Boxing vs MMA – Which is Better? Who Would Win?

Ever wondered just what exactly the differences were between boxing and mixed martial arts?

Yeah well you are not the only one. There are many people who do not know one from the other, other than what they see on T/V.

Well the good news is, is that this article below is short and sweet and will tell you exactly what the differences are and which one is better, for sport, for money, and for self defense.

What is Boxing?

boxing vs mma

Boxing is combat sport that has been around for decades and has been rising in popularity in the recent years with the fighting of Floyd Mayweather and Connor Mcgregor.

Boxing is sport in which two contenders wearing heavy boxing gloves pair up against each other and throw punches until the referee deems on opponent in capable of continuing, one opponent is knocked out, or until the timers ends.

No kicks, take downs, or any other type of fighting style is allowed. Punches only.

What is MMA?

MMA vs Boxing

Mixed Martial Arts or (MMA) is a sport that has just recently developed in the early 1990’s. The term MMA was first used in the year 1993 and since then has taken off for its excellent use in both self defense and in entertainment such as the UFC.

Mixed martial arts is a combat sport that was developed by taking the techniques of other fighting styles and combining them together to form one style of fighting called mixed martial arts.

Its a combat sport that allows striking, wrestling, boxing, and grappling both standing and on the ground. Its pretty much an all out fight to the finish using whatever technique or fighting style that you want.

In the UFC however, there are a few rules that you have to follow by that have been put in place to keep you from getting hurt or hurting someone else.

Which one is better, Boxing vs MMA?

When deciding which one is better it will all come down to personal preference. There is no such thing as one sport is better over another, but some things that can help you determine which one is better for you are:

Do you want to be a great all around fighter? Then MMA is for you

Do you want to learn other fighting styles? MMA is for you

Would you rather just learn how to perfect your punches? Then boxing is better for you

You will have to decide for yourself which sport is better fro you and your goals. You can ask yourself this “why are you deciding to learn about the sport” answer that and your “why” will help you determine whether boxing or MMA is better for you.

Which one is better for self defense?

MMA is better for self defense. Martial arts is better for defending yourself because it teaches you all different types of fighting styles, not just how to throw punches.

In a situation where your life is at stake and the only way to live is to beat that person who is attacking you then you will have a much better chance of winning if you know several different ways to defeat your opponent.

Rather than if you only know how to box all you will be able to do to defend yourself is throw punches. You will not know how to defend against take downs, let alone even make a take down happen.

With martial arts you will know how to get your opponent on the ground through your learning of grappling techniques, as well as how to ground and pound and submit and hold your enemy until you are no longer in danger.

Can a boxer win in MMA? Boxing Vs MMA

Yes, a boxer can win in Mixed Martial Arts, but the chances of this happening are slim to none.

How could this even happen though?

Well think about it, if a boxer steps into a ring with a martial artist who is not that good at striking then the boxer has the upper hand in this area.

The boxer is skilled striking professional and if the boxer happens to throw a punch before the MMA fighter can get the boxer to the ground then the boxer has slight chance of knocking the MMA fighter out cold.

But in reality, this chances of this happening is slim. What will most likely happen is the martial artist will get the boxer down to the ground, do some ground and pound work, and then either knock the boxer out clean, or submit him.

Does Boxing or MMA make more money?

boxing vs martial arts

Now this is where boxing dominates and is the reason why people go for boxing over martial arts.

Typical boxers make considerably more money than mixed martial arts fighters. But you may ask why and how?

Well there are two reasons for this.

1. MMA fighters do not fight as much
2. The purse for boxers is just bigger

The reason boxing makes more money than MMA is because most MMA fighters do not get to fight for the belt that often which means they have less chances for cash.

Another reason is simply just because boxing pays more than martial arts. Boxing pays about 55,000 per professional fight. MMA fighters on the other hand only average about 21,000 per professional fight.

Now we are talking about professional fighters, not your local fights which pay even less.

Which one should you learn?

Well this also depends entirely up to you. Are you wanting to get into the sport so that you can compete and start to make a living from it? Well then I would choose boxing over martial arts, because there is more money in it and because there is less competition.

Or are you wanting to get into the sport so that you can fight and defend yourself in street fights and in other situations? If this is the case then I would choose MMA because it will teach you various other fighting skills and will teach you to become an excellent all around fighter

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