Sword Training: The Full Body Workout You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Sword training is a full body workout that you’ve probably never heard of before, but something you should consider trying in the future.

Not only is it a great workout but it’s also something that is gaining popularity around the world.  Classes are popping up at traditional fitness and martial arts studios across the world.

What is Sword Fitness Training?

Sword training is a modern interpretation of historical martial arts from Europe and other parts of the world that includes sword fighting techniques paired with grappling and other combat techniques. This type of training is not only a great way to improve your self-defense skills, but it is also an excellent workout that can help you build strength, endurance, and agility.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of sword training as a full body workout and how it can improve your physical fitness.

The Basics of Sword Training

Before we dive into the benefits of sword training, let’s take a look at the basics. Sword training involves the use of various types of swords, including longswords, samurai swords, sabers, and more.

Before you ask, REAL SWORDS are not actually used.  Instead, training swords made either from wood or molded from steel are used for training.

These swords are used in a variety of techniques, such as striking, thrusting, and cutting motions. Sword training also involves footwork, timing, and spatial awareness, all of which are essential skills for martial arts.

Sword training can be done solo or with a partner. Solo training involves practicing the basic techniques, footwork, and forms on your own. Partner training involves sparring with a partner, where you can practice your techniques in a safe and controlled environment.

The Benefits of Sword Training as a Full Body Workout

Sword training is a full body workout that engages your muscles from head to toe. Here are some of the benefits of sword training as a workout:

Cardiovascular Fitness

Sword training involves constant movement and footwork, which can improve your cardiovascular fitness. The fast-paced nature of sword training can also help improve your endurance, allowing you to train for longer periods without getting tired.

Strength Training

Sword training is an excellent way to build strength in your upper body, including your arms, shoulders, and back. The constant motion of the sword can also help improve your core strength, as you need to engage your abdominal muscles to maintain your balance and stability.

Considering a samurai sword weighs 3.2 lbs on average, the extra 2 lbs from the model developed by Fringe Sport above, which is evenly distributed, makes it balanced and much better for gaining strength.

Agility and Balance

Sword training requires quick reflexes and good balance, both of which are essential for martial arts. The footwork involved in sword training can help improve your agility and coordination, which can also translate to other areas of your life, such as sports and daily activities.

Mental Focus

Sword training requires a high level of mental focus and concentration. The techniques and movements involved in sword training are intricate and require precision and accuracy. As you practice sword training, you will learn how to focus your mind and stay calm under pressure.

Stress Relief

Sword training can be an excellent way to relieve stress and tension. The physical activity involved in sword training can help release endorphins, which are natural mood boosters. Additionally, sword training requires mental focus, which can help you clear your mind and reduce stress.

How to Get Started with Sword Training

If you’re interested in trying sword training as a workout, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

1. Find a Qualified Instructor

Sword training can be dangerous if not done correctly, so it’s essential to find a qualified instructor who can teach you the proper techniques and safety measures. Look for a reputable HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) school in your area and ask to observe a class before signing up.

2. Start Slowly

Sword training can be intense, especially if you’re new to martial arts. Start slowly and focus on mastering the basic techniques before moving on to more advanced techniques. Remember to listen to your body and take breaks as needed.

3. Invest in Proper Equipment

To practice sword training safely, you’ll need the proper equipment, including a sword, protective gear, and training weapons. Talk to your instructor about what equipment you need and invest in high-quality gear that fits properly.

4. Incorporate Sword Training into Your Fitness Routine

Sword training can be a fun and unique way to switch up your fitness routine. Try incorporating sword training into your workout schedule once or twice a week to see the benefits. You can also try mixing sword training with other forms of exercise, such as running or weightlifting, to create a well-rounded fitness routine.

5. Practice Consistently

Like any form of exercise, sword training requires consistent practice to see results. Set a regular training schedule and stick to it. The more you practice, the more comfortable and confident you will become with the techniques.


Sword training is a full body workout that is not only an excellent form of self-defense but also an effective way to improve your physical fitness. The cardiovascular, strength, agility, and mental focus benefits of sword training make it a unique and challenging form of exercise. If you’re interested in trying sword training as a workout, make sure to find a qualified instructor, start slowly, invest in proper equipment, and practice consistently. With dedication and practice, you can become a skilled sword fighter while improving your physical fitness at the same time.


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