Top Kids MMA Gloves – Best Youth Options for Ultimate Hand Protection

Taking care of your health is of the utmost importance especially in your youth. Therefore, getting your kids started with proper workout routines and exercises from a young age makes sense. Mixed martial arts (MMA) is among the leading sports for a full-body workout.

It can train your kids to defend themselves in any situation and can also help them build a good physique from a young age. Moreover, it can also have a positive impact on their health and fitness. MMA is growing in popularity nowadays, and this is why you need to find the best MMA gloves for kids to help them get started.

No sport is complete without the right tools in your arsenal, and Marital Arts as a sport is not exception, you need other things as well like in our case headgear for youth, punching bag so maybe a punching bag for teenagers or a punching bag for kids. Therefore, choosing the best gloves for your kids is elemental. These gloves can help them protect their hands and maximize the potential of their respective training routines. So, you need to invest your resources and time into finding the best gloves for your young ones.

Lucky for you, we have listed the topmost MMA gloves for kids. These offer maximum durability, comfort, and hand protection at their fingertips. These gloves are designed to help them get the maximum out of their routines without hurting themselves. Let's explore these MMA gloves in detail and see what they bring to the table.

What Are The Best MMA Gloves For Kids In The Market?

Finding the topmost MMA gloves should not be an ordeal for you. Whether you want to use the MMA gloves for a heavy punching bag or in a real fight. So, we have compiled a well-researched list of the top 6 MMA gloves in the market right now. These offer fitting features at your disposal and will be of great help for the younger kids interested in MMA and boxing. Let's dive into it.

1. RDX MMA Gloves

RDX MMA Gloves Review

The RDX MMA Gloves are available in four beautiful colorways and come with Maya hide leather for maximum durability. The leather surface is ideal for tractability, and it can take frequent usage without showing any signs of cracks. These gloves are padded with Tri-Slab PC3 to offer maximum hand protection and impact absorption. It offers pretty similar features to the most expensive gloves out there.

Highlight Features

These are ideal for gloves for beginners who are determined to understand the different techniques of mixed martial arts without breaking their fingers. The hard-wearing material can withstand maximum impact and training without cracking apart. There are also great beginner punching bags that can go along well with these bags like the Wavemaster XXL or the BOB XL

These MMA gloves come with a hook-and-loop closure mechanism that supports easy donning. Therefore, your kids will not have to worry about taking these off and on during different exercises. The ergonomically designed strap offers comfort and convenience without any problems.

The curved open palm design helps with a natural grip for rods and opponents. Another amazing thing about these gloves is that they are designed to enhance the airflow to keep your hands dry and well ventilated. This helps with clenching and grabbing techniques.

The premium-quality stitching helps retain the shape after frequent usage. Moreover, the surface offers crack-resistant qualities, therefore increasing the lifespan of these gloves against other competitors. Whether your kid wants to train on a punching bag or an actual opponent, these gloves will serve as the rightful companion.

  • Ergonomically Designed Strap
  • Enhanced Airflow
  • Premium Quality Stitching
  • Triple Padding
  • Easy Donning
  • Maya Hide Leather
  • Crack Resistance
  • Sizes Run Too Small.
  • The Color May Fade Away.

2. Venum Kids Elite Boxing Gloves

Venum Kids Elite Boxing Gloves Review

If you want quality and style for your kids, the Venum Kids Elite Boxing Gloves are ideal for you. These MMA gloves are completely handmade from 100% premium-quality Skintek leather. Therefore, you can expect maximum durability and excellent training experience for your kids. It's a great training glove.

Highlight Features

These MMA gloves are completely handmade in Thailand and utilize high-quality semi leather for construction. Therefore, you can expect these gloves to last longer than other options in the market. These gloves are designed to offer utmost hand protection and shock absorption. They are great if you want to do some cardio exercises on a heavy bag like the Cardio Wavemaster.  

