If you are into kick boxing, then probably you will accept the fact of how difficult it is to punch a punching bag with gloves. At least when you are starting out. Its just so much cushion and protection. But protecting the wrists knuckles and bone while hitting and practicing on the heavy bag is necessary and this is the reason why it is almost a must to wear boxing gloves, especially if you are a beginner. When you start to get some training and experience under your belt then you can try out bare knuckle boxing.

But, for some people wearing heavy bag boxing gloves seem to be hard and uncomfortable. They find it difficult to move their fingers and feel like they don’t have any control over their fingers. If this is the case with you, then probably you will avoid wearing the boxing gloves while you hit the boxing bag. It is equally essential for you to learn how to hit the heavy bag without gloves.


Is it Important to Wear Boxing Gloves to Hit the Punching Bag?

The answer to this question is a simple yes. If you are a beginner, then wearing boxing gloves is extremely important.  As a beginner wearing gloves is one of the best habits you can get yourself into early on. These punching bags are extremely heavy and harder than you think and if you punch the bag without any protection, then it will lead to bruise on your knuckle and even tear the skin, leading to worst damages on your joints and bones of your hands.

If you experience any of these damages, then be ready to wait for 2 long weeks of recovery until you are ready to hit the punching without gloves again.

Moreover, punching a bag without gloves also has adverse impact on your practicing techniques. So, if you have gloves or wraps on, then you are no longer required to worry about any pain or injuries. You can simply focus on honing your skills. So, from this conclusion, you will come to know that hitting the bag with bare hands is a bad idea.

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Techniques to Hit the Punching Bag without Gloves

To start with, you need to ensure that you fist is as flat as it can be and this means that you simply need to close your hands so that the finger sections of your hand are flat together and flush next to each other. You also need to ensure that finger below and the top of the knuckles are connected together with one flush movement when you hit the punch on the bag. If you feel that the finger section and knuckles are landed differently on the bag, then you need to refine your punching method.

You need to keep the hands loose until you land the strike efficiently. Many people make a mistake by starting very tight and as a result they strain their muscles and tendons. Tightening it up while hitting the punching bag can make huge difference in the punching power.

Now you need to keep the wrist straight. You don’t have to make the mistake of keeping the wrist bend which will not only limit your punching power, but also cause severe damages to your wrist, shoulder and arms. You need to keep it straight and harder while you land the punch on the bag. But you need to ensure that you loosen it immediately in the en-route. You need to consider your arm as the solid object rather than a litany of diverse moveable pieces.

Each punch that you blow need to pull you away from the bag and at the same time you must land the blow perfectly. You must focus on landing the blow as fast and rapid as you can with the crisp hit each time. Many people usually make the huge mistake of trying to go through the bag with the combo. You need to ensure that you hit the heavy bag without gloves, sharper and precisely with maximum power to ensure a solid landing firm punch.           

If you experience that the skin on your knuckles broke out, then you are not performing the above steps properly, or you are not keeping your gloves clean. If you don’t experience then let it rest and ensure that it recover faster so that you can continue with your practice session in few days. If you see that you knuckles are bruised, raised or inflamed, then give it time to recover before you start punching again or start hitting the bag with bare hands.

The knuckles are badly injured and the inflammation is extreme, then you need to stop practicing and visit the doctor to seek medical care for your knuckles and damaged wrists. You need to take medical treatment if it is extremely damaged. Do not try and do any bare knuckle boxing until you have recovered.

Mastering The Skill Needs Time

If you follow the above mentioned tips and tricks, then you may master the skills to hit the bag without gloves, but it may take time. It demands for lot of practice and to become an expert you need to particle daily by following the steps and ensure to follow the steps carefully so as to avoid the damages which are caused on your knuckles due to punching on heavy bags with bare hands. Save the bare knuckle boxing for the experts. If you are a beginner be sure to wear gloves, as hitting the bag without protection will not be your brightest idea.

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