5 Insane Heavy Bag Workouts for Boxing & MMA

Trust me when I tell you that a heavy bag workout can seriously test your limits and push your body to its outer limits. You will be able to work on your speed, power, strength, explosiveness, agility, flexibility, endurance, weight loss, and muscle gains, all at the same time. The benefits are simply unmatched.

But, these insane heavy bag workouts are not for the faint of hearts as you will sweat like a pig, and your body will burn like crazy. Simply put, these are rigorous assaults on your body that will bring outstanding results down the road. These training sessions, when done right will bring out the champion in you.

The champion you are at heart.

First things first, you need to be grabbing yourself a bag. The best option for you is going to be to get yourself a free standing heavy bag as these are the easiest to set up and can be used for just about any type of workout you can throw at it.

My personal favorite free standing heavy bag is the wavemaster xxl. It’s perfect for these workouts, and it’s reliable as heck. You can check it out on amazon by clicking here

if you looking for a bag that is a little bit cheaper then check out this one.

Remember, as boxing and MMA requires top notch conditioning. So, a lousy or half-arsed effort won’t cut the deal over here. Whether you are an amateur or a pro fighter, you will have to put your best foot forward to excel in the respective sport. You will have to force your body to explode past the boundaries of a routine workout to make the most out of your training. Good heavy bag workouts can do the trick over here. If you are brand new to boxing then I recommend check out the beginners guide to boxing basics first. This guide will give you a bit of an idea before you start.

So, are you ready for the workout madness that will take an inevitable toll on your body? If your mind is prepared for it, feel free to read the information given below.

Heavy Bag Workout Pre-Req Guide – What You’ll Need

Good Pair of Training Shoes:  You will be moving all over the place to keep your heart rate up. Not to forget the fact that ‘intensity’ is the name of the game over here. So, invest in a good pair of shoes to facilitate all the movements that you will be doing while training.

Heavy Bag Boxing Gloves:  To deliver punches with power and speed like nobody’s business, you will need boxing gloves or hand wraps. They will also protect your hands from undesirable injuries.

Heavy Bag MMA Gloves: This is your 2nd option if you prefer to have a lighter set of gloves to the hit heavy bag with rather than a pair of heavy boxing gloves. These gloves are lighter yet designed with more padding to protect your hands from the punching bag and take the abuse of the bag.

A Training Bag: Generally speaking, the heavier the bag, the harder the workout will be. So, please get good quality heavy training bag, a 100 lb punching bag is most common and preferred. You don’t want a weak, inflatable boxing bag.  You want to be able to put yourself through a killer workout and truly test your boxing abilities. If you prefer a lighter weight punching bag, check out the 70 lb bag from everlast, it’s soft to the punch bag is pretty affordable. You check it out on amazon by clicking here.

You can opt for a free standing training bags for your garage power workouts, or if your are wanting to work more on your accuracy, coordination, and speed then you can opt for a boxing speed bag or a reflex bag.

If you do not have a punching bag yet, then you will want to get yourself one. You can look over and check out our top outdoor heavy bags or if you live in an apartment give our apartment punching bag guide a read.

If you do not want to get into drilling holes in your walls, ceilings, or want to mess around with buying a stand then check out the reviews of the best free standing bags here, to see which one you like and which one would be best for you.

Boxing Body Protector: Ever been hit in the stomach and it instantly makes you sick? Yeah you don’t want that to happen. Body protectors will keep you from getting hurt and will protect you from the harsh and constant hits to the body.  Also, these body protectors are almost essential if you really want to take your training to the next level.

Mental Strength: Fighting sports are not for everyone. A tough mindset is a must over here to last for the entire duration of a training session or a bout. So, be geared mentally as well as physically for these heavy bag workouts as these are no easy task.

1. The 10 Round Workout

The 10 Round Workout is an extremely unique and versatile workout that works on your punching and defense skills as well. Try it out and see how well it works. As the name hints, it consists of 10 rounds of workouts. Be warned that this workout will be long and tiring for most people.

Round 1: You will start with jabs to get your hands and feet nicely warmed up. Basically, you will keep moving at different angles while throwing jabs at different areas. Depending on your fitness level, you can do each round for 2 to 3 minutes at one shot with 30 seconds interval in between.

Round 2: In this round, you will be still working on the jabs but from a southpaw stance because this strategy can come really handy in a bout. Fighting history has shown us again and again that scores of fighters have used this style with great success.

Round 3: In round 3, you will focus mainly on the head movement. Throw your punches and duck/move your head repeatedly to be able to move your head out of the way quickly in a real fight.

Round 4, 5, and 6: You will be on hardcore fight mode on all these rounds. So, keep the intensity high by working as hard as you can. Be active on your footwork, throw different combinations, and vary your punches, while maintaining good hand speed and power.

Round 7:  In this round, the goal will be to get more skilled as a boxer or MMA fighter by developing an age-old skill called ‘feint.’ Over here, you will pretend to do something, but then do something completely different. So, don’t be in a rush to deliver punches. Take your time, involve a lot of feints, and pick your shots well.

Round 8: On this round, the main focus will be on the speed. So, throw in a lot of punches and kicks. It will be more of a freestyle fighting to improve your reaction time during a bout. Therefore, keep delivering faster combinations in this round. There is no need to focus too much on technique.

