Are you wondering how to use and hit a punching bag?

In both the fitness and sports industries, there is one equipment that has gained popularity for being versatile and giving desired results in a short period of time. The heavy bag is a leather or vinyl encased weight that’s tightly stuffed with material and weigh around 40 to 100 pounds. They differ from regular punching bags in terms of their weight and compactness, and obviously the kind and speed of the result both of them have on people using them.

A heavy punching bag is used for sports and weight training purposes and is gaining high popularity in the latter. It is heavier and more difficult to use, thus dialing up the difficulty level for faster muscle growth and toning. Hitting the bag is a true test of strength and stamina, as it requires extreme care, caution and practice. There are many articles online on how to hit a punching bag, which can and should be referred to before undertaking this exercise routine yourself.

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How are these bags beneficial?

The heavy punching bag has many benefits. It takes care of your full body workout, sharpens your defence skills, tones your muscles and body through fastened muscle growth and defines your existing physique more prominently. It has become a favourite among people who train regularly and has carved its way through to many houses and gyms. But it is pertinent to know the correct way of using the punching bag. There are universally six basic steps involved in landing a perfect punch. All kinds of fitness and sports training professionals largely go by this six step manual on how to hit a heavy punching bag. The same has been produced below:

Step 1: wear your protective gear such as boxing gloves, bag gloves, wraps or heavy work gloves (as suited by you)

Step 2: place your feet firmly on the ground and stand facing the bag, close enough to hit it by rotating from your hips once.

Step 3: on the side of your body same as the punching hand, rely on the balls of your feet with your body weight.

Step 4: land a punch on the heavy punching bag with the twist of your torso rather than by the action of your punching arm.

Step 5: when coming in contact with the heavy punching bag, use the knuckles of your index and middle finger for impact instead of the other small knuckles. The latter can cause a lot of pain and injury.

Step 6: continually repeat this with the other hand as you withdraw your punching arm backwards and keep repeating that sequence.

The aforementioned cycle should be repeated till your body can push it. One cycle constitutes four to eight full impact punches. You will feel very drained after the first few cycles, but with adequate exercise and practice, it will become a part of your routine.

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What are the precautions one should take?

Apart from this step by step guide on how to hit a heavy bag, a few more precautions must be taken care of on a daily basis by someone using heavy bags in general for working out. There are 6 things to keep in mind before indulging in this form of training, and they have been defined in detail below:

  • Protect Your Hands: Using heavy bag gloves is the best protecting for hitting the heavy bag since the bag is really bulky and heavy, and hence extremely hard hitting on the surface, you should make it a priority to protect your hands and especially your knuckles to ensure you do not end up getting hurt. Wraps should be put around the knuckles and wrists to prevent any carpal injuries. These wraps are especially designed to absorb all impact of the hit so as to decrease the probability of osteoarthritis later on in the years. Gloves are recommended for beginners to cushion the blow to a larger extent.
  • Start off Hitting the Bag Slow: It is fundamental to begin slow and light and then move up on the difficulty scale. This is the equivalent of stretching or warming up before any kind of exercises and will ensure that your body gets prepared before getting into the exhausting activity of heavy punching. Light punching should be done for a while until the posture and body alignment becomes perfect, because the wrong body angle and groove can actually do more damage than benefits.
  • Punch with Correct Technique: As mentioned above, the correct approach towards boxing is required otherwise the blows will end up in injuries. This is the core reason you are advised to start slow, so that the correct hand to leg alignment and posture develops over time and with practice. Slow and steady practice with good technique will ultimately lead to a strong command over the heavy punching bag.
  • Correct Boxing Stance: it is a popular position in the boxing industry, also known as the fighting stance. No one can truly learn how to hit a heavy punching bag without knowing the correct fighting pose and the importance of the same in the fitness sport.
  • Breathing Right: like most workouts, yoga poses or exercises, breathing is extremely important while landing punches. When a punch is thrown, you should exhale to ensure a continuing supply of oxygen to the body which will help relax the muscles at work. It also reduces the likelihood of an injury by releasing pressure at strategic points. Power output will also increase by a margin when you exhale while landing a punch.
  • Diet: obviously, a person who uses the heavy punching bag is spending a lot of energy and burning lots of calories very quickly, which means he needs to replenish his nutrition needs and take a balanced diet pretty regularly. Near about 150 grams of carbohydrates should be ingested, which will fasten and facilitate the healing process. Sleep is also an extremely important facet of this training, as the body needs to recover overnight.

If you are still needing more help on how to use a punching bag then check out this resource on how to hit a heavy bag.

While it is obviously recommended to get a trainer and seek his guidance before undertaking such a physically challenging activity, a lot of internet portals and websites today provide free insights and advices for a healthy training session. If you research well before delving into heavy bag punching, the experience will be surreal and desired results will show fast!

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