19 Best Punching Bags for Your Home – Top Picks Designed for Home Use

When it comes to getting a full-body home workout focused around strength-building and toning there really is no better option than a punching bag.

A punching bag workout really tests your body’s stamina and strength as it’s very physically demanding. However, once you start getting used to it, a punching bag workout can build strength and stamina for your body like nothing else.

Furthermore, depending on the type of punching bag and your fitness goals, a punching bag will not only help you get that strong toned body you have always dreamed of but will also help you in many other areas.

Areas such as developing faster reflexes, improving the coordination of the large muscle groups, improving hand-eye combination, hand combination and so on.

Thing is, there are a ton of different punching bags out there all designed for different applications. The ones here though are the ones that I have laid out specifically not only because they are the best bang for buck options but because these punching bags are specifically designed for home use

Listed below are the best punching bags for home use applications - ranked in order based on quality, function, and cost. In that order

Before you can buy one for your home, you first need to decide on which type of punching you want.

Here are the different types of punching bags.

Types of Punching Bags

There are many different types of punching bags available on the market, and each of them is designed to serve a different type of training need. 

Depending on the type of punching bag you go with, the quality and effectiveness of your training and workouts can vary quite a bit.

So let us quickly walk you through some of the best and most popular types of punching bags out there and help you decided the right one for your training needs.

Freestanding Bags - Best Type of Bag For Home Use

free standing punching bags for home use

One of the biggest hassles of owning a punching bag is setting it up. Most of them can be a struggle to assemble and set up. Typically most other punching bags will require you to drill holes in your wall or ceiling or will require to buy a heavy bag stand.

That's what makes free standing bags so perfect.

Free standing bags do not require any of this. This is what makes them the best type of punching bag for home use.

There’s actually not much to do in terms of assembling them.

Just fill the base with sand or water, put together the striking surface and you’re good to go.

However, that doesn’t translate to a lower effectiveness for your training than other types of punching bags.

In fact, depending on your training needs and preferences, a quality freestanding punching bag can turn out to be a great choice as it offers an effective combination of taking powerful striking easily while not being too hard on you.

Free standing bags are what 99 percent of the population should buy because they do everything well. If you are not a professional boxer and are looking for a punching bag that is going to be a good fit for home use - then a free standing bag is going to be your best option.

These bags are good for teens, beginners, intermediate boxers, kickboxers, and semi-competitive martial artist and boxers. 

The only application these bags would not be good for is top level professionals, but even then these are still going to be an excellent choice for home use.

And no, if you a good free standing bag like the ones below you will not be able to tip it over and they do not have a moving issue. I've had my Wavemaster XXL for 6 years and have never been able to tip it over.

Hanging Bags - Best Home Use Type For Professionals

hanging heavy bag for home use

Hanging punching bags as we said earlier do require more in terms of assembly and installation and offer less portability, but generally speaking they can take a bit more beating than their freestanding counterparts which is what makes them a better fit for professionals.

These are often the go-to home option for professionals, including MMA and Muay Thai fighters. 

The hanging bags that I have reviewed below I have selected not because they are good for professionals, one is, but because they are quality options that do not cost you a ton and are best for home use - because they are easy to set up and reliable (last forever).

Reflex Bag

Best Cheap Home Use Bag For Improving Speed & Accuracy

reflex bags for home use

Let me first preface this by saying reflex bags are on the up and coming nowadays because people are starting to realize just how underrated this type of punching bag really is. 

It's no wonder Connor Mcgregor and Mike Tyson love this type of bag.

As the name suggests, reflex bags are designed to help develop fast reflexes, speed, and precision in your strikes.

They have a strong bounce reaction. They come back at you sharply after being punched which requires a faster and swifter response from you.

The faster you go the faster it rebounds back.

This is what helps you develop your reflexes and your punching accuracy much faster than any other type of punching bag.

They are great for technique training in general. They can help you practice certain techniques and skills, and also force you to use a combination of both your hands, ensuring you become a more well rounded fighter by giving you a complete training experience.

However, as you can tell, they aren’t ideal for hard-hitting or kickboxing. You have the above two types for that.

Reflex punching bags are great for home use because they are light, compact, easy to move, and can be set up just about anywhere in your home.

