Best Punching Bag Stands with Pull Up Bar

Searching around on the internet trying to find the best punching bag stands with a pull up bar?

Well, you have made it to the right place as here I have listed the punching bag stands with pull up bar attachment that I have found to be the best buys on the market as of 2022.

It's too bad that almost all of the best punching bag or heavy bag stands do not have a pull up bar, although the newer ones are coming out with the pull up bar attachment.

Combining pull ups, one of the best strength training exercises, with the your heavy bag workouts and training is an insane combo that will allow you to push your training to the next level.

Punching Bag Stands With Pull-Up Bar

Here below you will find the best punching bag stands with the pull up bar attachment. I have used each of these below and have listed them in the order starting with the best. I based my decision off of functionality, cost, and durability as well as quality. In that order.

Century Fitness Training Station - The Best Punching Bag-Pull Up Bar Combo

boxing bag stand with pull up bar
heavy bag stand with pull up bar
best punching bag stand with pull up bar
punching bag stand with pull up bar

Coming in first on our list is a product made by one of the biggest names in boxing - Century, their training station is a high-quality frame sturdy enough to support both a bag up to 100 lbs, as well as anyone’s full body weight as they do pullups on the bar behind the bag.

Unlike other options out there, this station allows for the user to box and then do pull-ups right after, not having to worry about taking off the bag or switching things around due to the solid design.

In addition to the bag and the pullup bar, Century’s Fitness Training Station also comes with a dip bar and pushup handles for even more options for exercise - certainly a great value all wrapped up in a sturdy frame.

Pros & Features

  • Versatile with multiple tools for exercises
  • Better integrated pullup bar than most stations
  • Reputable company with quality products
  • Get fit in many ways
  • Inexpensive for the premium quality you’re buying
  • Tons of positive reviews

Pros & Features

  • Super cheap
  • Comes with a boxing bag
  • Wall-mounted for extra stability
  • Lower footprint due to the wall-mounting design
  • 18 ratings with an average of 4.8/5
best choice punching bag stand with pull up bar

This product with a rather lengthy title is an interesting alternative to Century Fitness’s station, and what is most typically offered on the market.

Designed to be mounted on your wall, the frame behind this station is a simple reinforced bar that is to be secured to the studs in your wall, and then the bag is hung from the outcropping beam from the top.

The great thing about this option is the fact that the bag is included! Where in most barebone stations you might have to purchase the bag in addition to the frame and pull-up bar, Best Choice Products offer a 52lb bag in addition to the frame, all for a competitive price.

You will, however, have to remove the bag whenever you want to do pull-ups or reattach the bag when you want to box, but for some, this might not really matter.

Happybuy Foldable Boxing Heavy Bag Stand - Runner Up Punching Bag Pull-up Bar Combo

Pros & Features

  • Competitive price
  • Most Affordable option
  • High weight tolerance for the heavy bag
  • Can accommodate a speed bag
  • Foldable for storage or transportation
  • 12 ratings with an average of 4/5
top punching bag stand with pull up bar

This foldable station fills yet another niche that we haven’t quite covered today - that of storability and compactness. It can be compacted down to be stored away when you know you won’t use it for a while, or if you need to make room for some reason.

On the front of it as a punching bag stand, it can hold a pretty heavy, tall bag quite easily, but as with some other product, might need weight towards the base to prevent it from rocking and such, in addition to the need to change off the attachments (and therefore, the punching bag) to use the pull-up bar attachment.

All that being said, this station is an excellent, reliable stand that can save you space, during and after you want to use it.

Benefits of Having a Pull-up Bar With Your Heavy Bag Stand

You can exercise more consistently

One of the best things about pull-ups is how often you can do them throughout the day.

If you want to try to get in more exercise daily, but struggle with how, try this: every time you walk by the pullup bar, do just one pull up, throughout the day (depending on the placement of it, of course) you’ll get in a ton of extra work you wouldn’t have otherwise.

By doing this simple trick alone, I shot my max from something like 4 to 15+ in a month or two, with hardly any pullup-specific training!

