men’s boxing boots Review

If you’re really really worried about protecting your feet, then this is the shoe you’re looking for. It's pretty basic when it comes to styling, going for a classic black with some details in white. But hey, it's classic for a reason. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Toe Protection

While your toes shouldn’t be getting stepped on during a boxing match, things happen. It may be that your opponent is a little loose when it comes to rules, or it might be an honest mistake - either way - you don’t want a painful stomp to distract you from the fist that’s flying towards your face, while we are on that topic if you are wondering what the best face saver headgear are we have a detailed article about this topic here.

Which is why the toe protection on these shoes is a great feature you won’t see in many others. It’s also useful if you practice other combat sports like MMA, where fights are even more chaotic and there’s a lot more that can go wrong.

Ankle Protection

Like our previous entry, this one also features a little extra protection for your ankles. In this case, it's an ankle strap over the mid section to keep everything tight, as well as a synthetic overlay that adds rigidity to the boot and improves lateral stability.


Much like our previous entries, Reebok uses a breathable mesh as their main material to allow heat to escape and keep your feet cool and dry throughout the fight.

Cushioned Impact

Reebok didn’t skimp on the soles for this one, like most boxing shoes you get a sole that’s grippy, but also allows you to pivot with ease. What sets this one apart is the cushioned midsole that absorbs shocks to reduce the impact that bouncing around has on your joints.

Asics Aggressors 4 Review

With a design that’s just as bold as their name, the Asics Aggressors are a great shoe for anyone struggling to find something that fits wide feet. Watch out though, these are  limited edition shoes, so if you like them, you better hurry.

Duo Sole Outsole

You might not have heard of the Duo Sole Outsole system, but it's what sets Asics shoes apart and has made them an industry standard for endurance sports. It’s a specially designed sole that reduces shoe weight and enhances flexibility without sacrificing shock absorption and durability.

Ankle Padding

Asics included some extra soft padding on the ankle and boot section of this shoe, which serves two purposes. First, it provides extra ankle support, which is always important since sprains are not uncommon. Second, it helps prevent blisters and sore spots.

This is a common mistake you see rookies make, they don’t wear appropriate socks and the top part of the boot rubs their legs raw. This won’t happen with the Aggressors, since the liner is made of soft EVA material.

Synthetic and mesh blend

Asics uses a mix of synthetic materials and meshes to achieve a great looking shoe that is still comfortable to wear and breathable. The mesh makes the shoe just soft enough to mold to the shape of your foot without compromising safety, as well as letting heat and moisture out.

Good for wrestling

If you’re an MMA practitioner, or simply want to dip your toes into a grappling sport alongside boxing; wrestling, Jiu Jitsu or Judo the Aggressors are right up your alley, since they’re made with both wrestling and boxing in mind.


I couldn’t move on from this shoe without mentioning just how good these look. These aren’t just premium boxing shoes, these are also a fashion statement and I think Asics knows that, since they offer 8 different color schemes to match your own, unique style.

Ringside Undefeated Wrestling & Boxing Shoes Review

Really high top

While most high top shoes barely go past your ankle, Ringside doesn’t mess around, their shoes will go up to your calf, if not more. This means you’ll have to wear some pretty long socks, but the upside is you’ll get unmatched ankle support.

Nylon Mesh & Vinyl Finish

Like before, you also get a breathable mesh with these shoes, which is great for temperature control, but you also get a vinyl finish, which isn’t just for looks. Vinyl won’t stain and is quite durable, so it's a great choice if you’re looking for something that lasts.

Good for wrestling

As you might have guessed from the name, these are also designed with wrestling in mind, so mixed martial arts practitioners should definitely consider these along side the other gear they wear.

Very Affordable

Shoes of all kinds are expensive, and sport specific shoes even more so, which is why it's a nice surprise to find great shoes at an affordable price. Ringside has always been proud of their competitive pricing, so much so that I even wrote a whole article about their awesome gloves (You can check it out here)

Ringside Power Boxing Shoes Review

Grooved Rubber Sole

How much grip your shoes need comes down to personal preference some times, of course you need grip, but some athletes like a lot of it while some athletes would rather have an easier time sliding and pivoting.

If you’re in the first group, this is a great shoe for you, if you’re in the latter then you’re gonna be better off with one of our other entries. The grooves provide a whole lot of grip to make sure you won’t slip on the mat.

