Does Hitting a Punching Bag Build Muscle?

Feeling exhausted after a punching bag workout?  Whole body is aching from head to toe, arms and shoulders are beat from the repetitive punching, sweat dripping down your forehead.  The pump in your body starts to flow as you feel all the muscles being worked and building strength throughout your entire body.

But the question remains, is hitting a punching bag only giving benefits of cardio, or is it helping build muscle too?

Lemme clue you in, hitting the punching bag builds an insane amount of muscle, strength, and conditioning. So do yourself a favor and get yourself a cheap free standing punching bag like the Century Wavemaster xxl that you can check out on amazon by clicking here. This is my personal go-to bag for my punching bag workouts.

How Does Hitting the Punching Bag Build Muscle?

Building muscle requires stress to be put on the muscle, causing some micro-tears (which are good for muscle building), in order for the muscle to gain more strength.  Hitting a punching bag is very harsh on the muscle, which will cause a lot of those micro-tears.

Being able to perform High-intensity interval training, otherwise known as HIIT, is the best and most popular way for muscle building.

If you are wondering if boxing in general builds muscle without the punching bag the answer to that is also yes. 

Hitting The Punching Builds Muscle & Burns Fat – Benefits of Punching Bag Workout

does hitting the punching bag build muscle

Of course everyone wants to gain muscle and lose fat, but can hitting the punching bag give the body what it needs in just one workout?  The ability to be able to include the whole body for a total body workout, at a high training level, is not too common amongst workout programs right now, even the top programs like the new Zwift treadmill training program don’t have this style of training.

Not only is the body gaining muscle, you are burning fat, toning your body, burning calories, and eventually gaining a four or six pack.  And, on top of it all, you are getting a high level of cardio involved without having to step foot on a treadmill or some other total body training like the Teeter Freestep.

With each strike of the punching bag, the whole body tightens up, in preparation for the punch. Every muscle, ligament, and tendon is engaging in the action from head to toe.  Think about the whole body engagement as you go for a couple minute punching bag session next time. 

 While improving your upper body strength, the body is getting a full dose of cardio and power 

does hitting the punching bag build muscle

Punching Bag Muscles Worked

  • Chest
  • Triceps
  • Abs / Core
  • Triceps
  • Forearm Muscles
  • Shoulders
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings

Its a total body workout!

Does Hitting A Punching Bag Improve Punching Power?

Punching a bag requires fast, repetitive forceful striking motions. Whether it be a hanging heavy bag you have set up outdoors, or a self standing bag one the movement of striking an object puts stress on the bone, therefore making the bones more dense to allow for a harder strike.

The bag won’t give much, nor will it move, which gives you the power and mindset to want to hit the bag harder.  In order to get the most out of your punch on a punching bag, hitting the bag at about 75% of your extension, is when you have the best striking power.  

Whether you own a 100 lb punching bag or a smaller 70 lb Everlast bag that thing will start swinging.

As that bag is swinging from left to right, and front to back, work on your movement and distance around the punching bag in order to improve the power of your punch. 

Punching Bag Muscle Workouts – What Muscle Does Hitting The Bag Build?

Experienced or not, there are workouts everywhere on workouts for you.  If this is your first time, that’s okay. Take it slow because I can promise you that you will be worn out, exhausted, and drenched in sweat within the first couple minutes.  

The basic boxing combinations to hit a punching bag include the following

  1.   Jab
  2.   Right cross/ left cross
  3.   Right hook/ left hook
  4.   Right uppercut/ left uppercut
  5.   Slip
  6.   Duck

Now, once mastering these just on the first session, is going to create a lot of load for the muscle which will already start building muscle.  Once these have been mastered, being able to combine these in more complex combinations, will allow for great muscle building.

Now, if you are an expert looking for some more advanced moves, try adding some time on to one of your sets, or adding in one more round than you normally do.  What this does is it is going to push your cardio, your mental toughness, and forcing your body into being stronger for a longer period of time. 

Now, one can always add in more complex movements to add to the workout.  What this is going to do is work different parts of the muscle that maybe aren’t used to being worked.  


Does Hitting the Punching Only Build Muscle?

does hitting the punching bag build muscle

Ever heard of someone say “I just need to hit something!” with a very stern, loud voice?  Or, seen a movie when someone gets frustrated and needs to release their anger. What do they go do?  They go to a punching bag and start punching away.  

One of the common ways for people to release their anger and frustration is through a punching bag. Being able to punch at something with no repercussions except maybe the bounce back of the bag, allows the body to release stress and get out the anger.

 In the meantime of taking out your anger on a punching bag, the whole body is being used to throw forceful punches, working the whole body from head to toe. Building muscle without really knowing it.  

Most times, when people are trying to build muscle, they are thinking they have to go lift weights. Punching bags have nothing to do with lifting weights, and in fact, are quite universal to anyone which makes this the perfect household item for anyone.  

Anytime a quick workout is needed, someone is needing some stress released, or some muscle building and cardio, the punching bag gives perfect way for all of these issues.  

Now That You Know Hitting The Heavy Bag Builds Muscle, Go Get Started!

Next time you are wanting to switch up your workout and try something different, but want the full effect of a tough workout, try going to a boxing gym, throw on some boxing gloves, and just go for the punching bag.

So now when you ask yourself what does hitting a heavy bag do for you? You now know that you need to be getting yourself a heavy bag and be getting to work getting that fit body you always wished you had but will never achieve.

Just be prepared, because the next day you will be waking up aching in soreness from head to toe in places you may never have known existed before! Don’t let that scare you, grab yourself a pair of beginner boxing gloves and try adding this full body, muscle building workout into your routine to add some HIIT training and give your body the switch that it was needing.

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