What Size Punching Bag Should I Get?

So, you’re searching around on the internet trying to find what size heavy bag is best for you. If you’ve been asking yourself what size punching bag should I get, you are in the right place.

If you are out trying to buy a heavy bag then you need to make sure you are choosing the right size and weight that is best suited for you.

Choosing the size and weight of the bag has lot to do with the type of training that you will be using the bag for.

First off before deciding what size and weight of the bag is best for you, you need to consider first what exactly are you using the bag for?

Are you training more for sport, or are you training more for workouts to tone your body and get back in shape?

For workouts and using them more for fitness i would recommend a free standing punching bag as these bags are cheaper, do not require any sort of set up like drilling holes in the wall and can be ordered from Amazon.

I would recommend the Century Waster XXL free standing bag as this is the bag that I use and is a one size fits all.

You can also check out my review of the entire Wavemaster punching bag line up here.

However, if you are training more for sport such as mixed martial arts or boxing then I would recommend you choose a heavy bag.

Heavy bags are ones that require a bit of weight and sizing thought. This is when you need to determine which size and weight of the bag is best for your body size and training intensity.

Another consideration is the set-up so you need to ensure that the punching bags are perfectly secured either with a heavy bag stand, any stable beam, or some type of sturdy bar that won’t break or sway around.

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Use the Punching Bag Size Chart below to help you choose the right size heavy bag

here is a picture of a punching bag size chart

For general rule of thumb, take your body weight and divide by two. If you weigh 180 pounds then get a 80-100 lb heavy bag.

You can check our top rated 100 lb heavy bags here

Watch the video below to get a better idea of how to choose the best size and weight of a hanging heavy bag

The Height of the Punching Bag

The very first factor is the height of the punching bags. Both the 3 and 2.5 foot punching bags are optimal for smaller spaces and light practicing sessions. The 3 and 3.5 foot are punching bags best suited for women boxers.

Moreover, the versatile 4 foot punching bags are perfect for both men and women for more hardcore heavy bag training and the 5 foot bags are the common size that is ideal for punching sessions. There are also bigger sizes of punching bags which are 6 foot in height and they provide additional resistance. Plus, its longer length allows you to have a wider range of targets for practicing and attacks. So, what zize punching bag is suitable for you depend on your height and age. 


Light or Heavy

There are many lightweight punching bags that range from 25 to 40 pounds and these lightweight bags improvise the precision and speed of the boxers. The 40 pound punching bags are optimal for the light hitters and youth boxers. A 70 lb heavy bag is best for teenagers and 80 lbs and up is typically recommended for adults.

For intensive training and boxing sessions you may choose the heavy bags approximately half of your body weight for resistance training. You may also add weight to the bags if you are in shape and subtract it if you are out of shape.

The heavy punching bags usually sway less compared to the lighter bags and they ideally sway little when you hit it heavily. This is because if the bag swings too much when it is struck, it will hinder your ability to practice landing kicks and punches with the bag. Should be obvious, right? When you are striking an opponent, they won’t sway back and forth like a punching bag!  Males with higher skill and strength need to practice harder and the ideal bag weight is usually between 60 and 70 pounds. There are also heavy bags that weigh around 100 pounds and these bags are usually designed for the heavy boxers who pack a serious punch. Some of these punching bags can be filled with water, which you can add or subtract after experimenting with the bag to find out where your sweet spot is.

Why Should the Heavy Bag Weight Be Half My Body Weight?

how to choose the right size heavy bag

It is necessary for the heavy boxers to choose the right punching bag weight so that it is roughly half of their body weight. This is basically the amount of weight that it offers not too much or not too little for resistance training. Such bags will allow you to punch harder on the bags with good power. Moreover, the bags also swing in a way that imitates a real opponent moving during training sessions. This enables you to practice like a real boxer and practice defense and offense movements perfectly.

If you choose the bags that are too light in weight and they swing too much, then it will never provide sufficient resistance to placing the power punch on the heavy bags. It’s also frustrating to constantly have to adjust a swinging bag.  On the other hand, if the bag is too heavy then you will feel as if you are hitting a solid rock wall. Even worse – you run the risk of injuring your wrists which would leave you out of commission for several weeks. The swinging will also be minimized and hence you will not be able to move the bag around with your power punch. So, to sum up all these things, it is necessary to choose the ideal bag for punching and practicing so that you can develop moving and punching skills. This is the reason why you should choose punching bags that are half of your body weight.

Other Considerations: Kicking Bags

If you want to practice kicking along with punching, then the ideal bag would be standing kicking bags. These are the types of punching bags that include foam as the lower base to provide protection so you won’t hurt your feet. The remaining of the bag is filled with water or sand so you can increase its weight up to about 270 pounds. You may choose the Jumbo Bags which are ideal for more than one person for practicing.  If you are planning on using your bag primarily for kicking, the weight can be slightly higher than if you were planning on solely using your fists.

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