Reinforced Toe Tip

Like I said above, this is a cool safety measure that is often overlooked. I’ve had black nails and broken toes and they’re no fun. You can’t train and you can barely walk. It sucks. There’s more to this toe tip though, it’s not just reinforced on top, it's the whole front. This will help you apply more force when pivoting, which is necessary due to the extra grip.

Hook and Loop Strap

The top of the boot offers extra joint protection by securing everything with the hook and loop strap. It's a great system since you can make adjustments to it without taking your gloves off, so in case something feels off during a workout, you can be back in the game in seconds.

Suede and Mesh

In case you didn’t like vinyl, this time Ringside offers a suede and mesh combination. Suede is a little more delicate than vinyl, but it more than makes up for it in appearance, so if you’re a little more style conscious, you can go with these ones.

Of course, you’re still getting the benefits from the mesh, so no overheating or sweaty feet!


I’ve talked before about shoe weight and why you want it to be as low as possible, but it’s usually hard to know exact weight figures since most manufacturers don’t disclose them. Ringside however, does, since they can boast that these puppies only weigh 10 ounces, so you know you won’t be wasting your energy on lugging around your shoes.

Affordable pricing

Of course, since we’re talking about ringside here, you know you’re getting a good deal on your shoes. If you’re working with a lower budget these are a godsend.

Title Speed Flex / Predator II Boxing Shoes Review

Anatomical, Custom Fit

At a first glance, these shoes may seem a bit flimsy to you, but that’s because they’ll mold to the shape of your feet, in order to be snug, but not tight. That’s why they're great for those of us who have wide feet that won’t fit most shoes.

Flexible soles

These shoes have a thin, flexible sole that will provide traction and grip so that you don’t slip on the mat, while also allowing your feet to move freely. Your feet muscles will be able to move as if you were barefoot, but you’ll be protected while you do it.

Mesh Tongue

Title takes a different approach for the mesh positioning than most shoemakers out there. Instead of having small patches of mesh all around the shoe, the entire length of the tongue is made out of breathable mesh materials to provide maximum breathability and comfort.

Comfort Wrapped Ankles

The top portion of the boot includes a special spongy wrap that provides extra support for your ankles while also making the boot softer and more comfortable to wear.


As you might have guessed from looks, these are pretty light. Unlike other shoes, you won’t be moving a lot of weight when you’re fighting since they’re only 10 ounces. They will allow you to move faster and fight longer than you would otherwise.

Adidas 221-HVC 2 Wrestling Shoes Review

Yes, these are wrestling shoes, not boxing shoes per se. However, they’re still decent for boxing even when they’re not specialized.

Full Length Outsole and Grip

If you’re a fan of grippy shoes, then you’re in for a treat. These have a full length outsole in order to maximize surface area and contact with the mat. This, combined with the rugged grip will provide extreme adherence and stability.

However, they won’t be great for pivoting, but at this price point, it's always about sacrifices and choosing what's best for you. In my opinion, it's better to stay on your feet and have a harder time sliding than risking slipping just for an easier pivot.

Ankle Strap

While these don’t have the tallest boot to provide ankle support, Adidas included a handy ankle strap that will tighten around your uncle to prevent any sprains or lateral movement that could injure you.

Breathable Mesh

Just like our previous entries, you get a breathable mesh with this one to prevent overheating. 

Quality Assured

Let’s not beat around the bush here, this is Adidas we're talking about here. It’s a premium brand and even when buying at an affordable price point like this one, you get the peace of mind of knowing that there a trusted company making your shoes and that they won’t fall apart as soon as you use them

Lonsdale Contender Boxing Boots Review

High Lace up

While Laces are a bit of a pain compared to straps, since you can’t adjust them with your gloves on, there’s no better way to get a tight fit. By combining a very high boot with a full length lace up you can get an extremely secure fit for your ankle.

I’d go as far as to say that if you’re not careful you could even restrict your movement a little by going overboard with tightening your laces, but this is a great option for anyone who’s had ankle issues before and wants to be extra careful.

Padded Ankle

Since the boot is so high, it can get a bit uncomfortable at times, even more so if you’re lacing them up tight. That’s why Lonsdale has lined the inside of the ankle collar with soft padding to avoid any aches or possible sore spots.