Speed Bag - Best For Speed & Timing Development

speed bag for home use

Again, the name does a good job of explaining its purpose. A speed bag is specifically designed for improving speed, rhythm, and timing. These bags hang from a speed bag platform and bounce back as you hit it. I am sure you have seen this. 

This not only helps you develop speed in your strikes, but also improves your strike timing and precision as you need to strike it when it’s in the air and not hitting one of the sides of the platform.

These punching bags are also insanely good at helping develop your rhythm and timing. This is one of the most unique benefits of speed bag training that is not provided with any other type of punching bag. They help you improve in areas which are hard to target with other bags.

Ranging from hand-eye combination to combination strikes to hand speed and consistency, it helps focus on a lot of areas that are often neglected with other types of training.

Now that you know about each type of punching bag you can better choose which punching bag is right for you. 

Best Freestanding Punching Bags for Home Use

Listed below are the best free standing punching bags for your home 

1. Century BOB XL – Editors Choice!

Best Overall Home Option

Best Features

  • Resembles a real fighter with varying levels of strength and resilience across different parts of BOB
  • Has turned out to be incredibly effective for many people to develop strength fast or even lose weight
  • Great, large striking area allows all types of strikes – punches and kicks
  • Allows you to get an idea of the accuracy of your uppercuts and the strength in your strikes
  • Very easy to set up and move around
  • 7 different adjustable levels
  • A lot of soft padding to be comfortable for beginners as well
  • Polyethylene base can hold up to 270 pounds of sand or water
  • Height adjustments range from 60 inches to 82 inches in height

Century BOB XL Review

So here is the thing - this punching bag is quite a bit ahead of the others in terms of... well just about everything. Recently the company has dropped the price and now it can be had for right around the same price as the Wavemaster XXL - which is insane. 

I need to before anything else just check out the reviews of this bag and that should be plenty enough for you to see just how good of a bag this one is.

I’d be surprised if I find a comparable punching bag being made for quite some time in the future.

Training with the Century BOB XL is as close to training with a real MMA fighter as it can get. It’s the most unique punching bag on the market, and instead of being a “bag” it actually comes in the shape of a real fighter.

But it’s not just the shape. It’s indeed designed in a way that the different body parts of the bag feel like the real body parts of a fighter, with there being a varying level of strength and resilience in different parts of BOB.

If you’re still thinking whether it’s actually effective or if it’s all just hype, then you would want to check out some users reviews the BOB has received.

There’s more than enough striking surface to throw all types of punches and kicks at it, while it will also help you find out if your strikes like uppercuts are accurate and if you’re hitting the ribs hard enough. This is how BOB turns out to be so versatile and almost a real training partner.

But there are also 7 different adjustable height levels that add to the overall versatility.

It’s further enhanced by the ability to remove the torso for ground training. Yes you can remove the guy part of this bag for ground training. Bang for buck right there.

And despite resembling a lot like a real fighter, the padding is surprisingly soft - there’s a lot of padding, making sure you don’t hurt your hands even if you’re training without training gloves or any other kind of protection, although it’s always better to use some kind of protection.

Not to mention it is extremely portable and can be moved around with ease which is just another reason the Century Bob XL is the best punching bag for home use.

2. ​Wavemaster XXL

Most Popular Punching Bag

Best Features

  • Comes with high-density foam that’s tough but doesn’t get hard on your hands, covered with a highly durable vinyl cover
  • Impressively uniform weight distribution allows for better consistency when punching different areas of the bag
  • It weighs around 270 pounds when filled with water or sand
  • The vinyl covermakes for a great striking surface
  • Solid, high-quality plastic base
  • Unlike other heavy duty freestanding bags, it’s surprisingly easy to set up
  • Measures 69 inches in height

Wavemaster XXL Review

The Wavemaster XXL is another excellent freestanding punching bag that is built like a tank and designed for the hardest of hitters.

I have owned the Wavemaster XXL heavy bag for about 6 years now and have put this thing through hell and back. I have keep this punching bag outdoors, through rain, snow, sun, and although it is showing signs of wear, it still has no rips, no marks, nothing. 

Built to last. 

It features an insanely large striking surface which is very nice.

Unlike some of the other extremely heavy duty punching bags, it actually moves when you punch or kick it hard. But in contrast to the general belief that a punching bag shouldn’t move when you punch it, its ability to move but not topple over actually turns out to be very helpful.