The palms are also reinforced to protect the sensitive joints, and the gloves offer long cuffs for an easy donning experience. In addition to this, the gloves are also reinforced with a triple-density foam to offer maximum shock absorption at your fingertips further. Therefore, your kids will be well-protected in the arena, and you will not have to worry about any severe or long-lasting consequences to their hands or wrists.

Moreover, these gloves support a wide Velcro closure mechanism for precise adjustments and easy maintenance. Therefore, these gloves are ideal for any wrist size, and you can adjust the long cuffs according to your preferences. This way, your hands, and wrists will be away from any real form of danger.

The reinforced palms utilize a triple-density form to offer maximum shock absorption and impact protection. This will protect the entire hand against any impacts and offer maximum comfort for your kids. They can focus on training without getting worried about their joints and wrists.

Lastly, you will also find an attached thumb for additional protection. The presence of an attached thumb allows the kids to properly form their punches without getting their thumb in the way. When their thumb is ideally positioned, it will reduce the chances of getting hurt or inviting any long-lasting consequences.

  • Attached Thumb for Added Protection
  • Reinforced Palm for Maximum Absorption
  • Wide Velcro Closure
  • Completely Handmade
  • Skintex Leather
  • Long Cuffs
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Sizes Run Too Small
  • Velcro Gives Up After a While

3. Elite Sports MMA UFC Gloves

Elite Sports MMA UFC Gloves Review

If you want to make sure you get durable and lightweight sparring gloves for your kids, the brilliantly designed Elite Sports MMA UFC Gloves are here to save the day. These gloves are made from high-quality PU Leather, making them extremely lightweight and robust. The lightweight feature will help your kids land faster and more precise punches than their opponents and would able to knock them to the mat.

Highlight Features

Elite Sports doesn't need an introduction when it comes to offering the best equipment for MMA and boxing. Therefore, you can expect these MMA gloves to offer the best possible training experience for your kids. These gloves are designed for extreme grappling and grabbing techniques.

These gloves are padded with a triple-density gel to offer added protection for your kids. The impact foam also offers superior shock absorption and impact deflection. Moreover, the Velcro strap mechanism also enables the wearers to put them on or take them off quickly.

These multi-purpose MMA gloves, and you can use them for a variety of different exercises. Therefore, your kids can use the same gloves for their routine boxing exercises or other workouts. Elite Sports MMA gloves will keep on offering the same level of performance for different workout routines.

Furthermore, these gloves are extremely lightweight, enabling your kids to land faster and better punches than before. The pre-curved anatomic palm of these gloves allows for a proper punch formation and fist closure. This helps reduce the chances of injury, and your kids can ideally position their thumb away from their punch.

The shock-absorbent material also helps reduce any chances of injury by offering a triple-density gel foam for hand protection and impact deflection. You will feel like these MMA gloves are made specifically for your kid. The adjustable Velcro strap offers a snug fit around the wrist, therefore protecting the entire hand and wrist from danger.

  • Adjustable Double Wrist Closure
  • Easy-to-Maintain PU Leather
  • Triple Padding Layers
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-Purpose
  • More Than 6 Colors
  • Minimum Airflow
  • Hands Get Sweaty

4. Venum Contenders Kids Gloves

Venum Contenders Kids Gloves Review

If you want padded MMA gloves for maximum safety for your kids, the powerful Venum Contenders Kids Gloves are here for you. The gloves pack a powerful multi-density foam padding to offer maximum hand protection at your fingertips. Moreover, the curved anatomic shape also helps with a snug fit and added protection.

Highlight Features

Venum is a well-known name when it comes to the best sports equipment in the market. It makes sense that their MMA gloves for kids also offer superior quality and maximum performance without sacrificing the safety element. These gloves are ideal for MMA and boxing, and the multi-layer padding can help you stop worrying about the safety of your kids.