Real Leather

When it comes to durability, there’s no beating real leather. It’s not just durable, it’s also waterproof and easy to clean. It’s rare to find leather products at this price point, so be sure to take advantage of this bargain.

Gripped Sole and Flexible Midsole

In this case, you get a solid grip to help you stay on the mat, with a break in the midsole to increase its flexibility and avoid limiting your movements.

Adidas Combat Speed 5 Review

Die Cut EVA Midsole.

If you look at the underside of these shoes, you’ll see a little wedge right in the middle. That's the EVA midsole, which will make the sole more flexible and give your feet a larger range of motion.

TPU Support Stripes.

The telltale adidas stripes you see on the sides of the shoe aren’t just for show. Beneath them hide support stripes that add rigidity to the shoe to avoid it being too flimsy due to the lightweight materials.

Breathable Mesh Upper

The entire upper portion of this shoe is made out of breathable mesh, which contributes to making it incredibly light, as well as keeping air flowing so that athletes are cool and avoid sweaty feet. 

Buying a Pair of Boxing Shoes for Your Wide Feet? Here’s What to Look For:

High Top vs Low Top

comparing High Tops and Low Tops, which is better when buying boxing shoes for wide feet

There is no “better” option to be honest, it just depends on what you’re planning on using your shoes for. High Tops are the “traditional” choice and the safest, since they offer way more ankle support. However, they may be overkill  if you’re not doing a lot of high intensity fighting.

Low tops are the more “modern” choice that I’d suggest for folks who just wanna train as a way to get in shape and maybe occasionally spar, but not really doing super high intensity stuff that might lead to injury.

Boxing Shoes Vs Wrestling Shoes? Are They the Same? Can I Use Either?

comparing Boxing Shoes and Wrestling Shoes, which is better when buying boxing shoes for wide feet

As you might have noticed, there are plenty of Wrestling shoes included on my list, and that’s because you can use them if you want to, but there are a few differences.

For starters, wrestling shoes have more grip than boxing shoes, and the sole goes a bit higher into the show to allow wrestlers to get a grip on any angle. Boxing shoes on the other hand, have less grip to allow you to pivot.

Top Boxing Shoe Brands


Venom is a well known brand when it comes to making boxing shoes and other boxing equipment

Starting out in 2004, out of the founder’s bedroom. This Thai brand is also considered one of, if not THE best in the game. Countless world class athletes endorse Venum as their choice for equipment.

I’ve tried their stuff before and I stand by my recommendations, if you go with venum, you won’t be disappointed


Adidas is a famous brand when it comes to making fitness gear including boxing shoes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock somehow, there’s no way you haven’t heard about Adidas before, there one of the biggest brands out there, and for a reason. What you might not know is that they’re also one of the biggest brands in the boxing game as well.


Reebok is a well known brand when it comes to making footwear including boxing shoes

Reebok claims to be a fitness brand for everybody and EVERY BODY, which is great news for us guys with big feet. They’re known internationally for the quality of their shoes, and boxing shoes are no exception. They’re a solid choice for any athlete.


Ringside is a well known brand when it comes to making boxing equipment including,boxing shoes

If you’re an avid reader, then you already know about ringside from my recent gloves article where I reviewed the 5 best boxing gloves from Ringside or from my personal review on their top of the line standing heavy bag the Ringside Elite - just in case you don’t though - let me bring you up to speed. Ringside is a company with over thirty years of experience in the boxing game that's committed to selling top notch, affordable gear so that everyone can enjoy fitness.


What Boxing Shoes Do Most People Buy?

From what I’ve seen during my research and my years as a boxer, most people buy Venum, at least those who know what they’re doing. They’re top notch shoes, the best in game by far, and they also look damn good.

Can I Use Other Shoes for Boxing?

Can you? Yes. Should you? Not really. While sneakers will do the job if you’re in a pinch, they’re not really designed for it and it will take a toll on your performance. The soles are too thick, and have too much grip, so you’ll have a hard time pivoting and maneuvering.

How Much Should I Spend on Boxing Shoes?

While you’ll find shoes at a lot of different price points, some quite low, you should be ready to fork out between $100 to $150 for the good stuff. If you want premium shoes, the kind that top athletes wear, prices can be as high as $350.

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