Pull Ups are the Perfect Upper Body Strength Training Exercise

Pull-ups are one of my favorite exercises for a few reasons:

It is a great upper bodyweight strength training exercise

Bodyweight exercises are fantastic for staying fit and in shape without sacrificing any imbalances. They are ideal for being athletic and having control over your own body.

It is a compound strength movement

Unlike a lot of exercises (looking at you bicep curls), pull-ups hit tons of muscle groups as you do them, ensuring that you are maximally efficient with your time and building up your body holistically. The pullup hits your lats, traps, rear delts, biceps, and forearms - not to mention your rhomboids, teres major, and more.

It is an imbalance eliminator

Because of the compound movement, pull-ups hit tons of muscle groups, but the better part is that they hit all the muscle groups we typically ignore.

Working at desk jobs, sitting, and just the general lifestyle us modern humans have affects our posture greatly, our anterior muscle groups are much more active than our posterior muscles. By doing exercises that strengthen the posterior side of our bodies, we can begin to correct some of the muscle imbalances brought on by life!

Why You Should Buy a Punching Bag Stand With a Pull-Up Bar

You can hit opposing muscle groups

Boxing is great for the ”pushing” muscles of your body (your pecs, delts, and triceps, mainly), so, there is a serious hole with your training if all you do is box. This is why pull-ups can be so great, not only are they an excellent exercise on their own, but they also reduce the risk of imbalances and help you work towards a more well-rounded physique.

The value in combining pieces of equipment

One of the more obvious reasons to have a pull-up bar with your punching bag is the simple fact of value. By combining two pieces of equipment, the cost as a whole lowers, and you save money without really sacrificing anything.

Furthermore, pull-up bars can really only be positioned in door frames or hung from somewhere else, which usually damages or marks up the wood of the frame. But through a punching bag system, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Saves a Ton of Space

A smaller point, but still one that shouldn’t be completely ignored is that combining two pieces of equipment saves space.

For some, cutting down on a few square feet or an obstructive object in your doorway can be a big deal like if you live in an apartment and need all the space you can manage (trust me I can relate to that). This is especially relevant as the sizes of the two pieces of equipment fit together perfectly - punching bags are taller and need to be hung from something whereas pull-up bars need something to secure them at least 6-7 feet off the ground.

Best Punching Bag Stand With Pull Up: The Verdict

With three great products, there is still one that I believe to be the best above all: Century’s Fitness Training Station.

You can check it out on amazon by clicking here

While I am usually not big on buying just for the brand name, purchasing a stand like this and not getting a brand name can be a little like going out on a limb - you need something high-quality enough that it won’t break or fall apart over time, but inexpensive enough to actually consider it. Big brands with a good reputation offer some security with that.

Additionally, you need to trust the customer support if something is not working with the product (like if the stand was missing a bolt or something similar), which big name brands typically do better.

On top of all this, I really appreciate the fact that you can leave the bag on and do pull-ups at the same time. It can be an annoying hassle to have to swap the bag on and off just to do what the other half of the stand is designed for. And not just pull-ups too, the stand also provides a dip rack, which is fantastic for building strength to accompany the endurance that boxing focuses on.

Best Wall Mount Stand - Best Choice Stand With Bar

On the other hand, you might be looking for something a little more permanent and stable, in that case, a wall mount might serve you better. #2 is gonna be my pick if you want a wall-mounted punching bag and pull-up bar.

If you are okay with mounting the stand to your wall and rather not  take up a bunch up space then the Best Choice Wall Mount stand will be the best option for you.

While the other two stands on this list are freestanding, there is more that sets Best Choice’s apart, namely, the dirt-cheap pricing! Not only does the thing come with a punching back, but it is also half the price of some of the other options on this list and in the market!

Bottom Line - My Last Thoughts

Whether looking to just get a punching bag or desiring the pull-up bar more, the combination of the two is certainly the way to go for anyone who wants to save space and money in their home gym.

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