Training Guide: 10 Essential Boxing Tips for Beginners

Willingly devoting yourself to being punched takes guts. Even the elite out there had some degree of fear when they were new to the battleground. Tensed muscles, hyper mind, and clenched jaw are some of the obvious side effects for beginners when first starting out boxing.

Some helpful beginner boxing techniques can surely go a long way in the early stages. The below mentioned ten boxing tips for beginners are easy to follow and can improve one’s game in no time. Let’s shoot for them right away.


1. Minimize Mistakes – Come Well Prepared

Watch the boxing training Video below to understand this beginner boxing tip better

By now, you must have probably heard about the importance of proper preparation a million times, but are you preparing to be a champ yet?

To prepare well, you need to control the things that you can actually control to optimize your performance in the boxing ring. For instance, if you think that you can be a better boxer by losing some pounds, be prepared to melt the extra fat.

You can start off your training by getting not only the best but also the right right boxing gear and equipment such as:

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Once you get the right equipment you can now start your home workouts that will push you to become the next champion.

For best possible outcome, follow a good diet plan, train with a great degree of passion, show up regularly, and keep improving your form and technique. Above all, kick out all the doubts, and step into the ring with the mental-confidence of a champion on any given day of the week. If your mental preparation is spot on, you win half the battle. Plus, you develop a great deal of self-respect and confidence. With that in mind, let’s move on to the other boxing tips for beginners.

2. Go for the Body!!! Watch the Video!

This is one of the those boxing tips that beginners really seem to overlook. This by far one of the most important tips that beginners can take advantage of early in their careers. Once you start and learn it, then it will become habit.

Most beginners are under the impression that they need to deliver a knockout blow to prove that they belong to the race. This notion is far from truth unless you want to be the next ‘Mike Tyson’ of the boxing arena. So, never forget to go after the body. When you are really close to your opponent, you don’t have to necessarily deliver a knockout blow to the head.

Of course, most boxers absorb vicious body shots like nobody’s business, but body shots can be hard to shake off too. Therefore, don’t underestimate the power of body shots. Sometimes, it can allow you to form a temporary shell by preventing your opponent from throwing deep penetrating shots at you.

A world-class boxer-Floyd Mayweather hardly leaves his opponent unconscious in dreamland, but he never risks an embarrassing performance by delivering repeated body shots to leave the opponent in total pain for the most part of the match. The idea is simple, ‘Destroy the body to destroy the head.’ Going for the body is just one of the boxing tips and tricks that simply goes unmentioned as everyone knows about it but never engages in practicing this technique.


3.  Punch with Power

Before we even go into improving and increasing your punching power do us a favor and make sure you get yourself a top notch set of heavy bag gloves to protect your hands.

If you want to deliver a dreaded punch that can put your opponent to sleep, you should know the best places to punch in addition to knowing how to deliver a knockout punch. Of course, anything above the neck is a good focus area to deliver a knockout blow in a boxing match. But, merely swinging the arms won’t do the trick over here. To deliver a power-packed punch, you should be able to transfer proper speed, weight, and power to the arm at the right time.

The key over here would be your ability to put as much body weight as much as possible behind the punch. Even an average fighter can knock Mike Tyson down (in his prime) by throwing an accurately timed punch at the temple. So, it’s all about timing, accuracy, and one’s ability to transfer power to the punch.


4. Drink Lots of Water

Whether your starting boxing for fitness or for professional sport, it goes without saying, a boxer, especially a beginner will invite a lot of sweat while training. By not replacing fluids quickly, a person can risk his health and performance. The inevitable process of sweating can make way for dehydration. When you don’t intake enough water then dehydration can kick in and this is when you get your ass kicked.  To avoid quick fatigue and dehydration, supply yourself with sufficient water before, during, and after the training. Proper water intake will not only regulate one’s body temperature, but it will also lubricate the joints and help you to avoid injuries. Not to forget the fact that right amount of water intake will also ensure proper transportation of nutrients in the body for vital energy supply.  So, take all possible measures from your end to stay properly hydrated at all times.


5. Learn Proper Footwork

This is another one of those boxing skills that beginners seem to overlook way too often. Footwork is one of those skills that beginners need to master as soon as they can if they want to become climb the ranks and become a professional fighter like Conor McGregor.

Boxing is not about standing in a stationary position and throwing out punches like a mindless zombie. You will never be the very best at the sport if your footwork sucks. After all, it’s not a guarded secret that all the boxing legends out there had great footwork.