This is because it allows you to train a more realistic environment. If you’re into MMA or end up in a situation that calls for self-defense, you won’t have an opponent standing in the same position after taking a punch ready to take more of your beating.

Its mobility makes you move around as well, allowing you to get more out of your training and workout. However, do not forget the fact that it’s very heavy duty and durable, and wouldn’t topple over even when kicked by the strongest of MMA fighters out there.

While it’s not as tall as some of the other punching bags out there, it's  enough for most users.

However, if you’re very tall 6'5"+ and tend to uppercut a lot, you would want to go with either the BOB XL or the Ringside Elite.

For everyone else who want a more rigorous, involving workout or training, you wouldn’t find a better option than the Wavemaster XXL which makes you move around without toppling over.

3. ​Century Versys VS.1 – Best Bang for Your Buck

Best Features

  • Excellent for Ground Training & Grappling
  • Extremely Portable
  • Best For Small Areas
  • Large striking durable vinyl surface
  • Pre-fill sand base allows the bag to handle a huge variety of strikes with varying force
  • Measures around 65 inches in height
  • Comes pre-filled with sand, and is very easy to set up

Century Versys VS.1 Review

This is one of the cheaper heavy duty freestanding punching bags out there, but also one of the most unique options in its own way.

It brings a lot of versatility to the table, and is one of the few freestanding bags that would allow you to unleash your whole variety of punches and kicks.

The best thing about this bag is that is designed for both stand up and for ground work. If you are an MMA fighter this is the bag for you. 

Weighing only 110 pounds and having a small base this bag can be taken to the ground for grappling and take down practice.

There are handles at the top and at the bottom designed for helping you practice taken down precision.

But let me make one thing clear. The Versys VS.1 isn’t designed to be the most heavy duty punching bag.

Instead, it turns out to be an excellent punching bag for skill and technique training. Ranging from striking to knees to high kicks and pound drills, it is a bag to help you become a well rounded fighter.

It’s also great for cardio and is a breeze to set up.

4. Ringside Elite

Most Stable Heavy Duty Home Punching Bag

Best Features

  • An incredibly heavy duty and durable freestanding punching bag
  • Comes in a durable synthetic leather outer shell with comfortable, shock-absorbent form making up the inside of the bag
  • Solid plastic bag holds up to 270 pounds of sand or water and never lets the bag topple no matter how hard you punch or kick it
  • Extra layer of foam for the base to protect you from mistakenly kicking the plastic base hard and hurting yourself
  • Spring-loaded design works very well for a continuous workout without having to wait for the bag to come back after punching it hard
  • Comes in a perfect size measuring 6’4” in height, making it comfortable to punch it for taller users as well

Ringside Elite Review

The Ringside Elite is one of the most heavy duty freestanding punching bags you will find on the market. It manages to get around one of the biggest issues associated with freestanding punching bags, which is not being able to handle as much force as some of the other types of punching bags.

What makes this bag diffferent is the fact that it has a spring mechanism that allows the bag to rebound back and forth (a tiny bit) very similar to a reflex bag.

The Ringside Elite truly stands out with its super strong base and a solid overall construction. Users mention how it easily takes everything they throw at it with all their might.

But its durability is not only in its ability to handle the hardest of your punches and kicks, but also in its ability to last you a really long time even with a lot of rough use.

It’s made using a very high-quality synthetic leather, with its inside being filled with soft, shock-absorbing foam. This gives you the best of both worlds in the form of a super strong punching bag that allows you to unleash your best at it, while being surprisingly comfortable to hit without any possibility of injuring yourself.

The plastic base can be filled with 270 pounds of sand or water, and when you fill it to its max capacity, it will easily stand up against the likes of professional boxers as well. It also comes with an extra layer of shock-absorbing foam 

It measures 6’4” in height, which is pretty much enough for most people, including very tall people. It comes in a spring-loaded design, meaning that it quickly sways when you punch it, but the spring mechanism is quick and swift enough to come right back at you without you having to wait for it.

All in all, this freestanding punching bag is excellent for cardio workouts or aerobic workouts for building strength.

Most users would find nothing to complain about with the Ringside Elite. However, if I were to get very nit-picky about it, I’d say that it’s very hard to move around.

