How Did I Get a Jiggly Butt? My Secrets, Strategy, & Workouts for a Soft & Round Booty

So ladies, want your butt to jiggle when you wiggle huh? Wondering how to get a jiggly butt?

Welly you’ve made it to the right place as here I am going to give you my exact strategy that I used to grow my average sized butt into a big round and jiggly booty!

But first let’s go over why exactly you should listen to me.

soft jiggly butt girlWho Am I?

My name is Alexa and I am the girlfriend of the owner of this MMA & Fitness blog. I am 24 years old and live in Encinitas, California.

But why should you trust me to help you build a big, round, and soft booty?

Well because I went through hell and back to get the butt that I have now. I worked my ass off, almost quite literally!

I was so tired of having an average size butt that was more hard than it was soft. I was on a mission to make my butt stand out in the crowd and so I did it. I set out to do whatever it took to get the butt I deserved – and now I can share that journey with you.

How Long Did It Take Me To Get My Jiggly Butt?

So here’s the thing, it took me quite some time to get to the point that I am now. All in all it took about 17 months to get from an average size looking bottom to a fat, soft, jiggly booty.

You may ask why it took me so long and will it take you this long?

No, it hopefully will not take you as long as it did me because you are here reading and you can learn from my mistakes. It took me about 9 months of constant mistakes before I finally learned a strategy that worked.

Must Have Supplements – Without em, Kiss that jiggle butt goodbye

Trust me you do not want to wait a million years before you finally get the fat butt you so badly want. In order to get that jiggle booty as fast as possible you are going to need all of the help that you can get.

I’ve listed below the supplements that i have used that have helped me the most.

jiggle buttPre-Workout: Amino Lean By RSP

This stuff is freaking amazing. I have used just about every pre-workout known to this world and Amino Lean is the one that gives me no side effects, and just give me the deep motivation, focus, and drive that i need to go to the gym and do the hard exercises.

The great thing about it is that it is freaking dirt cheap. You can check it out on amazon by clicking here.

Protein Powder: LadyBoss Lean

And again, I have tried just about every protein powder you can imagine and Ladyboss is the one that taste the best and does not give me any bloating. I love the stuff.

It’s not the cheapest stuff, but for me it’s the best. You can check it out on amazon by clicking here

You can check out some of my other top choices for proteins and meal replacements by clicking here

My Go To Exercises to Build a Soft Jiggly Butt

Hip Thrusters – Heavy Weight – Medium Reps

hip thrust for jiggly butt


This is my favorite butt workout to build big juicy booties. Hip thrust are the ultimate soft butt builder that will help you get a jiggly butt. This is the workout that will make your butt wiggle when you walk. Yeah, the good stuff!

What are hip thrusters?

Hip thrusters are a workout that you do with an EZ bar (or a regular bar) and a bench. For this workout you will grab an EZ bar of heavy weight and you will place it across your lap so that it is just above or on your pubic area. If you have a bar pad, that will help make the exercise more comfortable (see the image above).

Next while sitting down on the ground you will need to place your mid to upper back against a bench and press against it. With your feet on the ground you will hump the air upwards, allowing your back against the bench to support your weight.

Watch the video below to get a better idea of how to do hip thrusters


After you watch the video above on how to do hip thrust then you should be able to go about this yourself. But I first need to emphasize the part that you need to hold and squeeze your glutes for 1 full second each time you complete a rep. It’s not enough to complete the motion, you want to really feel each rep, and the squeeze will do that.

Squats – Heavy Weight – Low Reps

squats for a soft jiggly butt

Yeah you are probably wondering what the heck, I do not want to squat heavy ass weight, and besides won’t this just make me muscular and bulky?

Well suck it up buttercup, because squatting heavy is a must-do exercise if you are wanting to make that butt fat, soft, and round.

Will this make you bulky and to muscular? No, it absolutely will not do this to you.

In fact squatting lighter weight for more reps is the first major mistake that I made when I was trying to build up my butt.

It took me 9 months to learn this, but when you squat lighter weight and go for higher rep ranges, you are actually burning more calories and building less muscle tissue.

This is double no no for someone who is trying to put some meat on their bottom!

By squatting heavy weight and doing lower rep ranges you are doing more damage to the muscle which allows for more growth on your butt cheeks when your body repairs itself.

And doing lower reps burns less calories and allows you to keep more meat on your butt.

Now there is an exception to this strategy and this is if you are quite a bit over weight. IF you are overweight by more than 50 lbs or so, then you are going to want to switch up the strategy to doing rep ranges between 15-20 reps using decent amount of weight.

This will allow you to burn some of the extra fat off that you do not want and will still allow for muscle growth to start forming and sculpting your butt cheeks.

How I Squat to Build My Super Soft Butt –  My Technique

So most people, women especially will just go about squatting as just any other exercise and will simply just lower down and lift back up and repeat. Well, this is not how you want to do this if you are trying your hardest to get a jiggly butt.

You want to make sure that you have your feet about shoulder width apart and keep your toes pointed forward.

Now squat down to about a 90 degree angle making sure your knees do not block the vision of your toes.

