RDX MMA Gloves Reviews

Mixed Martial Arts Training has erupted in popularity over the years. This is not in any respect surprising because the game is known to enhance discipline, a method to get in shape, keeps you emotionally fit, and mentally alert.

These qualities not only make you a better individual, but also provide you a much better life. From the title itself, we could surmise this is a physical action with a great deal of contact. One of those accessories used is a set of MMA gloves.

MMA gloves or occasionally known as grappling gloves are not the same as your normal boxing gloves that are big, padded, and heavy. Boxing gloves are thicker padded and although MMA gloves have pads too they are much smaller and are actually open-fingered that permits you to grapple.

One of the top brands of MMA gloves is RDX. They’re famous for producing an assortment of high-quality MMA gloves that were designed.

Within this RDX MMA gloves comparison and review, we’ll attempt to find out which RDX gloves are ideal for your requirements. We have chosen four .

First, let’s get to know the company that makes these quality solutions.

RDX MMA Gloves – How They Began

RDX Sports began in the locale of Manchester at the year 1999. Where brands were too pricey for the British 15, it was through a period. With this challenge, the founders set off to design and produce quality sports equipment.

After a lot of years of demonstrating their glove making experience, they finally have a whopping customer base of approximately 200 million and also have penetrated not only the European market, but has expanded their reach world wide.

This expansion in their own production and earnings has given them the capacity to deliver their promise of cheap products which are technologically sound along with a proven reputation of high-quality gears which will enhance your expertise and last you a livelihood.

Over time, they have demonstrated their command in glove manufacturing. They are a familiar sight once you reach the gym and has been endorsed by well-known athletes around the world. The glasses also have reviews.

With all this discussion of popularity and quality, it’s common to assume that the brand is pricey. But true in providing products that are affordable to their word, they are now cheaper compared to their other competitors.

Watch The RDX Video Below To See Some RDX MMA Gloves Reviews

RDX MMA Gloves Review

Let’s now get to understand some of RDX’s finest MMA gloves on the market. Here you’ll find reviews of the top of the line MMA gloves of RDX out.

1. It boasts of being created of Maya Hide Leather.

Where as most gloves are made by Skintex, which can be much more of a fabric in makeup, the RDX T6R is fashioned from Maya Hide Leather which is of the plastic type. It’s a PU Leather of high-quality, used by the firm for its durability and resilience.

Glove Quality And Performance:
Aside from endurance, the gloves are also intended for comfort and security. They’re cushioned shielding your hands, knuckles and wrist. The company, which has established their own research and development group, were able to make a layout they call Shell Shock.

It is a gel made up of balance sheets that are utilised to absorb shock during contact, effectively reducing their effect on your hands. Packed together with all three layers of shock-resistance paddings, knuckles and your own prized fingers will certainly be far more preferable from injury or any harm.

Mixed Martial Art can be performed as a grappling sport and also to perform well, you will need gloves that will allow you to correctly perform the skill set required, which is more on grips, tackles and handles.

The spacious hand design of the RDX T6R grants full mobility of your palms, letting you continue with more solid grips. The item also highlights a thumb enclosure for extra protection without compromising.

When looking for MMA gloves however, note this version isn’t designed for heavy bag work thus steer clear of these.

Rdx mma gloves examine

RDX T6R MMA Gloves

The RDX T6R MMA Gloves are grappling gloves created with an open hand design, along with a cushioned front for knuckle protection when sparring.

It is a PU Leather of high quality, used by the company because of its durability and durability.

2. RDX T2 MMA Gloves

rdx mma gloves examine

For gamers who regularly visit the gym and educate, RDX T2 MMA gloves may be the one which that you should think about when buying. When sparring with your partners it can last you hours.

These gloves are mild, weighed at the standard competition demand of 4OZ, and it is intended for grappling with a design assuring durability, efficiency and assistance without interfering with your hand’s mobility .

Glove Quality And Performance:
Unlike the first glove we mentioned, RDX T2 was manufactured using cowhide leather which is known for its sturdiness that will be probably persist for a long time. Couple it with their Shell Shock technology which helps absorb the impact your hands will certainly be safeguarded during these large intensity sparring you enjoy through training.

You do not even need to worry about the glove falling apart while projecting your hard moves since they’re fortified by another round of stiches along the seams.

Another exceptional detail that includes this RDX T2 is its own palm grip, which can be riddled with venting holes at the parts covering your hands and fingers making certain there is sufficient air circulation, ensuring that they stay dry during usage. This update can help you withstand losing your grasp and manage a hold on your partners.

The RDX T2 also uses a Gel Efficax Lining for added protection while keeping its weight in 4OZ.

All these MMA gloves were launched with only two different color combinations, the gold & black and the black & red.

Best rdx mma gloves examine

RDX T6R MMA Gloves

RDX T2 was manufactured using cowhide leather which is known for its sturdiness which is going to be probably last you a long time.

The RDX T2 additionally uses a Gel Efficax Lining for extra protection while keeping its weight in 4OZ.

3. RDX F12 MMA Gloves

rdx mma gloves review

Mixed Martial Arts are all conducted with a blend of various styles of fighting methods. If you are a grappler which focuses on shoot types, this glove is specially created for you personally. They weigh in at 6OZ, which will be heavier than the RDX T2. However, this extra weight doesn’t compromise its functionality. The RDX F12 will shelter you and hooks while providing you the opportunity for a takedown.

Glove Quality And Performance:
Such as the RDX T6R, the RDX F12 can also be manufactured from Maya Hide; a faux, high quality leather that’s well known for its durability. It includes a Tri-Slap C3 cushioning which helps and bends protectively around your knuckles facilitate the jolt you get from offensive strikes thrown away.