Another thing which may turn out to be a bit inconvenient for some users is that the bolts are not easy to get in place or screw in. You would be able to do it anyway, but not without spending more time than you think you would.

However, for me that doesn’t take anything away from how good of a freestanding punching bag it really is, handling the punches and kicks like no other freestanding bag out there can.

5. ​Century Original Wavemaster

Best For Kickboxing

Best Features

  • Great freestanding punching bag for beginners thanks to its adjustable height
  • 7 different height options
  • Super strong with solid base that can handle the most powerful of striking
  • Fill it sand for extra toughness and with water for better versatility
  • Measures just 26 inches in height, but the adjustable height makes it good enough for most users

Century Original Wavemaster

The Century Original is first model in the Wavemaster punching bag line up designed to be an excellent punching bag for teenagers and beginners. It comes with an adjustable height and offers 7 different height options, making it easier for beginners to practice at a height they are most comfortable with.

It also works great for kickboxing training in particular, thanks to its relatively low height but a super strong base.

However, if you also want to do some heavy punching workouts, then you must fill it with 270 lbs of sand instead of water, as that’s how it will offer the kind of toughness you will need for those kind of workouts.

When filled with sand it is strong as a rock and hard to even budge.

6. ​Everlast Powercore

Cheap Alternative Punching Bag For Home Use

Best Features 

  • Beginner-friendly with a lot of soft padding
  • Manages to offer great stability
  • Impressive shock absorption and foam structure
  • Works a lot better with sand than with water

Everlast Powercore Heavy Bag Review

The Everlast Powercore Free Standing Heavy Bag is another beginner-friendly punching bag that offers the advantage of strength training with a punching bag without making life hard for beginners or teenagers.

It comes in a big, strong base that provides a lot of stability to beginners while training. It’s also much easier to put together than many other punching bags, which makes things a lot easier for beginners when removing sand or water and refilling it.

I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re a professional and going to deliver one heavy strike after another, but for non-professional home use it’s ideal and available at a great price.

It comes with superior shock absorption and a tri-disc foam structure making the training sessions a lot easier than you would find with other punching bags.

Best Hanging Heavy Bags for Home

For professionals or for those that prefer a traditional hanging bag here are the best hanging heavy bags for home use.

1. Combat Sports - Cost Effective

Best Hanging Heavy Punching Bag for Home

Best Features

  • One of the most durable punching bags on the market
  • Strong, durable synthetic leather construction offers great striking ability while being easy to clean
  • Excellent option for beginners and professionals
  • At 72 inches, it’s also pretty tall and offers a large striking area

Combat Sports Heavy Punching Bag Review

Let me introduce you to this punching bag by saying that there are people who have been using it for over ten years now. That speaks volumes about it durability!

Not only is this one of the best 100 lb heavy bags currently available but it also does not cost you a ton.

One of the best things about this bag is the price. It is extremely affordable.

It can handle all types of strikes and the most powerful blows, being made of durable synthetic leather. The material is not only tough and comfortable at the same time but also easy to clean.

It takes a lot of strength to push away with your punches and kicks, so the toughness is definitely there.

2. ​Outslayer

Best Home Heavy Bag for MMA & Muay Thai

Best Features

  • Made using high-quality fabric with no sand
  • Designed with professionals in mind, has a tough surface for a more effective training experience
  • Amazing 10-year warranty, reflects the incredible durability it offers
  • Measures 55” in height and weighs around 100 lbs

Outslayer Review

This is another hanging punching bag that doesn’t leave anything to be desired on the durability front. This is clearly evident in the fact that it boasts a solid 10-year warranty.

However, it’s also one of the toughest punching bags out there. It’s not really for the beginners, but for the MMA and Muay Thai professionals who won’t get their hands hurt with the hard response they get from the bag when they hit it hard.

This is actually a good thing, as that’s the type of training MMA professionals are usually after.

You don’t have any sand or water to fill into this bag. It’s filled with fabric only. And this is what helps it avoid getting hard spots from the hard punches of professionals that are a common issue with many other punching bags.

This not only increases its lifespan but also ensures an effective training experience for years to come.

3. Meister 100 lb Heavy Bag

Cheap Heavy Bag For Home Use

Best Features

  • Can handle the hardest beating from big, heavy guys and even professionals
  • Very durable with military-grade vinyl construction
  • Good, fast swinging when hit hard
  • Measures 60 inches in height and weighs around 100lbs

Meister Heavy Bag Review

This is another excellent hanging punching bag where durability would never be a concern.

