Hanging Vs. Free Standing Heavy Bag | Which One Should You Get?

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Searching around on the internet trying to find out what the differences are between free standing punching bags vs hanging heavy bags aren’t ya?

Well…. You’ve come to the right place…

While there are many differences between the two different bags there are a select few reasons why someone would choose one over the other.

Watch the video below to get a quick summary of which one is better for you.

Here is a Quick Summary of why I would Choose 1 Bag over the other:

If I did not want to drill holes into my wall, ceiling or anywhere else in my house or have to set up a big ass stand to hold a heavy bag, then this is when I would lean more towards the free standing punching bag.

Keep in mind free standing bags are geared more towards people who are looking to get cardio workouts and training sessions out of the bag and not really geared towards those that are trying to train professionally for Mixed Martial Arts or Boxing.

My Favorite free standing bag is the Wavemaster XXL as it is pretty much the best bag out there for the money. Gives you the overall best bang for your buck. I’ve had it forever. Thing can take a beating!

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You can also check out our free standing punching bags guide here.

I would get a hanging heavy bag if I was looking to train more professionally and cared more about training for the sport, more so than than i cared about working out… if that makes sense. Keep in mind you will have to find a way to hang the heavy bag or drills holes. They also make heavy bag stands.

You can find some cheap heavy bag stands on amazon by clicking here.

Heavy bags are geared more towards the guys who want to train for sport and not train to look good with naked.

My favorite heavy bag is the Outslyer Muay Thai heavy bag. Its Cheap and Badass! You can find it on amazon by clicking here. This is literally the best hanging heavy bag you’ll find around for the money.

Do keep in mind if you are planning on getting a heavy bag, you will need a heavy bag stand. You can find really nice ones for cheap on amazon by clicking here.


Okay, now into the deep and long depths of all of the nitty gritty differences between free standing punching bags vs hanging.

Punching bags are cylindrical bags filled with grains, rags, sand or other materials for a sturdy structure. They have been used in a variety of shapes and sizes all over the world throughout history for all types of physical training.

Punching bags are used mainly for martial arts training and for physical muscle toning and fat losing type workouts.

There are many different types of punching bags, and they are all made of either synthetic materials or leather. The main feature of all punching bag is to absorb the impact of blows without causing harm to the user and stand repeated physical abuse without breaking.

Each one provides different resistance and experience to the user so choosing the right kit is essential for maximum benefit. Although hanging heavy bags usually are the top choice among pro fighters, some of the best free standing punching bags can be just as good and even better for some boxers.

Professional boxers like to train with the hanging punching bags because it gives them the ultimate training experience and most resembles a true fight. This is because of the the way the bags swings and usually because the bags are weighted heavier and are harder to the punch.

Hanging Heavy bags are most useful for a person who needs to train for improving muscle strength and toning them. Lightweight punching bags would not give the same resistance, so they don’t do well for muscle development

There are two main types of heavy punching bags: the hanging heavy bags and free standing punching bags.

Free standing punching bag vs hanging which one is better, and which one should you choose?

These punching bags are filled with sand or water and sometimes with other synthetics. Free standing punching bags provide more responsive rebound and are usually softer, so they are safer for the hand of the user. On the other side, sand-filled bags are harder, sturdier and more durable.

They are almost the same in their functions, but for optimal benefits, you have to choose them according to your purpose. Punching bags weigh about 40 to 100 pounds. The weight of the bag should depend on the body weight of the user. It should be at least half the weight of the user. (ref 1)



It is stuffed with water or sand, and the cover is made of leather or vinyl.

Hanging bag gives you the freedom to move around. You can hang it on the ceiling or out in the open but with a strong base. These bags are better for bigger rooms, but they are also suitable for areas with a smaller workout space since it does not occupy space on the floor.

It improves offensive skills: since the hanging bag is not static, it swings when the user strikes the bag. This movement makes it great for combat skill workouts like Muay Thai, karate, kickboxing, Taekwondo and martial arts. It coordinates timings to move the body and throw punches. It improves defense skills: when to step away or block the opponents. This movement of the bag gives you an intimately realistic situation to offend and defense

The weight of the punching bag is evenly distributed over the body so you can practice your skills for lower as well as an uppercut, shovel hooks, knee strikes and hook punches.

It is also suitable for high kicks in realistic situations for professional athletes.

Practicing on a moving object also improves your concentrating skills

The bulkier bag also means that the gear is more resistant to blows and kicks so you can develop strength as well as technique.


1. Swinging: The best advantage of the hanging bag is also its nemesis. There is no way to stand still so you will need a partner to hold it stable so you cannot practice hard strikes it alone.

2. Needs space: The swinging trait of the hanging bag also demands space to swing in any direction which means that the user will have to move around the saddle to avoid retaliation.

3. Difficult to Install: The most common issues that users have with the hanging bag is the installation. Besides finding a stable base to hang it, you will also need to use a drilling machine. If you are not familiar with that, it could cost you extra expenses to have it fixed.




Freestanding bags are also filled with either sand or water and are masked by leather or vinyl. There are a variety of designs and choices of material to choose.

In most models, there are wheels attached to the standing, so it is easier to shift them from place to place giving you the benefit to de-clutter after a workout session.

This model maintains a standing point at the centre, so it is useful for kicking workout too.

No installation required. Unlike the hanging, there is no hassle to fix this equipment. All you have to do it fill the base of the bag with sand or water and you are good to go!

Since the standing bag is much lighter, it does not strain your fists or bruise your legs. It is more comfortable to practice more massive punches and kicks. They are safe for light cardio workouts. This is what makes the standing boxing bag a bit more user friendly.


1. Lighter: it is much lighter than the hanging bag so users might not find it very useful for muscle development .Also because they are much lighter, they do not provide so much resistance to strikes so focusing on strength is usually compromised.

2. Not very durable: since these bags usually come with a stand that has an adjustable neck, this neck tends to break after intensive use, so they are not very durable.

THE VERDICT – Hanging vs Free Standing

Because most people use these punching bags both for working out as well as training skills, it would be safer to say that the hanging kit is more multifaceted and durable, but since it occupies a much larger space, users might have to consider choosing the softer and portable free standing heavy bag.

Punching bags are not cheap pieces of equipment. They come with a price tag that varies on the quality and sizes. They also can accommodate quite a lot of room space too, so considering the right choice for your budget, physical needs and external factors are also vital. Whatever appeals to your goals choose a punching bag that coordinates with your weight and a little over your comfort zone so that you give yourself room to grow and improve.

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