Round 9: This round is all about power shot. Put everything you have into the kicks or punches. Basically, go for the knockout blow. The goal is to have enough in your tank even in the last rounds to deliver a knockout blow.

Round 10: In this final round, dance around the bag, and unleash a barrage of kicks and punches. Keep moving your head, work on your footwork, slip and dip. Also, keep turning, create different angles, and stay busy. Towards the end of this round, you will surely be gasping for breath.

2. Conditioning Workout

Remember, both MMA and boxing are explosive sports, so nothing can be left to chances over here. For excellent conditioning and to perfect certain techniques, heavy bag drills are a necessary evil. The heavy bag drills discussed below can help one fight at a higher intensity than usual for a longer period of time.

This workout here is one of best heavy bag cardio workouts that you can possibly engage in. This is a great workout to really tone the upper body.

Jabs:  Begin with a jab routine. Over here, you will throw out a jab at the heavy bag, and then you will keep jagging by increasing the count by one every time. So, it will be like one jab, and then two consecutive jabs, and then three consecutive jabs and so on.

Punching: After the jabs, be prepared for non-stop punching. This will not only improve your speed and power, but it will also build up your endurance. So, you won’t feel like giving up to extreme fatigue during the last rounds. Those training for an MMA fight can also throw non-stop kicks at the heavy bag in this round.

Power Shots: Over here, you won’t be throwing punches after punches. Basically, you will only be throwing meaningful punches. Therefore, practice for the same so that it becomes second nature during a bout. Basically, you will stay calm, keep your form right, and wait for the right moment to throw sharp punches at the bag.

Ducking: When it comes to keeping yourself protected, you need to duck. So, there should be room for this defensive drill in your training. Over here, you will be moving, punching, and ducking constantly. Of course, don’t duck too low because there might be a knee waiting for you down there.

3. Footwork Workout

To be sleek and agile in the ring, your footwork needs to be spot on. So, if you want to float like a butterfly, you better put in some practice hours. This footwork drill will improve your balance, agility, and positioning. As a result, you will be able to move in and out of your opponent’s range rather quickly, and of course, safely too. This punching bag workout for beginners can do wonders in a real fight. Of course, pro guys can also give a shot at this workout.

To begin with, throw some punches on the heavy bag, and let it swing. Now, move around the heavy bag and keep punching it to keep the bag moving at all times. Use the moving bag to dictate your foot movement. Follow this movement for few minutes, depending on your fitness level. You can rest for 30 seconds in between and repeat the movement again. Do you can do this footwork drill for several rounds.

4. Boxing Bag Workouts for Beginners

As the title hints, this heavy bag workout is best suited for beginners because it involves pretty basic training that newcomers will be able to perform without looking stupid. As usual, you will start with a jab. If you are a right handed person, you will jab with your left hand so that you can do the hard hitting by the dominant hand and vice versa. Your feet placement is also very important. There should be a considerable distance between the two to have a good fighting stance. One foot should be in the front, and other foot should be at the back. If you are a right handed person, you will take your right foot back. The front foot needs to be straight and forward, and the back foot should be angled at about 45 degrees. Also, the front foot needs to be flat footed on the ground, and you will be on the ball of your back foot.

Moreover, you should have a little bend in your knees for the sake of agility. Of course, be within the striking range from the heavy bag. Once the stance is perfect from head to toe, jab with one hand, and then follow it up with a hard punch from the dominant hand. You can also double or triple up with your jab and throw a power punch towards the end with the opposite hand. Do a series of this movement by varying the counts. For instance, throw two jabs and two punches or three jabs and two punches. Keep working on different combinations to be well-prepared for every situation. This way, you will feel like you have an arsenal of shots on your kitty. Remember, if you do the same thing every time, you will be picked up very easily by your opponent. So, this training will be of great help.


5. MMA Heavy Bag Workouts

Be ready to give it all you got because this is a full body workout routine designed for MMA Fighters. Start by throwing some punches at the heavy bag (one punch at a time). After a while, throw two and then three punches at a time.  Once done, throw a kick after every third punch. Following this, keep switching between kicks and punches. Throughout the routine, move with the bag and follow proper footwork. Your feet should ideally be shoulder-width apart at all times. Also, try different things.

For instance, keep punching at different areas. Make sure to use your hips to throw some powerful kicks. Moreover, practice ducking as well. Throw a few punches and duck. Do the movements repeatedly for a brief period of time. Practice hooks, straight kicks, and takedowns as well. As you can tell, this is one of those mix-and-match MMA heavy bag workouts that will help you prepare for all the moves commonly used in a fight. Towards the middle of the training, you can follow-up with a plank to strengthen your core, and then follow the same routine from the start again. This is an excellent MMA punching bag workout for amateur as well as pro fighters.



Last Thoughts

Hopefully, the above heavy bag drills must have shed some new light on how to take your game to the next level. If these punching bag exercises are practiced long enough to become an expert, then they will definitely make a big difference in your fighting ability. At least, you will be immune to the common failures that occur due to lack of effective training.

Did you find a punching bag workout that you think you can tackle? Share this workout guide with your friends!

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