A particular user mentioned in their review that they are an MMA enthusiast and a 6’4” and 325lbs heavy guy, but this bag can take all their beating easily without complaining.

Strong and durable vinyl construction offers an ideal striking surface to professionals.

Perhaps the only thing I’m not too sure about are the straps. They don’t seem to be as strong and durable as the bag itself, but if you make sure you don’t give them much trouble they should last you long enough too.

4. Everlast 70 Heavy Bag

Best Home Punching Bag for Women

Best Features

  • Unique material combination allows it to offer great toughness and shock-absorption
  • Hard surface that paves the way for a stronger training experience for professionals
  • High-quality straps made using durable nylon material
  • Different size options with varying height levels

The Everlast 70 lb heavy bag is yet another great option for home use featuring a lightweight body and unique design.

This punching bag is designed mainly for women and lighter weight boxers.

The material is different than that of most other punching bags. It comes with a unique material that’s a combination of different synthetic and natural fibers.

This gives it the strength and toughness of strong materials, and the shock-absorbency of natural materials. The premium synthetic leather covering adds to the durability and resiliency.

The straps of this bag are very durable as well, made using heavy duty nylon material.

Best Reflex Punching Bags for Home Use

Listed below are the best reflex punching bags that are designed for home use

1. Ringside Cobra Reflex

Best Bang For Buck Home Reflex Bag

Ringside Cobra Reflex Review

It’s affordable and high quality. What's not to like?

 It’s very durable with industrial quality steel construction and a bag designed like it was ready for battle.

It offers an adjustable height, while being surprisingly fast when being hit. Its base tank can hold 140 lbs of water or sand.

As far as reflex bags go, this is not the best one but this is the best bang for your buck reflex bag that you are going to get.

The MaxxMMA down below is slightly better but also comes with a slightly higher price tag.

2. MaxxMMA

Best Overall Reflex Bag

MaxxMMA Review

The reason this one is not first is because its slightly higher price tag.

Great versatility here as you get two different sizes and different tension settings according to your needs and preferences. The height is adjustable as well.

If you are looking for the best reflex training you can find then this is going to be the best option for you.

3. Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag

Cheaper Alternative

Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag Review

This is one surprisingly affordable reflex punching bag with the reputation of Ringside.

There’s an adjustable bag height, good weight capacity with impressive durability, and it’s made of durable synthetic leather which is also easy to clean.

It’s great for beginners but not for heavy users or professionals as it isn’t the toughest and doesn’t come back as fast as professionals would want it to.

4. Tech Tools Reflex Punching Bag

Cheapest Home Reflex Bag

Tech Tools Reflex Punching Bag Review

Here’s another excellent reflex punching bag for beginners and light users. It comes with a strong base, adjustable height, and a fairly durable overall construction.

It takes only a small amount of sand to fill and is conveniently easy to set up. However, again, it doesn’t offer the kind of durability you would need to deliver high impact hits.

5. Hyperflex Strike Bag

Hyperflex Strike Bag Review

This is a surprisingly durable and heavy duty reflex punching bag for the price. The plastic base is hard and heavy, and looks much more durable than comparable products.

The hitting area is on the smaller side so it’s more suitable for skill and technique training than hard hitting or strength training.

It’s also easy to assemble.

6. Everlast Reflex Bag

Everlast Reflex Bag Review

This is a good versatile punching bag for a more complete training experience. The response in particular is impressive for a punching bag at this price point.

The base is sturdy, and the rest of the construction is good for the price, too.

However, you would want to make sure the screws are well in place before you start using it as some people did receive it in a condition where the screws were loose which would pose a threat of the punching bag getting damaged or even causing some injury to you.

Best Speed Bags for Home Use

There are many speed bags on the market, but the 3 options below are the best of the best especially for home use.

1. Cleto Reyes

Editors Choice - Best Overall

Cleto Reyes Review

Great quality, great bounce, and great speed. This is what makes the Cleto Reyes a perfect speed bag.

Unlike other cheaper speed bags out there, it doesn’t require reinflation every time you want to use it, which speaks volumes of the quality of materials used to make it.