These MMA gloves are made from premium synthetic leather. Therefore, you can expect these to last longer than other gloves in the market. The synthetic leather also allows these gloves to be ideal for MMA, boxing, and other workout routines.

These MMA gloves also offer a curved anatomic shape that is ideal for small hands. This is why these MMA gloves are considered to be among the top MMA gloves for kids, as these can quickly conform to the small hand size. The curved shape also helps with proper fist closure.

These gloves also offer multi-density foam padding to offer enhanced hand protection and impact absorption. These gloves come with a Velcro closure system to protect the wrist and other joints as well. Furthermore, the attached thumb also minimizes the risk of breaking the thumb or twisting it during punching.

  • 100% Premium Synthetic Leather
  • Attached Thumb
  • Velcro Closure System
  • Multi-Density Foam Padding
  • Curved Anatomic Shape


  • Material Feels Cheap
  • Velcro Closure Gets Loose After Frequent Usage

5. Elite Sports Pro Gloves 4oz

Elite Sports Pro Gloves 4oz Review

Lightweight MMA gloves are ideal for punching faster and precisely. This is why you need Elite Sports Pro Gloves that only weigh 4oz. The perfect combination of pre-curved anatomic hand design, PU leather, and a 3D cooling mesh can take your kid's MMA training experience to the next level.

Highlight Features

These lightweight MMA gloves are made from superior quality PU leather to offer maximum comfort and durability for your kids. Additionally, the pre-curved anatomic hand design also helps your kids with proper fist closure. This can help them stay away from any injuries during the training sessions.

If you constantly worry about your kid's safety in the ring, you should know that these MMA gloves come with triple-density gel and an impact foam to offer maximum shock absorption. Therefore, your kids can land a powerful punch without breaking their joints or fingers. The wide Velcro closure mechanism also protects the wrist during the punching sessions.

In addition to these features, your kid can also enjoy the 3D cooling mesh that maximizes airflow and ventilation. This will allow them to stay dry and maximize their grabbing techniques simultaneously. These are multi-purpose gloves that can be used for MMA, kickboxing, and sparring activities.

  • Superior Quality PU Leather
  • Lightweight
  • Triple Density Gel and Impact Form
  • A Wide Velcro Closure Mechanism
  • 3D Cooling Mesh
  • More Than Eight Beautiful Colors
  • Cheap Stitching
  • 3D Cooling Mesh Comes Off

6. RDX Kids Boxing Gloves

RDX Kids Boxing Gloves Review

RDX Kids Boxing Gloves with Maya hide leather are ideal for you if you want latex padding and a shock-absorbent material for your kid. These MMA gloves are more than capable of taking any impact and distributing it evenly across the surface. This way, your kids can enjoy maximum hand protection and MMA training experience without hurting themselves.

Highlight Features

RDX kids boxing gloves are ideal for MMA training sessions as these come with a child-friendly Quick-EZ wrist design. This helps with an easy donning application, and your kids can quickly protect their wrists with the wide Velcro closure. Moreover, the closure mechanism offers a snug and custom fit to support the joints and wrists during the training sessions.

An amazing thing about these MMA gloves is that your kids can enjoy optimal ventilation and thermal regulation. RDX employed a cool X palm-mesh technology to offer moisture-wicking qualities and maximum airflow. This way, your kids can keep focused on practicing without worrying about any sweatiness on their palms.

The lightweight construction of these MMA gloves maximizes your kid's movements and allows them to train freely without any obstacles. Moreover, these gloves are also ergonomically designed to conform to different hand sizes. Therefore, these are ideal for your kids as they can quickly conform to their hand size and offer optimum force dispersion without any issues.

  • Maya Hide Leather
  • Impact Diffusion Sheet
  • Moisture-Wicking Attributes
  • Palm-Mesh Technology
  • Quick-EZ Closure
  • Multiple Layers of Foam for Shock Absorption
  • Difficult to Take These Off
  • Velcro Closure Gets Loose After Frequent Usage

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