What do You Fill a Speed Bag With? How to Fill a Speed Bag?

A speed bag comes with a vast number of benefits to athletes. From reaction time to better hand movement, there are lots of benefits which are easy to avail. You can easily find that most of athlete practice on speed punching bags and you can try it out too. Plenty of amazing and reliable benefits are easy to acquire with a good session.

But, it is also important that you fill a speed bag with the right material. And filling it properly is also important otherwise you won’t be getting much benefit. Let’s get started with the learning of how to fill a speed bag and learning more about it so that you don’t face any issue. Make sure that you don’t train in the wrong bag otherwise it will cause issues for you.

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How to Fill a Speed Bag – Complete Step by Step Guide 

There are many steps that you need to follow. Below given are all the steps so let’s begin to set up a speed bag perfectly.

  • First of all, you have to attach the inflating needle, and you need an inflating needle that will be connecting to the air pump.
  • Moistening the needle will be the first thing, and you have to plug in into the everlasting bag. If you don’t moisten the needle, then it can break while injecting in or you can find that it will take too many efforts.
  • Wondering that how to insert the pin? Well, don’t worry because you have to do the same as you may have done with basketball or the football. The process is totally similar, and you can use this method without any kind of issue.
  • You have to ensure that whether the air bladder shield is closed or not. Otherwise, you may face issues. If you are using a new speed bag, then there is nothing to worry about.
  • Now, pump air and keep on checking the pressure. If you are using a pump that can’t show you the pressure, then try to take the visual frame.

You can easily find that the speed bag will start to get its perfect shape in a couple of minutes and you can set up the punching bag and start practicing.

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FAQs About Filling a Speed Bag

Here are the most common questions most beginners have when learning how to fill their speed bags.

  • How much air do you fill a speed bag?

A: If you fill a maximum of four pounds then it is enough and going further can make your speed bag explode. Extra pressure will make your bag so much bouncy, and less will make it soft so you won’t get faster hits.

  • How hard should the speed bag be?

A: It usually depends but if you are a beginner then filling four pounds will make your bag enough harder. You can decrease the pressure by a little which will be enough to set the pressure to the right amount.

  • Can I fill the speed bag with something other than air?

A: Air is lighter in weight, and it makes your speed bag hit with faster pace and getting the better come up. Using other material else air will make your bag heavier, and it won’t be a good choice.

These are some of burning questions and if you still think that what to use as the alternative of air then you will not get any alternative. Filling other gasses like nitrogen or other will make it heavier, so, do not try such methods. A simple punching bag can be filled with many other materials like cotton, wool, rice, sand and much more.

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Bottom Line

Hope, this guide on what do you fill a speed bag with will help you set up a speed bag without any kind of issue and getting the answer of most asked question online. Make sure that you don’t fill a speed bag with excessive air otherwise it will be hard to practice on it.

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