Not much to say other than this is the best on the market right now. 

This is the bag that I own in my own home.

2. TITLE Gyro

Best Bang for Buck Speed Bag

TITLE Gyro Review

This is another excellent speed bag with a great, fast rebound that helps you develop your reflexes faster. It’s also very durable and comes in 4 different sizes.

The shape is also just perfect, prevents wobbling and helps you get more out of your workout unlike other cheaper options that end up deforming when hit hard and break the flow of your workout.

3. TITLE Boxing

TITLE Boxing Review

TITLE makes some great speed bags, and the TITLE Boxing speed bag is one of them. It offers a lot of uniqueness in the form of a tough but surprisingly lightweight construction. This allows for some great striking without hurting your hands.

It’s extremely durable with triple-stitches and reinforced handles. It comes in as many as 6 different sizes.

Best Speed Bag Platforms

A speed bag platform can make or break it when it comes to the effectiveness and quality of your training and workouts. While the speed bag itself is an important factor, it won’t offer much unless you have a great platform to work with.

The below are the absolute best speed bag platforms money can buy.

1. Balazsi-Box Speed Bag Platform

Best Overall Option

Best Features

  • Gym-like training at home, ideal for professionals
  • Great sturdiness and overall durability
  • Impressively versatile with 12 inches of adjustability
  • Easy and quick to set up if you follow the instructions properly
  • The steel parts being made of 11-gauge solid steel with the wood drum boasting a thickness of 1-1/4”

Balazsi-Box Speed Bag Platform Review

If you’re looking for serious gym-like training, this speed bag platform will be right up your alley. It’s super sturdy, made in the USA and top-notch quality.

Despite the sturdiness and durability, this platform is easy and quick to set up. It’s also surprisingly versatile thanks to offering over 12 inches of adjustability.

It also allows for a great bag rebound, and controls the vibration really well. In fact, there’s absolutely no vibration and shaking, which is

This helps professionals get the kind of workout and training they prefer. But it works great for home use too.

Sure, you will find many Chinese platforms for much cheaper, but the saying you get what you pay for cannot turn out to be truer when it comes to speed bag platforms.

Despite its seemingly high price tag, it’s an excellent value for money. Quality, durability, versatility and functionality – it has them all.

Many users also talk about how solid the speed bag swivel is, which often turns out to be a common durability issue with cheap Chinese platforms.

Its impressive versatility allows speed bags of any size to be used with this platform.

2. XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

Best Bang For Buck Home Option

Best Features

  • 11-gauge durable steel construction
  • The hardwood (oak) drum is thick and solid, made from a single piece of wood
  • Great stability ensures solid rebounds, no vibration and consistent striking
  • The ball bearing swivel is durable and of professional grade too

XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform XM-2811 Review

This beast of a speed bag platform from XMark offers pretty much everything you can ask for.

The 11-gauge solid durable steel construction ensures that you get the stability you need for effective training, with little to no vibration even for your most powerful strikes.

Furthermore, it helps you get solid rebounds, which are probably the most important element when training with speed bags.

The hardwood (oak) drum is extremely well-built too and is 1.5 inches thick. Something worth noting here is that it’s made from a solid piece of wood and not different parts of wood like sheets and particles, which is how cheaper platforms are made.

This is an important consideration because it affects the durability of the platform quite a bit, and I called the XMark a beast for this reason.

It’s not the most expensive speed bag platform out there neither one of the cheaper options, but you would be hard-pressed to find a better option unless you’re willing to spend at least a few hundred more dollars.

3. Everlast Speed Bag Platform

Cheapest Home Platform

Best Features

  • Great value for money given the surprisingly affordable price tag
  • Solid material, great build quality, impressive full-end padding
  • Stability is pretty good for the price too, with little to no vibration and great rebounds
  • You can attach speed bags of any size to it
  • The diameter board measures 24 inches with an impressive thickness of 1 inch

Everlast Speed Bag Platform Review

If you’re after a very affordable platform without compromising much on the functionality or the durability, then this speed bag platform from Everlast would turn out to be your best bet.

It’s a solid platform for the price and is even adjustable for any height you want. There’s a spring pin lock that you can use to lock it at any height.

This right here makes it an excellent value for money platform, especially given its modest price tag.

The rebounding ability is there too. However, it requires that you add at least 65 lbs of sand to get really good rebounding.

