Double End Bags Vs Heavy Bags – Which Is Better For Boxing Workouts?

Double end bags and heavy bags are considered by professional and enthusiast to be the top 2 pieces of training equipment needed. Keeping fit can be among the top three priorities for many people today. This is because, with the increase in lifestyle diseases, many people are looking for ways they can stay fit and avoid these conditions. Eating healthy foods is not just enough to ensure that the body is safe from these conditions and diseases. Working out is also a very important thing and it may be the best ways to ensure that you are fit. Working out is not only to ensure that the body is fit.

There are sports like boxing, martial arts and weight lifting that require the participants to work out on a regular basis so that they are able to gain body strength and skills. It is for this reason that there are many punching bags in the market today. The most common types of punching bags are the double end and heavy end bags.

Double End Bags

By definition, these are bags that are circular in shape and are held by the ceiling and the floor on both ends. They are relatively small and they are commonly referred to as floor-to-ceiling bags:


•A double end bag is very similar to a reflex punching bag in the way that they rebound. They help improve reflex speed and punching speed.

This is due to the fact that the bags move in all directions very fast. This way, the boxers are able to develop faster speed so that they are able to maintain rhythm and beat their opponents fast.

•They train boxers to miss

Normally, not all the punches land on the opponent, some miss. With this bag, the boxer will miss a lot of punches and learn how to react and pull back their energy when they miss a punch. In addition to training boxers to miss, they also train the boxers to be accurate on the way they throw punches.

•It helps develop power

The double end punching bags are mainly used by professionals that have discovered their purpose. This bag has the ability to help boxers improve their accuracy when throwing punches and therefore their power is also significantly increased.


Heavy bags

Heavy bags, can be either free standing or hanging. These punching bags are long bags that are tied to the ceiling alone so that they appear to be dangling. These are preferred by many people that do boxing, martial arts and even karate. The main function of the heavy bags is to help the users to develop power. Generally, they are the larger types of bags on the market.


•Heavy bags are the best when a person is trying to test their strength. This is because they are heavy and difficult to move when the user has not gained enough strength. This is the reason why they are best for boxers who wish to gain strength. Heavy bags are also important when you are trying to build perseverance, power, and technique.

Another point is that a heavy bag can easily be set in in an area with small space or in a tight area. Say if you live in an apartment or in a place that has limited space you can easily get a heavy bag with a stand that is small and compact. If you live in an apartment and haven’t checked out our best punching bags for apartments yet i definitely recommend doing so!

•Heavy bags are also better for people trying to keep fit. This is because they require that more energy is used, therefore faster metabolism of fat to produce the energy required. This makes the bag the best when you are also trying to gain muscles. This is because when the fat is lost, the body is in a better position to build more muscle faster and easier.

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Double end bag vs heavy bag

These two bags are used for training and working out. However, they have certain differences that make them better for different things. The main difference between them is that the double end bag is more beneficial for accuracy, speed, and reflexes, while the heavy bag is best for strength. This is because the double end bag is smaller and lighter as compared to the larger and heavier heavy bag.


The heavy bag and the double end bag are two different things that are used for different purposes. While one may appear to be better than the other, they are different and comparing them would be like comparing a t-shirt to a shoe. If you are interested in buying either of the two, then it would be more helpful to consider what you need. If you need accuracy, speed and good reflexes and foot placement, then the double end bag is for you. On the other hand, if you are interested in power, endurance, perseverance, and technique, then the heavy bag would be best.

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