They were best at the sport not only because they were good with their hands, but also with their feet. During a fight, you will have to constantly change your speed, direction, and level to land repeated shots at your opponent from different angles.

To do so like a pro, you will have to be agile on your feet. You can’t afford to have heavy legs and expect to float like a butterfly in the ring. To be light and ultra-active on your feet, you will have to do a lot of footwork drills. Activities such as circling cones and shadow boxing can help you move and punch at the same time like nobody’s business. This is one of the most overlooked boxing strategies for beginners, so keep in mind this is something that needs to be worked on.

Remember having good foot work is an essential boxing technique especially for beginners. This is a boxing tip that you can work on at home or practically anywhere. So get to it!


6.  Control your Breathing

This is a vital boxing strategy for beginners. If you are getting tired in the ring for no reason, it might be due to incorrect breathing techniques. Believe it or not, beginners can easily forget how to breathe properly because they might not have mastered the art of proper breathing in the early stages. As a fighter, one should learn how to breathe in different ways. For instance, slow and deep boxing moves will demand slow and deep breathing. On the other hand, fast and bursting boxing moves will call for a fast outburst of breathing. Of course, slow breathing doesn’t mean that you should hold your breath in the middle of the ring. While training with a heavy bag, breathe in before you practice every combination move, and exhale (breath out) when you throw a punch. Once the combination is done, step back for a moment, and breathe again. Rinse and repeat this pattern to prevent yourself from getting tired sooner in the ring.

7. Find a Good Boxing Gym

You will be your very best if you have good trainers by your side. Goes without saying, a good boxing gym will be the breeding ground for a host of good trainers who will kick out the best boxer in you. Not to forget the fact that boxing is a risky affair. So, it’s in your best interest to learn the proper form and technique to constantly get better at the sport. Over here, your best bet would be to search for local amateur boxing tournaments in your close vicinity, and see where the top fighters have trained so that you can pay a visit to those gyms. If you get access to the same trainers where the budding top fighters are getting trained, you might be able to turn pro sooner than your expectations. Even if you are doing the sport for passion and not for the sake of competition, boxing requires a no-nonsense approach. So, don’t ignore these boxing training tips, and enroll yourself in a good boxing gym. Most of the bigger gyms will have some of the best punching bags and other boxing equipment for you to train on which will allow you to get some good training in.


8. Practice, Practice, and Practice

As they say, “The more you will sweat while training, the less you will bleed on the fight night.” Of course, nothing is baffling about this information, but the idea is to remind you guys that there is no short route to boxing success. Frankly speaking, there should be no opposing viewpoint on this matter. In fact, even if you were to do things at crawling speed, the results would still be better than doing nothing. So, don’t miss out on your boxing training. Not to mention make sure you are training correctly and getting in the best punching bag workouts that you can. You will be rewarded for all the punishments you endure in the boxing gym. And, good boxers might also get a fair share of podium positions down the road. Simply put, your keen interest and commitment towards boxing training can hardly go wrong.


9. Don’t Train till Failure

As mentioned above, practice is an evil devil. You will feel like Peter Parker before he morphs into a Spiderman if you enter a ring on a fight night without good practice. However, don’t overtrain yourself. In other words, don’t train till failure. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t give your best shot every day. Get tired, and push yourself to do a little bit more every day instead of training till failure. If you train till failure on any given day of the week, you will probably quit boxing soon. Remember, slow and consistent efforts is the key over here. Simply put, don’t try to get to the finish line too soon. Such an undertaking will make the training far harder than usual. You will be losing a lot more energy by trying too hard. As a result, you will achieve fatigue faster than usual. Ultimately, you will make way for bad training habits, which will curb your ability as a fighter in the long run.


10. Enjoy Your Training

This can be said to be one of the most important tips for beginner boxers. will be of no good if you are not having fun while training. Remember, you don’t have to hate every minute of your training. In fact, you have to enjoy every minute of your training. If you do so, boxing training will never get bumped to the bottom of your ‘to-do’ list. Agreed, training can sometimes be dull and boring. But, you should learn how to reverse the pattern by making conscious and deliberate efforts on your part to enjoy your workout.

Instead of avoiding training on a stressful day, show up to the gym because exercise is known to relieve stress. Your energy levels and mood will surely improve after training. In short, learn to relax and enjoy your workout on any given day of the week. Be passionate about training before you go, while you are training, and even after that. Your mind and body will surely thank you for this! This is one of best boxing tips there is

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