Anything lower than that and would experience some vibration and noise. That’s not a bad trade-off at this price point.

The assembly isn’t the easiest, and the not-so-clear instructions are mostly to blame. However, you will still get a good idea of how to go about setting it up and should be able to do it, although it would be a bit time-consuming.

Finally, I think the swivel it comes with could be better, although at this price I wouldn’t really complain. But if you feel that way too, you can just get an upgraded Everlast swivel available on Amazon and the setup will be much better.

Which Punching Bag Should I Get for My Home?

My Recommendations

Still not sure which of these punching bags to get? Well, I feel you.

As a beginner or someone who hasn’t used all these different types of punching bags, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs.

I had to cover them all as each of them would appeal to a certain type of users. That said, I’ll also help you decide which one you should get based on your needs and preferences.

My Freestanding Recommendation: Century Bob XL

You can check it out on amazon by clicking here

I strongly believe that the Century Bob XL is the most complete freestanding punching bag ever made. It not only offers all the advantages of a good freestanding bag, but also manages to get around some of the most common issues associated with them.

It’s durable, heavy duty, designed for all skill levels and is extremely sturdy. I have owned this bag for many years and there still is no close 2nd.

best free standing punching bag for home use

The striking area is also very well-designed, and allows for a great range of strikes, both punches and kicks.

The lifelike dummy gives you a training experience that no other bag can provide. Not to mention that it is extremely soft to the punch making your workouts more enjoyable for longer. 

Whether you need a punching bag for your apartment or home the Century Bob XL is your best option.

Best Hanging Bag Overall: Combat Sports

The Combat Sports heavy bag is not only the best because of it's user friendly design and high quality, but also because of its price point.

This bag is cheap which allows you to save and able to still get a ton of bag for your buck.

best hanging heavy bag for home use

It offers the ease and comfort of getting started with using a punching bag for training to beginners, but also has the toughness and strike-taking abilities to please the professionals.

It’s made using a very durable synthetic leather material that not only ensures a great level of durability but is also easy to clean and maintain.

The striking surface is friendly to beginners but can deliver the toughness it needs to handle the heavy punches and strikes of the professionals. So the best of both worlds for you right there and at a great price!

FAQ Most People Have When Buying a Home Punching Bag

Different people have different needs and may have some questions depending on what exactly they are after. I’ll try to answer some common questions below.

Should I get a Freestanding or a Hanging punching bag?

Simply put, unless you have some specific needs, a freestanding punching bag would likely hit the spot for you.

In most cases, people would really benefit from the advantages a freestanding bag offers over the other types out there. Let us take a quick look at some of them below.

  • No holes to drill, no difficulty in setting up, and no need to buy a stand
  • Much easier to store than other punching bags as they are relatively lightweight and don’t have to be kept at a particular place in your home like the hanging bags
  • They also take considerably less space to store and are much easier to move around; even if they are filled to their full capacity and become heavy you can simply push them to the ground and roll them using their base to wherever you want to take them in your home.

However, if you’re a professional or want to be one, or after some serious strength training, a hanging punching bag makes more sense for you. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • It can handle much more beating than other types of punching bags, including the freestanding ones
  • It’s usually more durable with no deformation even after a lot of intense training sessions
  • Much more durable in general than other types of bags
  • Much harder to punch or kick away, making you push yourself harder and get more out of your training and workouts.

What else do I need to get started?

There are some products that are going to be essential if you’re serious about getting a great workout using punching bags. Without these products may not only be less effective, but you would also run a risk of hurting yourself.

So let us walk you through a few basic things you will need to have highly effective training and workout sessions with your punching bag.

Boxing Gloves

best boxing gloves for hitting the punching bag at home

Your body can get a great strength-building cardio workout with a punching bag, but your hands need the required protection.

Even though the beginner-friendly punching bags we recommended above all come with soft, comfortable foam, they can still be hard on your hands when you’re throwing in some intense punching sessions.

Needless to say, it wouldn’t be possible for you to be able to strike the punching bag properly without a quality pair of boxing gloves for your hands.

You can check out my favorite boxing gloves on amazon by clicking here.

Quality boxing gloves will not only make it easier for you to get a good workout and be able to strike the bag as hard as you want, but they will also help you get an idea of the impact you’re getting as a response without hurting your hands.

