Want to Lose Weight? Do These MMA Workouts at Home!

Wanting to lose weight but do not want to get into the gym and the do the same thing over and over like everybody else does?

Yeah eff that, me neither, besides there is a better way to lose weight and lose it fast and that’s MMA.

MMA is great for weight loss because it combines some of the most intense workouts with concentration and fun.

When cutting weight, the weight loss tip that has been the most beneficial to me as of late has been that of “if you want to lose weight and lose it fast then you need to be training like an MMA fighter”.

MMA fighters are some of the most well rounded athletes in professional sports. They have to be strong, flexible, quick, and well conditioned.

If anyone of these aspects is missing then they won’t last long in the MMA world or any other fight ring for that matter. Because of this high level of fitness MMA athletes often posses other traits that are only gotten from hardcore discipline.

So this weight loss tip is simple, if you want to lose weight, shred that fat, the best way to do this fast is to train like an MMA fighter.

What does this mean?

It means you have to work out hard and you have to do a variety of different boxing movements and combinations. You have to focus on one aspect of fitness at a time while not neglecting the others, you have to get in touch with your body and understand how your body works.

Another aspect of training like an MMA fighter is that of cutting weight to make their weight class before a fight. Many fighters walk around at a much heavier weight than the class they fight in but are able to drop weight quickly to make weight. They follow a strict diet and exercise regiment to accomplish this in a short period of time.

While you are not training to make weight it can be interesting to see how your body responds to such a regimen and it can help you learn how to take the pounds off fast when you want to drop a few.

Why is MMA Best For Weight Loss?

mma training for weight loss

Reading this you must be wondering why exactly is mma for weight loss the best option?

What makes martial arts workout the best?

Well there are a few reasons:

You will not get burned out

Heres the thing about MMA workouts. They can be extremely fun to do. No matter what workout you are doing whether it’s hitting the heavy bag, shadow boxing, or even cardio kickboxing, its all fun and engaging. This is completely opposite for just your normal workouts. Most workouts at the gym, or wherever else are not fun and engaging like martial arts can be. This can cause you to not only burn out and give up but plateau and not able to get past that point in your physique that you have been at for years, fat, skinny, or otherwise. You’ll stay that way unless you change some things up

It’s Intense Cardio

Little do you know MMA is a very intense workout. These punching bag workouts will get your heart pumping like never before and the best part about it is, you will not even notice it. You will be burning calories as fast as you ever have before and you will be enjoying it too!

It’s Fun – Time Flies!

Like we said above, MMA workouts can be extremely fun and engaging, more so than any other workout that you can think of. When you are hitting away at the heavy bag, you will be sweating and burning fat faster than you can think and you will be having fun doing it! Sure beats running on a treadmill, exercising on the elliptical, or lifting heavy weights!

MMA Workouts For Weight Loss

mma workouts for weight loss and fat burn

MMA workouts consist of numerous full body movements usually done with some resistance. Body weight workouts are very common and core work is essential. High rep and low weight is common and working to failure is also a frequent tactic. 10 sets of 10 – 20 with a 30 second break in between sets is a great way to reach the level of exertion you are looking for. The idea is that you want to shock your body with as much as you can possibly throw at it. After you are recovered you should do an entirely different workout, that focused on different muscles.

Give MMA a Try if you are wanting to Lose Weight Fast!

Consider joining a gym that offers some type of fight class, sparring or wresting. MMA has seen explosive growth in the last couple of years and because of this there are more options than ever. This is a weight loss tip that can lead you to a superior physical condition is a short amount of time.

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