With the increasing popularity of MMA and boxing training, more and more people have purchased a heavy boxing bag for the home. Maybe you are here because you also want to have one. There is no doubt that cultivating your resistance, burning fat and even releasing stress is a good training.

But do you really know how to use it properly to get the best results and avoid serious harm?

When I got mine, I thought I was hitting the bag right. Turns out i was not. I must realize that this is a more complicated training than this. I must learn from my mistakes.

Typical mistakes in the powerful service industry begin with the most important reasons

Do you want to know what the typical mistakes of heavy punching bags are? Watch the video below.

Let’s summarize what you have learned

Wrap your hands and wear your heavy bag gloves

You will always want to use protection no matter what type of bag you are hitting. This is one of rookie mistakes beginners make when they first start training. Not wearing gloves can when training especially on the heavy bag is something that can seriously injure your hands without you even knowing it. Always wear gloves.

Hit the bag a few times

If you don’t know the basics of boxing, you must learn them first. Most beginners will use their left or right hand hook to hit the bag. Yes, they are the easiest to implement, but have you seen a boxer hit the opponent with a hook?

You have to deal with this heavy bag as if it were a human opponent. Play with him as if you were fighting with someone. So use all other hits like jab, cross, uppercuts. In addition, practice footwork does not always hit the ball from the same position.

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Take care of your energy

Packing is an exciting event and we want to hit him like a real fighter. But it’s very difficult, and most beginners first make the mistake of strength and strength hitting the bag, and then just sniffing.

Don’t worry! Set the timer to 1 or 2 minutes and only perform 2-3 turns. Wake up wisely. Gently strike, practice footwork, perform defensive moves, etc. Look at the boxing match, don’t hit it all the time, is it? Make your training a reality, but if you want, you can do short-term intensive training.

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Correct form and Stance

Don’t be my stupid guy, I thought it was playing. Learning the correct lens form, you will find your lens will be more precise and powerful. In addition, you won’t pant so soon.

If you are a beginner, start learning the basics from Shadow Boxing.

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Mix your punches

Finally, try not to do the same actions and combinations. The jab and the cross are easy to shoot, and beginners are ready to stick to it. But for real heavy sports, you should also use other features. Again, moving and practicing defense techniques is just like you are in the ring.

In this video, you can learn about typical errors.


If you are a beginner, it is best to think of yourself as a real boxer. It helps me a lot. I know that the package didn’t respond, but it’s still the best way to practice without a partner.

Also, be patient and learn. Just like everything in life, the more you practice, the better you will be. In addition, there is a large amount of online information for you to learn.

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