Guide On How to Fill a Heavy Punching Bag

So you are about to go buy a heavy bag for home or have already bought a bag and are wondering now on just how to fill the bag properly. You have came to the right place.

Many overlook the fact the the bag actually has to be filled and there are many ways of doing it and also along with that there are many wrong ways of filling it. You do not want to incorrectly fill your bag because it can lead to a bad workout and even injuring your hands.

But don’t worry, you have come to the right place because we are gong to show you exactly how to fill your heavy punching bag the right way. Once you fill the bag the right way you will be able to throw punches correctly and as hard as you want to and not be worried about injury, given that you are wearing a good set of heavy bag boxing gloves.

One might possibly wonder how things can go wrong with a punching bag that essentially needs to be filled. Let us take a small example. Consider we are filling the bag with something such as sugar and we try punching it. There are a couple of problems that can occur here.

First of all, we don’t know the right amount to actually make sure that the bag is consistent, it can either be too much or way too less and this becomes a problem. Second, the punches can actually vary from hard to soft and this messes with the consistency of the boxer and this not only brings down their form but also poses a serious threat to their wrists as well. Hence, one must do some research before carrying out this process and that is what we are essentially going to do.

The process of filling a Punching Bag correctly

Before we get started, there are a few things to remember. The first question one needs to ask which punching bag is right for them. Once you  As discussed, these alternatives can be great but there is quite nothing like the original because they were designed solely for the purpose and hence, one can get the best-expected output as well. With alternatives, it might be better or could be worse as well and hence one must take full responsibility for that. Once that has been figured out, we can look out for a couple of options that can be used to fill the bag.

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Let us look at the first alternative, but before we do so again, one must determine the size of the bag so as to gain maximum efficiency. Since there are a lot of bags of different sizes, one needs to know that the filling will not always be the same amount. Hence, once that is determined, we can get to the first alternative and that is the sawdust filling. One must remember that the filling is not entirely comprised of sawdust but of a mixture of sawdust, a rubble sack and clothes. First, the clothes need to be placed into the sack as close as possible to about a third of the bag and then place the rubble sack and fill it up with sawdust. The filling needs to be done till the sides of the punching bag are filled. Once this is noticed, the rubble sack must be closed properly and so must be the heavy sack as well. Thus, we have got an alternative which is neither hard nor soft but of the right consistency, in the end!

The next alternative is derived from the first, and that is quite simply filling the bag with clothes. The same process needs to be carried out here, the clothes must be placed as close as possible to each other so that there are no gaps between them at all. But, here, instead of adding the rubble sacks or the sawdust, we directly place all the clothes to form the bag and voila, we have a heavy cloth bag! It must be noted that in order to have the best feel, the clothes must be placed properly.

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The last alternative is to fill the bag with sand and clothes. Here, clothes are first placed inside the bag and then sand packs are placed inside. In order to ensure that the sand packs aren’t exactly hovering around inside, one must tape them all so they have a neutral and immobile pace. The remainder of the bag can be filled with clothes again and hence, can be made heavy. It must also be noted that this bag is mainly for the heavy feel.

Hence, we have seen a guide on How to Fill a Heavy Punching Bag and we can choose the best one of them all. Let us look at their characteristics so we can get to choose the one we like the most now.

• Sawdust filling- consistent, medium feel for punching
• Clothes filling- easy to do, light feel for punching
• Sand filling- heavy filling to ensure the tightest and strongest punches

An overview of Punching Bags

So now that we have seen the guide on How to Fill a Heavy Punching Bag, we can comfortably say that we can choose the one that we find formidable and hence, there would be henceforth no problems at all when making a choice. However, keeping the cons in mind, one must make sure that they follow the guidelines to the book or they can just drop the idea, for, in the end, safety and proper practice is more important than money. So, if one is unsure about these processes, then they can either seek help or simply buy a proper original punching bag or if they are adamant on the alternatives, then a glimpse through how to fill a heavy Bag guide is a must!

Now that we know all about the alternatives, all that is left to do is start filling and start punching!

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