One of the reasons why this glove was made for grappling is the integration of a perspiration removing trip in its design, which considerably reduces the moisture build-up in your hands, which makes your grips more effective and more powerful when throwing down with your partner. Furthermore, perspiration is essentially decreased using a moisture absorbent microfiber that can help remove odor that includes gloves and sweaty hands.

That’s not the best part for this group. The RDX F12 was made with a design that guides your hands into its positioning or alignment, lessening the possibility of hand injuries while ensuring your hand’s mobility to be at its best when training.

This pair can be bought at a cheaper cost but very high in performance and quality. One thing that can force you to think twice about buying 6OZ gloves like the RDX F12 is they go above the burden of 4OZ utilized for competitions. This is a great custom glove, but you want to purchase one within the weight in the event that you decide to compete.

Rdx mma gloves critique
​RDX F12 MMA Gloves
The RDX F12 can also be made from Maya Hide; a synthetic, high quality leather that is well known for its durability.
This is a fantastic practice glove, but if you ever decide to compete, then you need to purchase one within the necessary weight. Using its blood-spattered look, it gives you that element that is ominous.

Glove Quality And Performance:
The RDX T8 is made from leather made from 100% cowhide, bolstered by reinforced stitching which boasts of high-quality assurance, making the pair one of the most dependable gloves out there in the industry.

RDX is popularly famous for its designs that encourage safety and comfort for the palms along with the T8 Revenge certainly does not lack any of those qualities. The pair is cushioned using a Polymax Tri-Slab PC3 which is curved throughout your knuckles providing them an option for each attack you give.

The extra characteristic of the Shell Shock foam and patented EVA-LUTION fortifies that shock absorbency of the glove, providing you more protection when sparring.

Sweaty palms are no problem too because it’s equipped with a thick interior lining that applies an open hand design that reduces perspiration. Germs are not only knocked out by this characteristic that is certain, but also avoids bad odor and will help you continuous grappling hands.

If you like a tight match, the loop and hook style of closure employed within this pair will certainly make you more happy. When coaching providing a snug fit without hindering your hands freedom, it’s also going to support your wrist.

The RDX T8 Revenge MMA gloves are sold very cheap. The only thing that could turn off you from buying this might be the harsh layout, but other than that, this is certainly a glove you could use.

Rdx mma sparring gloves review
The RDX T8 consists of leather made of 100% cowhide, fortified by reinforced stitching which boasts of high quality assurance, which makes the pair one of the most dependable gloves available in the marketplace.
The extra feature of the Shell Shock memory foam and patented EVA-LUTION reinforces that shock absorbency of this glove, giving you more security when sparring.
When you have made up your mind about what to buy, here are the measurements to have the ability to get the perfect match for you. We don’t want them too little or too large, failing in protecting you from injuries. Make place below your knuckles, the circumference of your hands, to know which size suites you, when measuring.

There are four distinct suits available beneath the RDX brand.

Little: 17 cm — 19 cm
Medium: 19 cm – cm
Big: 21 cm — 23 cm
Extra Large: 23 cm -5 cm
rdx mma gloves size chart
Baddass Alternative –Venum MMA Gloves
We cannot please everyone, the same is true for RDX. Admittedly, their gloves aren’t for everybody. Venum MMA gloves, if you find these missing to your preference, you can take a look at the second best thing.

The brand was founded in 2006 by Franck Dupuis and has since been in a position to expand its market worldwide with its comprehensive product lines, catering to each man or woman’s own coaching needs. Nowadays they can be considered one of the best in manufacturing.

If you believe RDX isn’t the set for you, you may want to check in the listing of accessible gloves supplied by Venum.

Venum mma gloves
they’re normally more costly, however you won’t regret investing in these with all the quality you get out of Venum.

Similar to the RDX, Venum creates gloves that are top of the lineup. It offers premium protection against your palms, knuckles down to your wrists. Professional athletes often extend this fashion when it comes to their fighting apparels for battle sports, martial arts or other exercise activities.

The brand has also been proven to sponsor professional MMA athletes specifically Miesha Tate, Carlos Condit, Jose Aldo along with Lyoto Machida.

RDX’s MMA Gloves Review – Should You Buy?

In our RDX MMA Gloves Review, our after thoughts and recommendations would be to go with the RDX T6R MMA Gloves if you are searching for RDX’s finest MMA gloves.

But all of us know, it is so hard to locate the perfect glove that is suitable for youpersonally, and not everyone can afford the higher priced ones. There are many brands in the market and it might be quite challenging. Fighters will prefer those brands that are demonstrated to survive long and not all choices are cheap. The area where RDX comes from this is. They’re solution and a brand for fighters MMA gloves.

RDX gloves may give you high quality, more lasting, comfortable gloves that could provide you protection and continue you a career. Every one these attributes you want in a glove that comes in a budget that is highly affordable.

The thing about RDX gloves are, not everyone can serve your every purpose. For competition that normally needs 4OZ gloves RDX F12 aren’t admitted like the RDX T6R can’t be used for heavy bag work or the 6OZ. You may need to get pairs that are unique for various purposes. Even with this sort of individuality, rest assured you’re becoming worth more than that which they are paid by you for.

Among the four, we could observe that the RDX F12 MMA Gloves possess the very best value of the bunch, affordable but not always the lowest in grade.

For your best player in this match, it will need to function as RDX T8 Revenge with its bold and daring design. It comes with leather of 100 percent that provides you in addition to the comfort of its Polymax Tri-Slab Padding. It paired with a venting and has liner that prevents you from sweating too much, improving that traction. Together with RDX’s and the EVA-LUTION Shell Shock technologies, it doesn’t come short of shielding knuckles your palms and wrists. It is actually the most economical in the bunch.

There are so many to pick from because the manufacturer has a vast variety of gloves. You will find one which is going to serve your every demand.

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