Women’s Punching Bag Workouts – Home Boxing Workouts for Women

Ladies!  Are YOU wanting to lose weight and get your butt back into shape without having to hit the gym and lift those heavy weights. Boxing workouts for women is a great choice to get a total body cardio workout while having fun at the same time!

If you haven’t noticed, boxing exercises as well as punching bag workouts for women has started to become a more common thing especially in group training classes at several fitness clubs, including mine.

And to be honest it’s no surprise that that boxing for women is becoming more common, because it works. Combine some music with your boxing workouts and It keeps you engaged, having fun, and getting fit all at the same time.

At least for me, when I’m having fun working out I can train quite a lot harder, longer, and for a longer period of time because I don’t get burned out.

And don’t worry, these workouts can be enjoyed by all skill levels from beginners to more advanced.


Getting Started: Women’s Beginner Boxing Tips

Here are just a few tips that beginners should get to know before getting started. Although these workouts are designed for beginners to intermediate they can truly push your cardio limits to the test.

So be sure to learn the few basics first. You can learn to box by visiting our boxing basics beginners guide here.

But the basics for these workouts is to learn the correct boxing stance as well as the basic boxing fundamentals such as punches and kicks.


Gear Guide: What Boxing Equipment Will I Need?

Depending on how you want to train will determine what equipment you will need to get. If you are wanting to do punching bag workouts for women then you will need to grab yourself a women’s punching bag. You can check out the best pink punching bags here. Or you can check out some other top rated best punching bags for 2020.

Punching bag workouts are usually a bit more power intensive and raw. Most females prefer these workouts because it not only is a great cardio exercise but it also is great for toning your upper body and mid section. As you can imagine you will be hitting the punching bags in a way similar to circuit training. Given the constant hitting on the bag you will you need to make sure you have a good pair of heavy bag gloves as well to protect your hands.

Grab yourself a jump rope as well. Jump roping can be mixed in with the cardio boxing workouts to lose weight even faster. Increase the duration and intervals of jumping rope to increase the intensity of the workout.

  1. 15 Minute Women’s Boxing Workout You Can Do From Home To Lose Weight

Here you don’t need a punching bag or any boxing gloves to do this boxing workout. This is a great beginner friendly boxing workout as this workout incorporates several different styles of workouts such as jumping jacks, jabs, upper cuts and side to side footwork motions. This workout just goes to show that even the most basic workouts when boxing is included can really give you a intense workout.

This is going to be the best boxing workout for women as it is something that can be done from home and without a punching bag. This will give yo0u an idea if you can handle boxing workouts. If you can then you can start looking into the punching bag workouts for women listed below.


2. Shay Mitchells Boxing Workout

Shay likes to start her workout with a little bit of cardio first and she decides to incorporate jump rope into her training. This is a great way to get warmed up and ready to hit the bag. Shay Mitchells workout  comprises mostly of shadow boxing with a partner and some basic other cardio routines such as mountain climbers, planks and stretching. This is decent workout if you just want to do some basic moves.


3.  20 Minute Women’s Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Trainer Amy’s boxing workout starts off slow but then gets to be pretty intense. This is a punching bag workout and as mentioned early you will need a pair of women’s boxing gloves to protect your hands if you plan on doing any hard punches. Amy’s workout also likes to incorporate the spin bike and jump rope to up the intensity a bit. This boxing workout is designed for women who are intermediate to advanced.

4. Killer 30-Minute Cardio-Boxing and Core Workout

This is a very intense style cardio focused boxing style workout for girls. This is one of the workouts that you see at your local fitness club. These workouts really put your body into fat burning  mode. The trainer is this workout likes to start fast and continue to go fast. This is a workout that i suggest to advanced users only.


5. Womens Heavy Bag Workout with Jessica

This heavy bag workout is a great training program for women to get into that want to really start to learn how to hit the punching bag while still burning tons of calories and getting in a great cardio workout. This workout is a more power involved workout that will really allow you to tone your muscles and upper body.

Last thoughts

These fitness boxing workouts for women are a great way to help you shed the fat and lose the weight. These workouts will bring a joy to your day when you go to workout. These workouts will also help keep you motivated because you will no longer get tired and burned out on hitting the gym.

After doing some of these workouts you will come to find that womens punching bag exercises can be some of best type of training that you will ever do. Now go ahead and get started toning your muscles and losing that weight to get that perfect summer body!


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