10 Basic KickBoxing Techniques You Need to Know Before Getting Started

Are you a beginner looking to find out, enhance, and perfect your kickboxing techniques?

well… you’ve come to the right place.

If you grew up watching movies with Jean Claude Van Dame or Sylvester Stallone, you might think kickboxing is about strength rather than technique. But then you are seriously misguided, and we will show you why.

We should work on strengthening our body not just for fighting purposes but because a healthy body comes with a lot of benefits. However, for martial arts in general, including this one, the primary focus isn’t on strength but techniques and principles.

Well, it’s not Einstein’s theory of relativity, one might think. All you need to do is kick and punch, and that is the whole kickboxing workout. If that were true, then all bodybuilders would be kick-boxers. However, they are not because being only strong doesn’t make someone a good fighter.


Basics of Kickboxing

So let’s see then what is kickboxing workout.  A modern version of this sport originated in Japan. Tatsuo Yamada, a Japanese karate master, is considered a founder of the discipline. Kickboxing then over the years become a popular discipline and particularly among people who are working and developing self-defense techniques. Several aspects are crucial for a proper kickboxing workout, and we will discuss further on. 

What is essential to know is that when practicing kickboxing, you are working each muscle while at the same time working on stamina and speed and last but not least, technique.  Besides this, to achieve full effects it is crucial to think about keeping the proper distance, rules about feinting, defense and not just offense like, for example in boxing and of course sparring.

kickboxing techniques for beginners


Benefits of KickBoxing

Many people can find it strange because the sport appears to be appealing only to those muscular men who are lifting weights at the gym. Nevertheless, there is plenty of kickboxing workout benefits. We will here mention some of those that we find interesting. 

  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Speeds up weight loss
  • Increases confidence and self-esteem
  • Has a positive impact on mental health
  • It’s a great self-defense technique


Techniques – Why You Should Learn Them

Those who want to master the techniques of kickboxing workout need to know that even the basics aren’t easy. However, with enough self-discipline and regular practice, nothing is impossible. Furthermore, once it becomes clear that you are getting better after each training, nothing will stop you in endeavors to become a real kickboxing master. 

Assessing the Distance.  Whether you want to attack or defend yourself, it is necessary to learn how to keep a proper distance from your opponent. It is not advised to be too close nor too far, because a sparring partner will use this as your weakness.  There are three types of distances:

  • full where you can kick your partner with a fully extended leg;
  • the half where you can punch with entire extended arm;
  • close in which you hit with an uppercut, for example.

If you are doing kickboxing workouts at home, then a kickboxing workout video would be useful for understanding how to create and maintain a proper distance. 

basic kickboxing techniques for beginners

Essential Must Know Kickboxing Techniques

  1. Punches. Kicks and punches are an essential part of kickboxing workout. Everybody who thinks of being serious about it needs to learn theory while practicing the techniques. You also need to keep in mind that these are techniques are quite a bit different than the techniques of boxing. What it means is that you have to learn about anatomy. Those who want to be good at punching have to know that strength plays a role but not the main one. Get yourself a kickboxing bag stand, bag, and a pair of kickboxing gloves and focus on your accuracy, speed, and technique and develop it through practice.  It is important to remember that for a more powerful punch, you need to go through instead of withdrawing immediately after making an impact. If given a chance, try kickboxing workout with a bag to practice punches and kicks.


2. Kicks. It’s very likely self-explanatory, but the big difference between boxing and kickboxing workout is that people use legs a lot. The power of the kick same as with punch depends on the concept of going through.  Also, what is important is how fast you can twist your body. In the case of kicks, the focus is on hip – faster twist implies a stronger kick. There are a lot of kick techniques that you can learn in training, and they improve with practice.


3. Pace. The speed is crucial in kickboxing. But moreover changing the rate and rhythm of your movements is a fantastic way to confuse your sparring partner. If you want to improve the pace, follow some cardio kickboxing workout videos to get some ideas.


4. Footwork and Balance. Mastering footwork is one of the kickboxing essentials. There are plenty of exercises that will help with perfecting it. One thing that we recommend is SAQ (speed, agility, and quickness) drills. Keep in mind that you need to warm up before and do them for 2-3 minutes per round.


5. Defense. As you already probably know, martial arts are more about defense than offense.  Include in your kickboxing workout routine everything that relates to blocks, dodges, parries, and so on and practices them at least as much as you focus on punches and kicks if not more.


6. Feints. If you at least saw a kickboxing workout youtube video, then it is clear what is feinting. We can say it’s bluffing designed to confuse the partner or opponent.  This skill needs a lot of practice, and it is good to test it out with different sparring partners.


7. Assess the time. If you are new to combat sports, then it is possible to wonder what does time have to do with fighting. Well, time is more important than you think regardless of whether we are talking about defense or attack. To understand what we are talking about, try the following exercise with your partner instead of a standard free fight. Throw punches and kicks at your partner while she or he tries to react by blocking and dodging your kicks and blows timely. After some time, change roles to have a clear picture of how vital is the right timing. 


8. Stamina and Endurance. They are crucial for having a successful kickboxing workout.  If you aren’t in good shape, your opponent will eventually win. There are plenty of ways to improve them, like jumping rope, interval running, and so on. Train as hard and as long as you can. Just keep your gloves clean and make sure to takes breaks as needed.

9. Sparring.  And this is the part everybody was waiting for, and that makes everyone happy. Sparring or free fight is when you enter a ring and try everything that you have learned with your partner. It is considered to be the best kickboxing workout. However, beginners shouldn’t do it unless they have worked enough on their punching and kicking as well as other techniques and features.

best kickboxing techniques for beginners 

Should You Learn All Of These Kickboxing Techniques?

We hope that we managed to bring the concept of kickboxing workout a bit closer to you and that you will give it a try if you get a chance.  We believe it is a unique type of exercise but more than that an excellent self-defense tool as we already mentioned. If you liked this text, you could read about other martial arts in our professional guides. If you have some thoughts or experiences about kickboxing, we would be more than happy to hear from you.

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