Judo for Self Defense – Is it Effective in a Fight?

Someone must have got you thinking about whether Judo would be a good martial art to learn for self defense.

Are maybe you are just wondering if Judo could be the best martial art to learn to defend yourself in real world street fight or a similar situation.

Well you have come to the right place because here I am going to go over just what Judo is, why it was developed, and if it is good for self defense both in real world applications such as street fights and in UFC and competitions.

Judo for self defensesWhat is Judo and what does it teach Us?

Judo is widely popular among fighters today. It is the 2nd most practiced sport in the world just getting barely beaten out by soccer.

But what exactly is Judo and what principles does it teach us?

Judo is a Martial Art which is designed with the objective to take down your opponent by either throwing them to the floor or use of force and balance. Once your opponent has been thrown to the ground your next goal is to get them to submit via arms bars, choke holds, or other ways of submission.

Judo does not involve the use of striking or kicking.

You may ask yourself, since judo does not involve the use of striking, wouldn’t this may judo not effective for self defense?

The answer is most definitely not.

Is Judo Good For Self Defense – Yes. Very effective

So is Judo effective at defending yourself in the ring against an opponent? The answer to this is yes Judo is a very effective martial art for self defense.

The skills that you will learn through Judo involve smart and strategic ways of taking your opponent down through both force and balance. Once to the ground Judo teaches students to find the quickest and easiest way to submit their opponent to get them to give up.

Submitting an opponent is a sure fire way to get your enemy to give up or face serious injury.

Is Judo Effective at Defending Yourself in a Street Fight?

Judo becomes even more effective when you find yourself in a real world situation like a street fight because of how effective it is against people who do not know what they are doing. A judo master vs a typical street fighter with some basic skills stands no chance.

A skilled Judo artist will take the techniques learned through Judo such as Tsukuri (using balance to initiate a throw to the ground), Kake (forcefully completing the throw to the ground), to get his enemy to the ground and instantly throw a submission technique on his opponent until the enemy gives up.

Think about Judo is going to be the most useful technique for defending yourself in a street fight because you are going to understand just how take down your enemy and when you get your enemy taken down you will understand how to defeat them and grapple with them until submission.

Bottom line – Judo is very effective for self defense

All things summed up, Judo is going to be one of the most effective self defense fighting styles that you can have at your disposal. Judo will allow you to take down, grapple, submit, and defeat your opponent.

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