Now squat back up and at the top you are going to almost hump the air forward, lean back, and squeeze flex your butt and hold for 2 seconds.

Lunges – Lighter Weight

lunges for a big jiggly butt

Yes lunges suck, I know. But they are an absolute must if you want to make your butt look right.

What do I mean by this? And why lunges with lighter weight when you just said that I need to be squatting with heavy weight?

Lunges are in fact the sculpting exercise that will help to round your butt.

Lunges also work the quads quite a bit and this is why we go light on the weight. If we were to go heavy on the weight then we would really be building up the muscles in the legs and to be honest you really do not need this.  You want there to be a larger contrast between your legs and your butt, to really make it stand out!

Going heavy on squats is going to be enough to build up your legs so that they look good. We do not want to focus on building big legs and in fact we want to keep your legs looking thick but not too thick so that it takes away from our butt.

By going light on lunges this allows us to start to tone our legs up as well as start to shape our butts.

For lunges I like to stay in the 12-15 rep range and just usually hold 10 lb dumbbells in my hands to give me some extra weight.

Leg Push Back Machine – Medium Weight

leg pushback machine for fat jiggly butt

Next our list is the leg push back machine. Hopefully your gym has one of these and if not you can attach a strap around your leg and use the cable machines to try and replicate this machine workout.

The leg push back machine is the final exercise that I do and this is going to be the last exercise that you do, and your goal is to get as much of a pump in your butt as you possibly can.

I go medium weight, and do a rep range of about 12 reps on each leg. Make sure to squeeze your butt cheeks at the end of the stroke.

Forcing as much blood in your butt right after your other exercises is something that is going to help you not only expand and stretch your butt tissue but is also going to get the nutrients in your butt muscles to help them repair quickly.

My Diet Strategy For Building a Jiggly Butt

Below you are going to find out my diet strategy that I finally figured out that helped me the most.

Up your Protein Intake

This is a must! You have to up your protein intake or you simply just will not get the butt you want, in fact it will stay forever small… and that is definitely not something we want!

With the protein mix meal replacement that I mentioned above, the Lady Boss Lean you can easily up your intake by just drinking your shake for the day.

This is easy.

Up Your Carbs

Next you need to focus on upping your carbohydrates. Most people won’t mind doing this because all you really have to do is eat a freaking bagel and call it good. Well no not really, you want to up your carbs about 50% of what you are eating now.

Carbohydrates is what is going to help you get the soft wiggly booty that you want. If you want a big, soft, and jiggling butt then carbs are going be like the natural steroids that help you supercharge the speed at which your butt grows.

Carbs will pack on the softness in not time, just make sure you are working out and getting in your protein shake else it will turn into straight fat. And fat butts that do not have shape to them do not look good.

Fat butts that have shape to them do look good.

Bottom Line

And your welcome, now that you have my personal strategy for how to get a jiggly butt you do not have to worry about wasting any time trying to build your soft butt like I did. It literally took me about 9 months before i finally figured a strategy that worked. This was from countless hours of searching around and taking notes, and actually going through personal training sessions to taking a fitness and booty building course that I finally learned what did and didn’t work.

It is now your turn to go out there and get your jiggle booty built up using the strategy I outlined above.

The absolute must bare minimum things are:

You need to make sure you get yourself a protein / meal replacement mix

Lift Heavy and do the right exercises

Up your carbohydrates

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    1. hi there julie,

      So during the week to keep things short and simple.

      Monday wednesday and saturday is leg and butt day for me.

      Mainly now though i only do shorter workouts, typically around an hour or less.

      Squats, hip thrust, leg extension using a cable and now i am doing a new thing where i use the assisted pull up machine but instead of doing pull ups i use the assist pad and use it to push down with one leg. hard to explain but it really work my upper butt area. I mainly focus on hip thrust and squats though. Recently i have been doing smith machine squats.

      That’s really it. Once you build a jiggly round butt it becomes rather easy to maintain it.

      thanks for the comment

    1. Hi there, no this is not enough to build your butt.

      you need to up the calories and the workouts if you want a jiggly butt. For toning your butt this may be okay but 2500 is in a very general sense the amount the you should be consuming to build your butt.

      Once you build it, you can maintain it easy. Just gotta build it first.

    1. hi there! sorry for the late reply,

      to be honest it was not all that strict like you might expect. In fact, I was actually eating pretty much what I wanted within reason. I was not eating fast food or junk but for example I was eating things like cheeseburgers. I meal prepped about 20 meals for the weeks which gave me a couple meals each day. For the rest of my food intake for the day i would down a protein shake, I am still using the one that i have listed above, and i would snack, my go to for the last year or so is a ham sandwhich with doritos.

      The take away from this is that you do not need to be super strict with your diet. I dont want a toned butt, I wanted some meat and i want to be thick, not toned. stay away from fast food but that is pretty much it – eat what you want and eat as much as you want within reason – just make sure you are training and most importantly squatting.

      i hope that helps, if not and if you would like a more exact idea of what i am eating just comment here and i will let you know my exact diet.

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