If you are a beginner who is just getting started learning how to box or throw punches then you are going to want to check out some quality beginner boxing gloves here

IF you are more experienced then you will want to get yourself a pair of heavy bag gloves or some heavier 16 oz boxing gloves to keep your knuckles and hands protected.

Hand Wraps

handwraps for hitting the home punching bag

While it may be possible to hit a hanging heavy bag without any protection at all to some extent if you want to train real hard, it’s definitely not recommend to do it all the time.

However, if you want to strengthen your knuckles, wrist and even forearm muscles faster and willing to make things harder for them, then you can consider using hand wraps instead of boxing gloves.

Or a better option - opt for MMA gloves designed for heavy bag training. These will give your hands air to breathe but will still keep your hands protected. These gloves allow you to grapple and are designed to also take the abuse of heavy bag workouts.

While not really recommend for beginners, they do offer some protection than training bare-handed, and would also provide some much-needed stability to your wrist and forearm.

However, they will still not give your knuckles much protection, so that’s certainly something to keep in mind if you would be throwing heavy punches at the bag.

Heavy Bag Stand

best heavy bag stand for home

A heavy bag stand would only be required for those who are using or have decided to get a hanging heavy punching bag.

Even the best, most heavy duty of hanging heavy bag wouldn’t be good enough if you don’t have a good stand to hold it well for you.

A good stand is not only durable, but also allows the bag to deliver full swings and bounce hard at you, which ensures that you get the most out of your training.

You would be able to develop strength and improve your reflexes faster. In addition, it also helps get more footwork out of you, helping ensure a more complete strength development of your body.

If you are kickboxer looking for a kickboxing heavy bag stand then check out our guide on the best ones here.

If you just looking for a regular heavy bag stand you can check out the Century Fitness Training Station on amazon by clicking here.

It's the one that I use because it is the only bag stand with a pull up bar attachment.

Platform If You Are Buying a Speed Bag

best speed bag platform for home

Just like how a heavy hanging bag needs a heavy bag stand, a speed bag needs a platform too.

A speed bag platform typically has a wooden board attached to a steel stand. The speed bag is attached to the wooden board.

The boards that are made out of a single piece of wood are always the most durable than those that use different particles or sheets. Similarly, 11-gauge steel being used for the stand part makes the entire unit pretty solid and durable.

In addition, a speed bag platform must also be able to let the ball swing freely and bounce off the board without slowing it down. Since that’s how you would get the most benefit out of your speed bag training in the form of speed and swings that help develop a better hand-eye combination, faster reflexes, and timing your strikes right.

Can I set one of these bags up in an apartment?

Yes, you can definitely set up a punching bag in your apartment. However, your options would be pretty limited due to the limitations of space and your apartment environment.

To be precise, I’d say nothing would work better for you in an apartment than a great freestanding punching bag like the ones we reviewed above.

It would help save space, as well as allow you to move it around when need be, which could be a real hassle with other types of punching bags.

I bought an un-filled punching bag, what do I fill it with?

Punching bags are typically filled with sand or water. Both work well, but one might work better than the other depending on your needs and situation.

The advantage with sand is that it slows fairly easily, can give a solid feel to your punching bag, and is not likely to lead to leaking like water would.

Its biggest disadvantage, however, is that if moisture ends up making its way to your bag’s base where the stand is stored, it might turn very hard and become difficult to remove or move the bag around.

Getting sand from a store is also not as convenient as simply using water available right at your home or gym,

As for water, the biggest advantage is its convenience, both of availability and pouring and removing. However, things can get a little tricky with it too when a cold weather causes it to condense.

Leakage is another common problem with water, especially when the punching bag is knocked over or moved around by pushing it to the ground.

In addition to sand and water, some people also use rocks. While not a very popular method, filling rock in the base of your punching bag offers some advantages too like no leakage issue or condensation.

However, it’s the hardest to fill into your bag’s base as well as remove it, while also making your bag a lot less portable.

Can I store my punching bag outdoors?

Yes, you can store a punching bag outdoors, but by doing so you would risk wearing it out faster. The outdoor environment can be a bit hard on your punching bag, making it less durable over time.

Although these bags are durable they are not designed to stay outdoors for extended periods of time. These punching bags are best for indoor home use.

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