How Much Does A Trap Bar Weigh? How To Deadlift & Squat With A Hex Bar

Ever used a trap bar (aka a “hex bar”) before?

my guess is you have if you are here wondering just how much one of these trap bars weighs.

These bars are typically used for deadlifting, and doing it safely.

Deadlifting is established as one of the best exercises to develop overall fitness. This compound movement greatly stimulates practically all major muscle groups, especially the ones in the lower back and upper back.


What Exactly Is a Trap Bar? Is a Hex Bar The Same as a Trap Bar?

how much does a hex bar weigh?

The hex bar and the trap bar are one in the same. Typically they go by the slang term “trap bar” because of the muscles that they work the most.

The hex bar was invented by a competitive powerlifter named “Al Gerard”. The hex bar is a hexagonal or diamond-shaped piece of weightlifting equipment built to hold heavy weight safely.

 Gerard invented this hex bar for the weightlifters who have or have had lower back injuries so that they could do deadlifts and shoulder raises more easily and safer 

This hex bar gets its name from the muscles which connect your shoulders to your neck, or the “trapezius muscles”.

The hex bar’s design comes in hexagonal or diamond-shaped and consists of bars assembled in a place both bent and welded. This is where it got it’s name “hex bar” because of its shape

How much Does a Trap Bar Weigh?

The hex bar has 3 different styles and each one has a different weight. 

The extra-large hex bar weighs about 55lbs.

The Conventional hex bar weighs about 30 lbs

The Gerard hex bar weighs in at about 45lbs –

The Gerard hex bar it the most common bar you will find in your local gym.


Which Trap Bar Should I Buy? – My Favorite Trap Bar

trap bar workout

After reading this article you will find out that there are a ton of benefits of using a trap bar over a normal barbell for a bunch of exercises like squats, deadlifts, shoulders shrugs, good-morning and much more. Now you are probably wondering which trap bar to buy and where to buy it.

If you are a beginner or just someone who hits the gym a few times a week then I suggest buying the Cap Hex Bar. It’s cheap, reliable and will get the job done. You can check it out on amazon by clicking here.

IF you lift more than a few times a week and can lift a bit heavier weight (250+ lbs) then i would suggest getting the bar that I use. The Black & Chrome Trap bar by Synergee, its freaking awesome.

You can check it out on amazon by clicking here.

Different Parts of The Trap bar:

how much does a trap bar weigh?

Bar Stock:  

The hexagonal or diamond-shaped is the bar stock which is made from welded bars. Since it has a design like this you have the main advantage of standing in the center when you do your lifts.

 Coaxial Stub bars: 

Coaxial Stub bars are the rods found at the end. They are used to hold the weight plates. There are two of these as is found on a normal barbell


This goes without saying. These are the bars that you hold onto in order to lift the weight that is attached to the trap bar.


What are the benefits of using a Trap (Hex) Bar over A Normal Straight Bar?

trap bar vs straight bar

  • Puts Far Less Stress On Your Lower Back

You are standing in the middle of the weight. This keeps you center of gravity perfectly center not allowing any unwanted stress to go to your lower back. 


  • There is no Hyperextension or Bending Over

When you are using a trap bar to deadlift you do not have to worry about a huge weight barbell being on the back of your neck pushing you down to the ground and overextending your back.


  • It is very easy to learn

Usually, you will need at least a few sessions to perform the  barbell deadlift correctly and safely. Some people will struggle to lift it and maintaining a good position while lifting the barbell deadlift is quite challenging. But with the trap bar you will catch on much quicker as there is less to worry about doing right. You literally stand in the middle, bend down, keep your back straight, and lift the weight up.


  • Easy to lift heavier weight

It is easy to lift heavier weight using a hex bar since it has the load evenly distributed. 


  •  It’s safer

The hex bar/ trap bar is safer to use than other deadlift equipment. It improves your balance and you have fewer chances of having deadlifting accidents. Again, this is because of your center of gravity and the way the trap makes you perform the movement.


Trap Bar Squat VS Straight Bar Squats

trap bar squat

A Trap bar squat is different than regular squats mainly because of the form the hex bar makes you hold while squatting.

When squatting with a normal bar your feet are out a bit past shoulder width. When using a trap bar your feet are held closer together.

With your feet closer together, the trap bar forces you to work the middle and the outside heads of the quad more and rather than the inside.

The hex bar also forces you to do the entire rep range rather than half ass squatting like most people do

Squatting with the straight bar allows you to widen your feet which makes it easier and doesn’t force you to go down all the way which allows people to half squat.

Hex bar squats are harder and will build more muscle when performed correctly.




What Is A Hex Bar Deadlift?

 trap bar deadlift

The deadlift is one of the best weight training exercises that you can perform for mass and strength.

This deadlift exercise increases core stability, targets the muscles which are responsible for posture, and strengthens your lower back muscles and hamstrings.

If you want to improve your core stability, posture, and balance then this deadlifting exercise is one of, if not the best. 


How to deadlift with a hex bar correctly?

After knowing about the benefits and advantages of using the hex bar, you might wish to know how to use it correctly without hitting yourself.

Here are the steps to be followed to lift the hex bar. 


Initially, you need to load the hex bar with the weights which you can lift very easily (in case you are a beginner). 

Step 2:

Then step into the middle of the hex bar with your feet slightly apart. About Shoulder width or a little less. 

Step 3:

Grab the Handles with both hands, grip tightly, and start to pull, while keeping your back straight 

Step 4:

In this step, you need to keep your back straight and then bend your knees slightly with hips lowered and look straight ahead. Keep up your torso.

 Step 5:

While back straight, head straights, and eyes straight, lift the bar straight up with your lower back muscles, quads, and hamstrings. 

Step 6:

After the trap bar reaches your hips, you can lower the bar back down to the floor.

Step 7:

Repeat these steps, get comfortable, then add weight.


What Are The Advantages Of Using a Trap Bar Over a Straight Barbell?

Now a days the body builders prefer hex bar for deadlifting since it has many advantages over the straight barbell. 

Let’s see the advantages of hex bar over straight barbell.

  1. Hex bars helps you to maintain good balance:

Since the weights of the hex bar are closer to your body, there is increased body balance and it reduces the interference. When you lift the straight barbell you need to strain more to balance properly. 

  1. A Trap bar prevents accidents:

 While lifting the straight barbell you can easily lose your balance and fall down and get yourself hurt. Since hex bars provides more balance, it is safer to use.

 3. Hex bars can straighten up your lifts:

 When you do deadlifting using the straight barbells you will find it very difficult to do lifts with your back straight. Since hex bar has a simple design, it is easy to lift and it reduces the tension on your lower spine and so you can do weight lifts with your back perfectly straight.


Now You Know The Weight of a Trap Bar

It’s important that you know the weight of the hex bar, as well as the advantages of using the trap bar over a standard straight barbell as you probably didn’t before reading this post. Now you can make sure you are doing deadlights correctly, as well as performing exercises with correct weights.

Now go get yourself a trap bar and get your ass in the gym!

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